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Jokes / I want to play a game...
« on: December 22, 2019, 11:50:02 AM »


1. A giant U-shaped Kielbasa sausage. The ones you always see at the grocery store but probably never buy.

2. Some Astroglide. NOT the KY jelly, ONLY the Astroglide brand... because the name is "ASSSSSTRO-GLIDE". :D

3. Wine in a box with a spout. The biggest fuckin' most ridiculously massive box of the most redneck brand they got.


Substitute that for an entire case of Boones Farm. ;D

coop / Tastyspleen Coop server crash
« on: September 16, 2019, 12:47:44 PM »
Was on Coop a minute ago with 2 or 3 other guys I'm not familiar with. Out of nowhere, this happened:
Upper Palace
Refusing to check a path with .. (models/monsters/tank/../ctank/skin.pcx)
Refusing to check a path with .. (models/monsters/tank/../ctank/pain.pcx)
Warning, texture 'REGION' not in a sub-directory
Warning, texture 'REGION' not in a sub-directory
Warning, texture 'REGION' not in a sub-directory
Warning, texture 'REGION' not in a sub-directory

WARNING: A cl_maxfps value of over 100 is strongly discouraged
R1Q2 separates network and rendering so a cl_maxfps value > 30
is rarely needed. Use r_maxfps to control maximum rendered FPS

Stoneclad entered the game
anticheat Stoneclad is not using anticheat.
GiMpTroN_69 entered the game
anticheat GiMpTroN_69 is not using anticheat.
Solly tried to invade WallFly[BZZZ]'s personal space
WallFly[BZZZ] entered the game
anticheat WallFly[BZZZ] is not using anticheat.
rven entered the game
anticheat rven is not using anticheat.
Solly disconnected
rven died.
You have found a secret area.
rven died.
GiMpTroN_69 almost dodged Stoneclad's rocket
This force field is activated
by the communication laser.
GiMpTroN_69 died.
Server exited: SV_FindIndex: overflow finding index for
Disconnected by server!

It restarted normally as expected. I seem to recall seeing something like that when someone spammed grenade ammo drops all over the place to crash the server, but never with a hyperblaster model.

/dev/random / Christmas & New Years 2018 thread
« on: December 23, 2018, 06:13:25 PM »
It's Christmas time! I like Christmas threads. Haunted likes Christmas threads. We both like boobies... I mean... who doesn't? Even lesbians like boobies.

CHRISTMAS BOOBIES! (No nudity! Boobies the whole family can enjoy!)

And of course, as per tradition, I will again post a link to the old out of print Matt Rogers' Rated X-Mas album. It's not that good. Very juvenile. Just a bunch of dick and pussy jokes sung to the tune of Christmas songs. But it's free, so what do you care.


/dev/random / Whatcha streaming?
« on: November 15, 2018, 03:52:10 PM »
Recently jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for one month of Netflix, but really it's 2 months, because you get the first month free. I got the 2 screens with HD package for 10.99.

Not sure if I'm gonna keep it. There's lots of things on there, but kinda like my Dish 500 package I have currently, it's lots of... uh... shit nobody wants to watch. If I get really bored, I'll start flip flip flipping and come to the "rural" channel where they play shit like Waltons re-runs and fucking cattle auctions. How god damn bored do you have to be to watch pre-recorded cattle auctions on the rural channel. Well... as bored as ME sometimes, apparently. :D So clearly I need something like Netflix in my life.

Some interesting things I've streamed on there lately...

The 10 part Ken Burns docuseries The West. It's pretty much a 16-or-so hour lesson in how completely and totally fucked the Native Americans were as more and more of the continent became the United States of America. Also kinda weird to look around at what America IS at this very moment and realize that ALL OF THIS was puked out onto the landscape in a very short span of 150+ years. Kinda depressing. But educational too. It explains lots of the main things one might see about Native Americans in American History textbooks, but it also leaves out a lot.

Another 10 part Ken Burns docuseries, The Civil War. An excellent series for anyone these days who "thinks" they have an educated opinion about the Civil War. Especially today, one of the most forgotten and misunderstood wars in our history, and yet still the most important one. These days people prefer to overgeneralize and equate the Confederacy with Nazism. Not even close. Not going to get into my deeper opinions on the matter because it would take too long. But in essence, too few of todays younger folks understand the motives of the common man who fought in the war.

