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/dev/random / Re: Age trick
« on: July 09, 2011, 06:15:52 AM »
Take the last 2 years of your year of birth and add it to what you'll be next year, it's 112, then 113 the next year, etc.  Not so freaky, just math.

1337 Frag Demos / Re: Another mid-air rocket, youtube link included
« on: June 26, 2011, 07:21:44 PM »
If anybody knows how I can make the link default to 720p, please let me know. 

Like so:

P.S. if you'd like viewers to be able to read the frag messages, try the following before recording the video: (assuming r1gl)

gl_noscrap 1
gl_hudscale 3.0


Thanks quadz, link updated =)  Also, the noscrap was already at 1, but the hudscale was default.  I'm able to read it on my screen (though it's blurry compared to a demo).  Enlarging the text would be a good idea.

1337 Frag Demos / Another mid-air rocket, youtube link included
« on: June 26, 2011, 03:45:00 PM »
This is probably the coolest looking one I've done.  Make sure you switch to 720p.  If anybody knows how I can make the link default to 720p, please let me know.  Taken probably a week or so ago.  Full demo of that game included in case anybody wants to see it in-game.  Pretty nice flick rail at frag #20.

214 / Re: New segment
« on: June 26, 2011, 11:27:03 AM »
Creative idea... funny =)

who wants to watch some newbie ffa player play a bunch of scrubs.....get ac and stfu.

I was asking for a favor, not guaranteeing entertainment

Also, posting random demos of yourself doesn't really prove anything

These aren't random demos.  These are the specific 2 games/maps in which Tycho/Whirlingdervish first called hacks while playing against me, then went into spectator mode and continued to call hacks (and subsequently the reason I came here and made this thread).  I'm providing these 2 specific demos to showcase, from my point of view, what he apparently saw as evidence of cheats.  I provided these demos for analysis.  I'm assuming you didn't watch either demo because it's obvious that this is going on because he's repeatedly accusing hacks vocally with the in-game chat.

Since R1Q2 isn't really being updated anymore, I don't think I'm willing to run AC along with R1Q2.  I don't have a problem with AC at all, in fact I totally support what it's supposed to accomplish.  My problem is the crashing and the frustration/annoyance factor that goes along with it.

Since I don't really care about fancy eye candy, I'm gonna rule out EGL as an option as an AC-friendly client.  I suppose that leaves AprQ2 as the best alternative (over Q2Pro) for an AC compatible client, correct?  I'm wondering if I could possibly try an older version of R1Q2 and see if that might possibly help my crashing issues go away.

Jay Dolan's client isn't compatible with AC is it?  Just trying to lay out all my options.  I may give AprQ2 a try, and see how AC behaves with that.  I used to run AC all the time, and I did like having that as a sort of authenticator of sorts that my play was legit (because even then people would still accuse).

About me defending myself here... I don't usually care about the bot accusations, but this guy named Tycho (who I didn't know of at the time) had, on at least 2 separate occasions, badgered me on the servers about me hacking.  Since he was more than willing to run his mouth, but too lazy to actually do something about it, I did the leg work for him and made a thread with demos to shut him up.  6 pages in, and not one person has commented about the demos, so, obviously, that hasn't panned out the way I intended for it to.

sadly I didn't demo you making fuckloads of blind direct rocket hits the other day on dm7 or there would be demos worth watching to analyze.

But I did!  DM7 you say?  I was playing you?  Do you remember the specific day?  I should have them if you want those avail for analysis too.

PS.  It's becoming clear that your problem is not that I don't use AC, your problem is you are convinced I am hacking, cheating, etc.  Not using AC is not worth getting upset over.  Someone cheating and trying to get away with it, yeah, that would be annoying.

The crashes seemed totally random.  Perhaps you didn't read the thread I linked, but in my very first post I talked about crashing, and then upon attempting to reconnect, the server was full and I could not rejoin.  THAT is frustrating, annoying, whatever you wanna call it.  It was happening frequently enough for me to look for a way to fix the problem.  IMO I fixed the problem.

What I wanted out of this thread still hasn't happened, and that is for people to download and view the demos and comment whether or not they think things look suspicious.  Load up a wallhack and watch for all I care, if you have one.  I guess I wanted to shut the hack accusers up by showing to them that they are the only ones that think I'm hacking, or to take it upon myself to do what they were too lazy to do, and to actually come here and make a thread showing concern that I was really hacking, but nobody wanted to bother to take the time to do that.  They either really don't care that much, or know that they will get shot down with their evidence of my "hacks".

