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Soundwave G1 needs to be muted

Soundwave G1 needs a temp mute. Quadz check this guy out, he'll spam "boss" or a variation of that as much as 5 - 6 times in a row. All shit talking and trolling aside this guy deserves it.  :spam: :spam: :spam:

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Who would want a trophy server!? is this even possible? make q2 GREATER! again!

just a thought... but I think it would kick ass to have a 'special' dm server dedicated for rewarding the best kdrs and killstreaks..
maybe this won't work cuz you cannot lock and reg a name for playing q2. maybe have to do it by i.p?? i don't know.
ya know! make it so

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New map finished - Radius Temple (Deathmatch,1on1,RailWars)

Do you like Rail Wars?
Do you like 1 on 1?
Do you like Deathmatch?
If so, this map could be an interest for you.
Very jumpy and quick, packed with weapons and stuff,
pure joy.

More details on YouTube: https://youtu.be/bIVl0ys3TcQ


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Abolish the bfg! and rid of the quad! ( DM )

these things make the dm portion of the game just stupid.. I don't know whats worse... and on top of that 16 players is way too many for these maps haha. I don't want to rant but wow!

can't we do a NO-QUAD-NOVEMBER!???? rofl

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Is SNL getting worse?

The Chris Farley and Adam Sandler era was silly and hilarious. I recall the skits showing George W and Gore debate, and Biden and Palin. I remember those being funny as heck. The bill Clinton impersonations were funny. But their Trump skits just suck. Is it just me? I actually laugh at him all the t

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 I am so sick of this being in our news headlines. Damn it.

The right portrays him as a saint that has done no wrong ever, and the left portrays him as a no good rapist.

Since you think this guy is such a scum bag do you feel all of his decisions as an appeals court

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...said my PC's power supply. It's been making that awful freight train door rattling noise for a year now, which is just the fan brushes/bearings/whatever wearing out or gunked with dust. Usually I could slap the underside of the fan in the psu box to knock the wobble

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Download archive of all major Whale map related files!

Details within link (So I only have to update one thread), keep in mind this isn't an exhaustive archive of everything on the server as that would be impossible due to the sheer size of the database, just the most frequently needed resources related to maps on the primary playlists which are su

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Tour the Quake II maps of IROQ clan [video]

Take a look back at the creative, fun maps that IROQ Clan custom made for Quake 2.

"IROQ Clan was formed on September 19, 2000 by Terry and Robin Emerson (A.K.A IROQ_Venom and

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Hurricane Florence

Doesn't look good. Eye is still set to go over my house at cat 4. Literally dead center on the track.  :raincloud:

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