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...said my PC's power supply. It's been making that awful freight train door rattling noise for a year now, which is just the fan brushes/bearings/whatever wearing out or gunked with dust. Usually I could slap the underside of the fan in the psu box to knock the wobble

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Download archive of all major Whale map related files!

Details within link (So I only have to update one thread), keep in mind this isn't an exhaustive archive of everything on the server as that would be impossible due to the sheer size of the database, just the most frequently needed resources related to maps on the primary playlists which are su

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Tour the Quake II maps of IROQ clan [video]

Take a look back at the creative, fun maps that IROQ Clan custom made for Quake 2.

"IROQ Clan was formed on September 19, 2000 by Terry and Robin Emerson (A.K.A IROQ_Venom and

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Hurricane Florence

Doesn't look good. Eye is still set to go over my house at cat 4. Literally dead center on the track.  :raincloud:

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New map finished - Quirk (Own rules with Railgun and stuff)

Another remix, this time based on old conversion made by Briareos - TLTF.
Recalibrated jump pads, tweaks and tricks here and there, but most importantly, quirky rules.
I've made this for myself, as a fun training ground, for practising second shot.
In regular DM game first shot

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The let's invent words game

pseudosocial pedopharmicologism - probably something to do with a fake religion centered around drinking childrens cough medicine

Polypropylene glycosis - an extreme mental state induced by drinking alcoholic plastic based beverages

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Thank you, quadz!

I'm feeling very appreciative right now. When did the tastyspleen servers originally go online?

I took a break from playing Quake 2 at some point in 2011 or 2012, I believe, and came back for a bit, earlier this year. Around March, I was caught off guard in finding myself somehow int

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Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Ed King dies at 68

Ed King, former guitar player for Lynyrd Skynyrd dies at 68.


Ed King was probably the least regarded member of Skynyrd, but his pla

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New Bright-skins and sounds

People, hear me (read me in this case:).
My page is emerging and has some goodies to offer.
Bright-skins and sounds for ya!
My goal is to immensely enrich this place on the net with time, for now, I have only a few pieces, but what pieces they are!
Just take a look.
Two dif

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When does "smack talk" go too far?

I... and PLENTY of other people on the Vanilla and DM servers, have had to listen to Hemroyd{A2W}'s trademark quips about "hackin phaggs" for YEARS now. He's a fuckin' knucklehead nincompoop, I get it. A lot of the time, he's just having fun and poking at people. But oc

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