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My joke
« on: May 08, 2008, 10:22:49 PM »
Ol' man Willis and his dog Roy where sittin on the porch one afternoon as the kids came by from getting out of school. The children always stopped and pet Roy and fed him left over lunch and what have ya. Well one afternoon this little boy named Max came walking down the side walk and Roy jumped up off the porch running to Max and started eatin his a@@ up. Ol' man Willis ran after Roy and grabbed him by the collar and pleaded to the young boy Max, "Are you ok? My god, Roy is never acted like this before, I do not know what got in to him, please forgive Roy and I!!!" Later that evening, Ole' man Willis and his next door nieghber where having a drink and Ole' man Willis spoke of Roy's attack on the boy. The nieghbor replied, "Roy needs to be taken to the vet and get Nudderd, he is gettin old and that will take the meaness out of him. " Ole' man Willis takes his nieghbors advice and Roy goes to the vet and everything was fine. A few days later Back on the porch,,, Here comes young Max walking up the sidewalk when all of the sudden, Roy jumps up and flies for the boy. Ole' man Willis grabs Roy and Replies, "Lord, I am so sorry, I don't know whats gotten into Roy, I took him to the vet and had him nudderd!!!" Young Max looks at Ole' man Willis with a confused look on his face and screams, "Took him to the vet and had his nuts cut????? You should have taken him to the damn dentist and had his teeth pulled because I knew he didn't want to f@#K when he come off the porch. :D


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