Altered Carbon season 1 (10 episodes). Kinda good. Kinda weird at times. Very Bladerunner-ish. Not really as imaginative as it could've been.

Also... I was pretty excited to see this one on there...

Chill with Bob Ross. :yessign:

It's a collection of 20 or 30 something episodes from his 80's and 90's PBS tv show The Joy of Painting. I know a lot youngsters these days think Bob Ross is some kinda joke. But I was always into drawing and art kinda shit as a youngster back in the late 80s and early 90s, and I actually used to enjoy watching his painting shows,... and still do. It's just cool to see how he could take a palette with about 8 or 9 colors on it and make a vivid painting of a landscape in about 25 minutes.

/dev/random / KA-POW!!!
« on: September 21, 2018, 01:22:20 PM »

...said my PC's power supply. It's been making that awful freight train door rattling noise for a year now, which is just the fan brushes/bearings/whatever wearing out or gunked with dust. Usually I could slap the underside of the fan in the psu box to knock the wobble and noise out. But last night it wouldn't stop no matter how many pimp slaps I doled out.

So this morning I took it out, opened it up, and blew the dust out with an air compressor (NOT the aerosol can shit, the shit you blow sawdust off with and pump up car tires with, LOL). But I was not done, oh noooooo. Then I sprayed WD40 into the fans axle area. BECAUSE I'M FUCKIN BRILLIANT, hell yeah. Then I realized I had some electrical contact cleaner. (Too late, oops.) So ... I sprayed some of that in there too, shouldve done that INSTEAD of a flammable oil, but fuck, its too early to use logic, right? So then I get paranoid that the WD40 might drip or splash or mist onto a big high voltage capacitor and kill the PSU. So I'm standing there for 10 mins with my old ladys revlon hair dryer, trying to dry WD40 off my psu like a fuckin idiot.

I get it put back in and fired up... it's not rattling, yay! So I sit there browsing my usual morning bullshit... and very slowly but surely, the noise comes back. And then...

A sound like a 22 pistol blasts me in the ear, a quick burst of fire shoots out back of my PC, it starts pouring a noxious burnt plastic smelling smoke, and starts humming. I yanked the cord out of it.

So uh... yeah, WD40 and electronics arent friends.

Jokes / The let's invent words game
« on: September 03, 2018, 12:56:58 AM »
pseudosocial pedopharmicologism - probably something to do with a fake religion centered around drinking childrens cough medicine

Polypropylene glycosis - an extreme mental state induced by drinking alcoholic plastic based beverages

art, music, etc. / Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Ed King dies at 68
« on: August 27, 2018, 01:50:21 PM »
Ed King, former guitar player for Lynyrd Skynyrd dies at 68.

Ed King was probably the least regarded member of Skynyrd, but his playing was a big part of the bands 3 guitar sound since he typically played a Stratocaster to contrast that thinner sound against the thicker sounds of Gary Rossington's Les Paul or SG and Allen Collins' Gibson Explorer. Dude could play too. I think Steve Gaines who replaced him right before the plane crash might've been a little better, cuz that guy could wear a stratocaster THE... FUCK... OUT. But Ed King was probably the least insane member of the band, and the only one NOT from Florida, as he came all the way from California to join the band in the early Muscle Shoals demo days. Never got enough credit for his work in my opinion.

Kind of a shy guy, never really did many interviews, and after the 90's he rarely ever made any public appearances. If you've ever heard of the Adult Swim cartoon show Squidbillies, the guy who does the voice of the main character on there also has a music persona he calls Unknown Hinson (real name is Stuart Daniel Baker). Well Ed King and Baker were pretty good friends, and King lived right outside of Nashville TN, so every once in a blue moon when Baker would play a show in Nashville, King would come to the show to see him and sometimes come on stage with him to play a song or two.

<span data-s9e-mediaembed="youtube" style="display:inline-block;width:100%;max-width:640px"><span style="display:block;overflow:hidden;position:relative;padding-bottom:56.25%"><iframe allowfullscreen="" scrolling="no" style="background:url( 50% 50% / cover;border:0;height:100%;left:0;position:absolute;width:100%" src=""></iframe></span></span><br /><a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Trouble Shooting / When does "smack talk" go too far?
« on: August 21, 2018, 05:46:50 PM »
I... and PLENTY of other people on the Vanilla and DM servers, have had to listen to Hemroyd{A2W}'s trademark quips about "hackin phaggs" for YEARS now. He's a fuckin' knucklehead nincompoop, I get it. A lot of the time, he's just having fun and poking at people. But occasionally (and he'll claim this isn't true), he's seriously calling certain people cheaters. He's done it to me. And usually I make fun of him, say something nasty, or pretend he's telling the truth just to troll him.

