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/dev/random / Re: Hot bitches
« on: June 04, 2010, 07:55:21 PM »

This is MMA fighter Gina Carano, in case anybody wanted to know.

Gina was/is pretty much a badass in women's MMA, though this "woman" recently made her look pretty mediocre (the one on the right, Cristiane Santos)

dm / Re: DM Server suggestion
« on: June 04, 2010, 07:52:09 PM »
Once again, for those just skimming over the various posts, or missing the point anyway.... He (Frank Burnside) is suggesting there be another DM server entirely with these rules.  No one would be required to play on this server, much the same way you don't have to play on Vanilla, Mutant, TDM, DM, etc.  If this sort of rule set doesn't interest you, carry on, and you won't have to even know such a server exists if it were to come to fruition.

Jump & Trick Demos / Re: Koth6 jump me mateys
« on: June 03, 2010, 08:17:39 AM »
Pretty easy I presume

/dev/random / Re: Where have they gone
« on: June 01, 2010, 07:30:33 PM »
Just saw The Crazed on the DM server within the past few nights.

/dev/random / MMA will wreck your day (graphic pics inside)
« on: June 01, 2010, 07:16:00 AM »
Just thought I'd share this awful picture of a dislocated knee suffered in a recent MMA fight... OUCH!

dm / Re: DM Server suggestion
« on: May 30, 2010, 07:50:45 AM »
1. I don't want to learn to time the quad.  I can often beat players that are considered "pretty good" even when they themselves time the quad.  Why do I need another power-up to make playing even easier?  How is killing a player that is mostly trivial, without any other offensive power-ups, any more fun for me, or the person I frag, when I have quad?  I don't care what people say, with quad in use, there is NOT an even playing field.  "But you can time quad too".  That's not how the DM server works anyway.  It's usually just 1 or 2 players (often 1, *cough* Elysium, Defiant!, or *insert random good TDM player here*) that are timing the quad without anybody else to compete with for it.

2. Easier said than done, selectively knocking whoever you want to in the lava.  Sure, if you happen to be right there next to the invuln on dm3 when someone gets it, there's a chance you could rail them, rocket, or ssg them into the lava.  I do pretty well running away from those with invuln, but what about the other 13 players that don't?  They're all gonna eat it and give the invuln guy 30-seconds of no-risk frags.

3. PS hasn't been an issue at all on the TS DM server.  They do have a power screen? (much weaker version of PS), but I've never felt like it was that tough to kill someone that had it.

4. I know exactly how the BFG works, and it's still unavoidable in many cases.  This is especially true when you're fighting someone else that knows how it works.  Give me the BFG, catch me in an open area, or even a slightly cramped area, and see if I don't kill you (and the 2 newbies shooting blasters our way) 9 times out of 10 with it.  I use it occasionally, but I definitely don't run a cell collecting route, and I would love to not have to deal with it.

5. Yes, because it is so easy to avoid a constant stream of nades bouncing off the floor, ceiling, etc., AND avoid getting railed by that guy that's trying to rail you too.

6. I'm not too sure I like the 10 minute idea.  If there were 12 good players playing on a map, then it might be more enjoyable/challenging.  But if it's 10 minutes against average players, or just 2 or 3 players on one map?  I dunno.  10 minutes can definitely drag on on dm4 for example.

7. all-time scores doesn't excite me too much.  I just feel like that encourages cheesy tactics, camping chaingun on dm8 for example (picking off the 2 spawns, people jumping for RL, AND people getting rail), to go for a flashy win.  Consistently winning against good players over the span of many maps is more enjoyable/motivating for me.

8. I definitely prefer dm1-dm8.  There's a familiar flow with those maps that I like.  Earlier in my Quake 2 career, there were lots of dm1-dm8 only servers.  I liked that format.  If you want custom maps, there's mutant, or the vanilla map server, etc.

9. there is already the mymap function, no need for a map voting system.  - I'd prefer no mymap on such a server.

10. I like spectating sometime.  Can be quite entertaining to watch some newer players try to figure things out.  I watch better players too sometimes, and pick up ideas here and there.

11. yes a smaller player limit can make some maps play better, but the big problem is that it keeps people from playing... i think that is the last thing anyone wants in a quake2 community.  - Well, as long as it's a whole new server, that isn't currently being populated anyway, then I don't see a problem with having a few less player slots.  Make it 13 though perhaps, to have one slot for wallfly.  Or make it 16, and if it became a problem, then adjust perhaps.

I think this all comes down to having a more unforgiving DM/FFA server.  One where a newer player will flee back to the regular DM server or the vanilla server.  Minimize the cheese, maximize the challenge (without implementing artificial handicaps like "handicap" I think it's called).  I like a challenge, but don't want to be required to play a totally different format (TDM) to get such a thing.

