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/dev/random / The Official 2012 Football Season Thread
« on: August 22, 2012, 04:31:56 PM »

Swami Focalor predicts...

A changing of the guard in the NFL. I don't really think anyone really needs to fear Indianapolis going on a huge win streak this year, or New Orleans. The Atlanta Falcons will not win the Superbowl this year. The Cleveland Browns will DEFINITELY not win the Superbowl this year. Other than that, it should be pretty unpredictable and interesting all around. Andrew Luck did look pretty good in the first preseason game with Indy, but he's gonna need the rest of the team to bring it all to the game, and I don't think they will. I think either New Orleans or Carolina will take the NFC South. Unless Matt Ryan can get his O-line to cover him better, he won't have the time he needs to find Roddy White or Julio Jones, and RB Michael Turner will be NO help in the running game, so Atlanta is dead before the season starts as far as I can see.

/dev/random / Excuse me "admin"
« on: August 10, 2012, 03:07:08 AM »
Can whoever the fuck has their finger on the admin button simply remove the one post by ex about "niggers" (which I didn't get to see and delete myself) instead of choosing to jettison the whole thread which was fine and great before one single post?  Can we move the thread back minus the "nigger" post, or have "you people" completely lost your minds?

/dev/random / The Hate Thread
« on: August 01, 2012, 10:03:51 AM »
Got Hate? Vent it here.

I hate these stupid fucking celebrities on TV commercials like Alyssa Milano for Unicef. They plead with people doing some of their best acting to give the foundation some money, and then they show a bunch of dirt poor children. If Alyssa Milano really thought it was so fucking tragic what's happening to a few black kids with flies on them, she'd take the money that Unicef pays her for the commercial, as well as some of her own money (god knows shes got a few dollars to spare I'm sure), and she'd fucking buy these little snotty african kids a few Happy Meals and some cheap velcro shoes from Payless (since I doubt any of the little bastards are smart enough to know how to tie a shoe anyway).

65 / true.douchebag ban status
« on: July 10, 2012, 07:56:43 PM »
If I suspect someone may be evading a ban, I may make certain decisions for tactical / information gathering purposes.  That is all.

I thought TrueDouchebag earned himself complete and total excommunication from Tastyspleen. Dunno if he's been playing on the servers recently, but he's definitely back in the Tastyspleen IRC channel under the name "magic". I was under the impression part of his lifetime ban included IRC also.

<magic> sup focalor
<magic> homie
<|iR|Focalor> you want my attention?
<magic> mmm hmmm
<|iR|Focalor> well you got it
<magic> but make it quick, im about to eat a baked potato
<|iR|Focalor> it might be quicker than you want
<|iR|Focalor> I was under the impression you were banned here
<|iR|Focalor> any comment on that?
<magic> i reserve the right not to self incriminate
<|iR|Focalor> in other words you're evading a ban to be here?
<magic> focalor why must you always focus on the negative
<|iR|Focalor> in other words you're evading a ban to be here?
* magic nods

art, music, etc. / Wow. What an asshole.
« on: June 02, 2012, 12:39:05 PM »
Personally, I can't see why someone would want to go and see Axl Rose and his bloated late-Elvis looking ass belting out his GnR greatest hits in horrible strangled cat fashion. But when you've got PAYING CUSTOMERS and LOYAL FANS at the door and you're gonna turn them away based on what they choose to wear? You've gotta be the biggest fucking spoiled little baby primadonna bitch. I mean Axl Rose has always been a notorious prick, but considering he's nothing but a nostalgia has-been act these days, this shit is just on a whole new level of assholiness.

Politics / The Official United Nations Bashing Thread
« on: May 08, 2012, 01:13:05 AM »

Yeah, I'm gonna hold my breath and wait for THIS shit to happen, hahaha! You know, I feel bad for what happened to a lot of the native americans. Where I live used to be home to the Cherokee nation, and I'm sure we all learned about the infamous "Trail of Tears" in history class. Nevertheless, any indians wanting justice of any kind can kiss my white ass. They already get PLENTY of undue consideration by Uncle Sam.

Not to mention the fact that the UN are LAST group of fucking idiots that need to be telling someone to GIVE BACK land to another party. Can you say... Isreal?

I could've just called this thread, "The UN wants the US to give Mt Rushmore back to the indians",... but I figure the UN does TONS of stupid shit, might as well make one thread to catch it all.

/dev/random / The MLB thread
« on: April 20, 2012, 09:06:59 PM »
Regular seasons been underway a week or so now.