But after YEARS... yes, YEARS of this shit, when is enough enough? I was playing on the Vanilla server earlier with maybe 6 or 7 people total. He was there. He starts in with his "you chaeting phagg" routine, and in a very short time, it's just me and Trump2020. Maybe he's claiming he's just "having fun", but lets face it, we all know it, these servers aren't populated by the brightest crayons in the box. Some of these fuckin' people actually believe the shit he spews. And that's my issue with it. He seems to be driving people off the server with that kind of talk.

I dunno what to suggest about it. I don't really wanna ask for him to be muted. That'd be kind of a bitch move since sometimes he IS just joking. But ask any comedian, there's nothing less funny than a joke that everyones already heard 40 thousand times before. Maybe just have an admin simply ASK him to stop accusing everyone of cheating all the time? That would be my suggestion.

Thoughts? Opinions?

/dev/random / The Official 2018-2019 Season Football Thread
« on: August 19, 2018, 09:14:26 AM »
Time to start a new one I guess.

CFB Pre-season rankings

I don't agree with some of these rankings, but It is early and these really don't mean much.

Coaches Poll
1   Alabama (61)   0-0   1621   —
2   Clemson (3)   0-0   1547   —
3   Ohio St. (1)   0-0   1458   —
4   Georgia           0-0   1452   —
5   Oklahoma           0-0   1288   —
6   Washington   0-0   1245   —
7   Wisconsin           0-0   1243   —
8   Miami           0-0   1091   —
9   Penn St.       0-0   1050   —
10   Auburn           0-0   1004   —
11   Notre Dame   0-0   892   —
12   Michigan St.   0-0   870   —
13   Stanford           0-0   768   —
14   Michigan           0-0   752   —
15   USC                   0-0   691   —
16   TCU                   0-0   530   —
17   Virginia Tech   0-0   524   —
18   Mississippi St.   0-0   407   —
19   Florida St.    0-0   328   —
20   West Virginia   0-0   310   —
21   Texas           0-0   265   —
22   Boise St.      0-0   261   —
23   UCF                   0-0   259   —
24   LSU                   0-0   254   —
25   Oklahoma St.   0-0   168   —

At some point they gotta learn to throw this shit in the trash between seasons. Supposedly nobody's gonna vote you into the playoffs because of anything that happened LAST year. And yet even pre-season rankings can keep schools hovering around the top with 1 loss, while a previously unranked school can go undefeated and not have the opportunity to pass 1-loss schools who've managed to stay in the top 10 or 15 for 2 seasons. Eh, sometimes it's fair cuz it's a piss ant school from a piss ant conference with nothing but piss ant competition is gonna get flattened by someone like Alabama. But sometimes, those schools are good enough to give a top 5 team a real fight.

Science / How to DOUBLE your internet speed FOR FREE!
« on: July 25, 2018, 10:02:32 PM »
Double your internet speed. No bullshit! Really works!

<span data-s9e-mediaembed="youtube" style="display:inline-block;width:100%;max-width:640px"><span style="display:block;overflow:hidden;position:relative;padding-bottom:56.25%"><iframe allowfullscreen="" scrolling="no" style="background:url( 50% 50% / cover;border:0;height:100%;left:0;position:absolute;width:100%" src=""></iframe></span></span><br /><a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Quake / Focalor's Pak v11
« on: July 16, 2018, 08:57:55 PM »
I posted my Nazi themed SS Wehrmacht pak not too long ago, and I probably claimed that I wasn't going to be making another pak any time soon... and if I did, that was a lie. Because pretty much as soon as I finished it and started playing on the server with a bunch of Nazi themed shit, I was immediately wanting to get rid of all the Nazi garbage.

So for this new pak, I'm going back to basics. I've put minimal imagination into it and just enough effort so that it doesn't entirely look like something that 1998 shit out in a splattered blast of diarrhea. No themes, no weird non-Quake2 images for icons or other graphics, no beer health packs or other strange non-Q2 models. So if there's a theme at all to this pak, it's "updated stock Quake2". For example, the main menu and all the menu banners are military dog tags.

I even used the hi-res quad damage model in a modelling program to take 15 different screenshots of it at different angles to create a spinning Q2 symbol animated cursor.