Oh, btw, I've run into this problem a couple times since I made this post.  Once it was right next to the yellow armor box in the mega room on DM1.  Apparently this doesn't show up in a recorded demo.  In the 2 demos I made, I pass over and back through the laggy areas without any appearance of obstruction in the demo.

dm / Re: DM Server suggestion
« on: May 29, 2010, 11:40:59 AM »
I don't see Mr. Burnside expecting these rules to take shape on the main TS DM server.  He seems to be suggesting such rules on the always-empty (as far as I'm aware) DM2 server.  As a long-term member of these forums, I wholeheartedly concur with his suggestions.

Nade spammers are easy to kill.  It's the fact that in a game with a lot of players running around, nade spamming (which by many people's standards is virtually skill-less) is a very competitive tactic.  As a player that denies myself (as much as possible) unnecessary power-ups like quad/invuln, in order to challenge myself, and actually make myself a better fragger, this rubs me the wrong way.

It would be lovely to have a DM/FFA server with a no-cheese rule set in place.  BFG = overpowered, Quad = overpowered, Power Armor = overpowered, Invuln = duh.  Being able to have all 4 of these items in use at the same time AND have better aim than everybody on the server too = WAY overpowered and does not make it that much fun for the other players on the server.

I know myself and FB aren't the only 2 players that would inhabit, and enjoy, such a server.

/dev/random / Re: The last movie you saw....
« on: May 29, 2010, 08:21:36 AM »
Watched "Stranger Than Fiction" last night.  It stars Will Ferrell, but is nothing like what you'd typically expect from a Will Ferrell movie.  It definitely had it's moments where I was cracking up, but that's not the focus of this movie.  Will Ferrell does a fantastic job as the main character.  Acting is top notch across the board.

Highly recommended!

dm / Re: DM Server suggestion
« on: May 28, 2010, 06:00:53 PM »
Theres a dm2 server n TS. maybe if requested that can be converted to a Fusters like config..

That would rock  :headbang:  I prefer the FFA format over TDM (generally), but the lack of similarly skilled players to play against is a tad frustrating at times.  I owe a LOT of this due to the fact that people refuse to play the game with any attempts at gaining weapon skills and instead focus on the easiest/spammiest frags possible.

dm / Re: DM Server suggestion
« on: May 28, 2010, 05:04:30 PM »
How about a DM server configuration that is similar to Fusters in the UK?  :lol:

1) No Quad
2) No Invul
3) No Powershield
4) No BFG
5) Maximum of 5 grenades in ammo (to prevent spam)
6) 10 minute map timelimit
7) All-time highscores displayed at the end of each map
8) Maps DM1 - DM8 (1 custom map in rotation)
9) Map voting options
10) Chase cam that shows who is chasing who and also a more zoomed out 3rd person view.
11) A 12 player limit

I basically agree with everything you list here Frank.  I had never thought about limiting the max number of grenades you could carry to 5, but that's a wonderful idea.  Grenade spam is a big annoyance to me; there's always someone in the rail room, on dm4, tossing grenades non-stop down the chute.  Sure, it's possible to rocket jump in there and take them out, but when I'm in a competitive game, and spawn near the yellow armor close to rail room, what are the chances I'm going to make it to the RL untouched to take out that spammer?  Lots of novice players don't even know how to RJ into the rail room anyway it appears.

Always a nade spammer on DM1 up on the catwalk on the way to upper RL, spamming nades into the lower RL area.  The player Stick (now known as Stfuakma or something lke that) has many wins by exclusively camping the lower level of DM3 by spamming the GL room, and the room below RL with nades.  DM5 isn't too terribly bad.  DM6 or DM7 not that bad IMO either.  DM8 has a fair share of grenade spammers too, which works well given its multi-level design.

Maybe we can encourage the Mage Warehouse server admins to change their server to what you propose.  It used to be DM8 only with a 20 min time limit and without any uber powerups or BFG.  I LOVED playing there.  It attracted most of the better players since cheeseball spam tactics weren't very effective there.

Oh, I don't think I'd want to lower the player limit though.  At least not on the tasty servers.  If there was a 12 player max limit, it would be very hard to get on.  It's very often at the cap of 16 anyway.  I would however like to be able to have an auto-kick for players that idle in spectator mode for extended periods of time.

I miss the totally once in awhile, random,  one map only, till you die AT ALL invisibility glitch. 
Would be kewl to have that recoded into the server

Someone else taught me (I think it was Rigg5) how to duplicate this bug.  It only worked on servers running Quake 3.19, but I was able to duplicate it every time.  I loved going invis on dm6, and standing right where the railgun is, and have people try to jump for the rail (coming from the RL area) and bump into me over and over and fall into the lava.  They were always like "WTF??", haha =)  That's been AGES ago... was a HPB back then.

Quake / Re: Youngest quaker
« on: May 23, 2010, 08:06:20 PM »
Awesome!  :headbang:  I look forward to the video =)

I wonder if he'll get the pit sweats like we do

I picture it as a player who left,  and leaves a "ghost" behind.

Feels more like a magnet with the same pole, 

This is probably a better way to describe it.  "Lag spots" works too =)

Haha, I like the way you think yahoo =)

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