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The original Quake experience in VR


Most of us gamers have heard about the Quake experience in VR on the Oculus Rift. Here is my latest Quake gaming history video [23 minutes length] about the less well known, very first Quake experie

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Fire ants

I don't even know where to begin.... They suck. I've had some bad luck with them recently. I got eaten alive in Florida. Two months ago and I still have purple scars. I took a leak on their mound and they took it the wrong way. All over my feet and ankles. For those of you unfamiliar with

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Fast food

I don't like fast food in general. But, what is your favorite? For me its Publix subs, jersey mikes, chick fil A, and cookout.

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maraakate's coop modification

Hi maraakate are you gonna release your q2 coop mod , if so i would need to be able to run it with r1q2 dedicated server -- I would like to run a server in australia with your coop mod


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BFG turret in awaken2_assault1 (resolved)

Nevermind, successfully dug deep enough and got it all working and customized!

So, I stumbled upon a map in my mapping work directory namely awaken2_assault1, and turns out it has something cool I never seen before nor expected to be in the WODX mod code


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Police Encounters: 1st Amendment Audits

Over the last year I have been watching video's on youtube related to police misconduct and at the forefront are videos regarding the right to take out your camera and video record or take pictures of the government, whether it be government employees, government facilities, or law enforcement.

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Mind bending test

I see these so much and somehow everyone seems to get them wrong. What's your answer?

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Playing Rails Again

I've been away since 2003. Ready to frag some people.

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Mutant Message Monday! 3/26

Eyooo - it's been a while since we've seen a lot of bodies on the perennial mutant server, so a few of us BTF dudes are going to pile in there and hope the sweet smell of gibs attracts others.

As far as joining, there's nothing to it, it's the default port on tastyspl

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macro who answer howmuch players are connected to the server

Hi all,
I am looking for a macro, or a command, who will have for answer the number of players who are connected to the server. Is it possible ?

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