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Focalor's Pak v11

I posted my Nazi themed SS Wehrmacht pak not too long ago, and I probably claimed that I wasn't going to be making another pak any time soon... and if I did, that was a lie. Because pretty much as soon as I finished it and started playing on the server with a bunch of Nazi themed shit, I was im

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Retro Summer LAN Party video


Clan =GoM= Gods of Mortality had an awesome LAN party in the summer of 2002. This

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EGL issue

First of all, I know many will say that is the main issue is using EGL lol.  But its what I have come to use and like playing through. But I had some issues a few months ago and decided to delete all files and extensions related to EGL so I could redownload the whole thing to see if it fixed it

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CTF Players - question for you

Hi everyone.
In pivotal point of classic vanilla CTF map should / shouldn't be, and why:




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The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire at it's peak wasn't nearly as big.

A comment I made about the Roman Empire in relation to the Mongol Empire. Just how big WAS the Roman Empire though? M

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Japanese Garden (japang.bsp)

Yo guys I just stole this map and made it into a jump map.
I can put a message into the recompile and I'd like to give credit to the map maker.
Does anybody know who made this awesome map?

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Wireplay Invades Brisbane! [19 min vid]


To celebrate the opening of Wireplay in Brisbane: 'Wireplay Invades Brisbane'

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Skin artist Rorshach is featured [30 min vid]

The story of video game artist Kevin "Rorshach" Johnstone, from Stranraer, Scotland, who has become a legend of the Quake skins community.


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How quickly can you make Stargazer disconnect?

Let's play a game. How many frags does it take you to make Stargazer disconnect.

Stargazer entered the game
anticheat Stargazer is not using anticheat.
Stargazer was blown away by peepee squeaks's super shotgun
Stargazer was blown away by peepee squ

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a new jump map

Hello jumpmod community!

I put together this new jump map. I have uploaded it to the Tastyspleen FTP server but I need a jumpmod admin to add it to the rotation. If you are a jumpmod admin or know somebody who is, I would appreciate the help. Thank you.

In the meantime here are

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