Anyway, should be finished and posted soon-ish.

Politics / The Roman Empire
« on: June 25, 2018, 08:42:59 PM »
The Roman Empire at it's peak wasn't nearly as big.

A comment I made about the Roman Empire in relation to the Mongol Empire. Just how big WAS the Roman Empire though? Most of us probably know that at one time, the Roman empire encompassed pretty much every piece of land touching the Mediterranean and Black seas.

Saw this on my Firefox feed. An interesting read about the Roman Empire including maps. Second map shows the outline of the Roman Empire overlayed on a map of modern day United States of America.

General Ownage / How quickly can you make Stargazer disconnect?
« on: June 13, 2018, 04:33:26 PM »
Let's play a game. How many frags does it take you to make Stargazer disconnect.

Stargazer entered the game
anticheat Stargazer is not using anticheat.
Stargazer was blown away by peepee squeaks's super shotgun
Stargazer was blown away by peepee squeaks's super shotgun
Stargazer was blown away by peepee squeaks's super shotgun
Stargazer was blown away by peepee squeaks's super shotgun
Stargazer disconnected
]only took 4 frags
peepee squeaks: only took 4 frags
]I'm proud of myself
peepee squeaks: I'm proud of myself

Politics / The Official Trump Bashing Thread
« on: March 11, 2018, 10:38:43 PM »
Why did this thread not exist? We had an Obama bashing thread. Pretty sure there was a W Bush bashing equivalent thread, right?

Anyway, thought I'd start this off bashing the brainless bashees. A comment I read on Yahoo in a satirical story about a new White House Chief of Staff:

Michael Shields
9 hours ago
Trump is most disgusting and dangerous president in history!
The KKK and white supremacy groups such as Trump followers, have traded their white hoodies for Red caps. " Make America hate Again"

Trump voters are all white supremacists? What about the blacks who voted for him? Uncle Toms one and all? Thank god we have the internet to consume everyone's time endlessly now. Without it, Michael Shields might be out somewhere talking to a girl who he might end up putting his dick in and creating children.

Is that your final answer, Michael? Are you sure you don't wanna use a lifeline... maybe phone a friend? Okay then.

Well if Donald Trump is the most disgusting and dangerous president, then you're saying when President Andrew Jackson forced the cherokee nation to migrate west which caused the deaths of some 5000 Cherokee men, women, and children... that was less disgusting and dangerous than anything Trump has done to date. It was well known that Andrew Jackson fuckin' HATED the living shit out of the native americans, no matter what nation they belonged to. Donald Trump might've grabbed some giggling airhead beauty pageant bimbo by the pussy or told people he's gonna build a border wall that everyone knows will never happen anyway... and that's so much worse than sending a racial minority on a death march. Thank you for being so clear and thoughtful with your message, Michael. Because of you, we now know that it's okay to kill someone's entire family by marching them at gunpoint through the woods until they die of starvation/exhaustion/exposure/disease as long as you NEVER NEVER EVER grab them by the pussy while you do it.

How many Presidents owned slaves again? Should we even go there or have we learned yet that making broad baseless accusations is FUCKING RETARDED? Being a white supremacist is making broad baseless accusations against those who are not white. Why is the fucking "WHITE" part of that definition the ONLY part some people wanna fucking pay attention too?

The moral of this story, kids:

If you're gonna bash, do so thoughtfully and with a fucking POINT. A REAL one, not one you're repeating from the talky TV box like a fuckin' parrot.

Bot Drop / Suspicious behavior
« on: March 02, 2018, 12:00:21 PM »
I was on Vanilla a few minutes ago, probably sometime around 2:30ish pm Eastern time, March 2nd (just for reference, just in case). When I first showed up, there were 4 other players there, all of them were named "Private", and all of them had a ping of 36 to 37. At first I thought some dude had just connected 4 times through the same PC and was maybe killing the other inactive clients just to pad their stats or something. But then all 4 of the players were moving around and shooting, none of them with any skill at all though, I hit the 30 frag limit pretty quickly without getting killed once even though I wasn't really paying attention to health and armor that much. At one point before the map ended, one of the "Private" names changed their name to "Titz". It seemed like maybe the 3 duplicates were bot controlled or something while one was shooting and moving a little more skillfully and expected and human-like... but still like green as grass newbie who's never played before.

Really weird goings ons, Teddy Brosevelt.

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