This thread was never supposed to be about using AC or not.  This thread was meant to be a request for demo analysis, and to report your opinions on whether there was substantial "suspect" play, or not.

still doesn't explain why you can't just load the ac.dll and squash most accusations

I will post it one more time since it is apparently being overlooked - LINK.  Here's the clincher though... you have to actually READ that thread to get any info from it.  Time consuming, I know...

In that thread, which I posted almost 3 months ago, I discuss R1Q2 crashing and I'm seeking help on resolving the problem.  Someone else mentioned a conflict with AC, not I.  I even mention "I ALWAYS run with AC on", which I did.  I tried the "fix", which was suggested by someone else, and my problem is gone.  Unless you're a conspiracy theorist, and think I planned this all in advance, all in an attempt to frustrate people on the FFA servers, then I think it will help clarify my honesty in WHY I chose to stop using AC.

If people have what appears to be suspect play to me, I will mention it.

This is precisely why I chose to upload my demos.  Like in many previous cases, when someone comes to the forums here to report a bot and/or a suspected wallhack, they upload a demo, for others to view, in an attempt to attain a consensus that someone's play is indeed "suspect".  I was hoping a variety of players (especially the TDM'ers,  or those with above average sound knowledge) would view the demos, which is partially narrated by Whirlingdervish aka Tycho, to come to their own conclusions and tell WD he was smoking crack, basically.

In these two demos, "Tycho" repeatedly calls hacks while I'm playing, and even goes into spectator mode to view me.  I make one rocket shot, in the mega room, when someone is hop-hopping up the stairs from water.  WD/Tycho views this an instantly calls "walled".  I'd like for others to view this frag in particular and dismiss his idea that this is a cheat, and clarify that it's nothing more than sound cues.  I wasn't even certain there was someone there, but the hop-hopping (up the stairs) cued me in that someone was coming.

Exhibiting skills of a level high enough to raise WD's suspicions (when that player is not using AC) is NOT equal to cheating.

Q2 Training Camp / Re: Volunteers needed!!!
« on: June 24, 2011, 03:45:58 AM »
Good tips Foc.  One thing I notice a LOT of novice-level players do that is a really bad habit is constantly jumping while firing ANY weapon.  This is an especially bad habit when someone is trying to hit you with the rail gun.  You have little to no control over your character after you hit that jump button and before you hit the ground.  Your trajectory is defined soon as you leave the ground.  For myself, if someone jumps and I'm trying to rail them, I feel like I should hit them 9 times out of 10, if not more, because they jumped.  However, if you're using the rocket launcher, it can occasionally be beneficial to jump before you fire, if you're going to be firing the rocket close to the ground near you.  In this case, jumping can actually lessen the splash damage you do to yourself from your own rocket.

I'm not saying to NEVER jump, but keep the jumps to a minimum, as many players will easily pick up the pattern that you're jumping with every shot, and intentionally wait for you to do this again to take their shot on you.  I think it's possible that many players are doing this in an attempt to imitate other players they see that are strafe jumping/running around the map, when they perhaps don't realize WHY those players are doing that.

Q2 Training Camp / Re: Volunteers needed!!!
« on: June 24, 2011, 01:15:59 AM »
I'd be willing to help out if I can

In game handle:  Punk>FAS>
When I'm available:  Most anytime.
Areas I'm willing to help in:  Aiming, Dodging, some jumping, FFA, etc.

Added a screen shot showing the crash logs in my Quake2 folder.  Not sure which of those files are needed.

So... you're not gonna use the damned anticheat or what?

I'd like to use AC to prove I don't hack (because I feel better when I see others using it, tbh), but I get the occasional crash with AC + R1Q2 (which I made a thread about, found HERE), so I have opted not to use it

It can be very annoying to hear that *ding* sound and then seeing the r1q2 crash screen in the middle of a game while you were playing well. Happened to me four times in just two days. Suspecting it was AC screwing something up I removed it and haven't had a crash since.  :-\

That's exactly the one and ONLY reason I stopped using AC, after using it for a very long time.  Not a single crash since then.

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