Pretty happy with my Atlanta Braves so far. They got rid of that shitty shortstop Alex Gonzalez I was cussing the fuck out of all last season, good move there. Dude cost them so many clutch plays and a few games. So far this year, they're swinging the bats 200% better than they were last year. Last year they were pretty good on defense (with the exception of that shitty SS), and this year they seemed to have tightened it up a little bit better. But last year what was really missing was getting some good hits and driving in the runs, which they are certainly accomplishing so far this season. Was so disappointing last year. They struggled and fought and held on to that wild card spot all year only to fizzle out in the last 2 weeks of the season and let it slip away. I really didn't expect them to go anywhere once they did make it to post-season play, but I was still hoping they'd make it anyway. Last year, I would've personally ranked them about even with the New York Mets even though the Mets won most of the games in the sets of series against the Braves. But this year... with the exception of one game in the half series they played against them, they clobbered the shit outta the Mets. Made pretty easy work of them. And the Mets ain't really no joke this year either. They're doing pretty well in their at-bats. For the Braves, last year it looked like all-star catcher Brian McCann was their #1 big bat homerun hitter. Looks like last years rookie first baseman Freddie Freeman is getting even better. Saw him nail 2 homeruns against the Diamondbacks last night for a total of 5 RBIs. Not too shabby.

LA Dodgers are looking pretty good this year too. Been a good while since they've been considered dangerous.

As far as New York Yankees go... yeah, they beat the Red Sox the other night at Fennway Parks 100 year anniversary, but I still think they ain't got shit this year. Fuck em.

Politics / National Socialism in Washington DC
« on: April 13, 2012, 04:20:11 PM »
You clicked this thinking "Socialism... yeah, another rant about how Obama is socialist, zzzzzz." Eh, not exactly.

Apparently the American Nazi Party is dumb enough to think that ANYONE in Washington would commit political suicide by listening to this "lobbyist".

For fucks sake, we've all seen what the German Nazis did back in the 1940's. These fruit loops wear the same uniforms and everything and still hope to get ANYONE on their side. Seriously, if these guys aren't smart enough to figure out they need to change their name and their uniforms and their symbols, then they aren't smart enough to make proper judgments concerning government policy and no one on Capitol Hill should waste one second of their time listening to them or accepting money from them. At least David Duke had the sense to wear a suit and tie and look respectable. These guys look like they're on their way to a Halloween party.

art, music, etc. / Progressive is not dead
« on: March 16, 2012, 08:56:51 PM »
Kinda weird how this particular style has crossed over so many different genres over the years while still kinda being considered a genre in and of itself. A few examples of how it crosses genres. Still basically all the in the "rock" category, although the early classic rock pioneers of it tended to delve into lighter textures than most of the bands that carry the torch today are willing to do.

Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well

Genesis - Squonk

Yes - Heart of the Sunrise

Jethro Tull - Aqualung

Rush - Freewill

Death - Nothing Is Everything

Tool - 46 and 2

Mastodon - Thickening

Bot Drop / Idiot typing misspelled wallhack commands
« on: February 23, 2012, 04:09:08 AM »
Saw this guy on DM a few minutes ago "trying" to type wallhack commands. 200 ping. Maybe Razor or True.Douchebag considering what's happened recently.
Lost Hallways

WARNING: A cl_maxfps value of over 100 is strongly discouraged
R1Q2 separates network and rendering so a cl_maxfps value > 30
is rarely needed. Use r_maxfps to control maximum rendered FPS

David Allan Coe entered the game
anticheat David Allan Coe is not using anticheat.
WallFly[BZZZ] entered the game
anticheat WallFly[BZZZ] is exempt from using anticheat.
manson entered the game
anticheat manson is not using anticheat.
Lilom entered the game
anticheat Lilom is not using anticheat.
Sertrevas entered the game
anticheat Sertrevas is not using anticheat.
Sertrevas disconnected
usage: connect <server>
kugg entered the game
anticheat kugg is not using anticheat.
wiggy entered the game
couldn't exec cfg/q2dm4.cfg
wiggy: mymap
Lilom saw the pretty lights from David Allan Coe's BFG
wiggy: mymap fury
console: nextmap => fury q2dm5(-pu) q2dm6(-pu) q2dm7(-pu) q2dm8(-pu) q2dm1-arenaquad(+pu) q2dm2(+pu) q2dm3(+pu) q2dm4(+pu) q2dm5(+pu) ...
wiggy ate manson's rocket
manson couldn't hide from David Allan Coe's BFG
Lilom couldn't hide from David Allan Coe's BFG
kugg: gl_zettrick 0

David Allan Coe has moved to the sidelines
kugg: gl_zet
David Allan Coe: admin
]we got a would be wallhacker here
David Allan Coe: we got a would be wallhacker here
kugg: blublu
wiggy: who?
Lilom was railed by manson
]this kugg dork
David Allan Coe: this kugg dork
Lilom was railed by wiggy
kugg was railed by wiggy
kugg was railed by wiggy
wiggy: who cares
wiggy ate Lilom's rocket
wiggy does a back flip into the lava.
David Allan Coe: gl_zettrick or whatever he's TRYING to type is a wallhack command
Lilom ate kugg's rocket
kugg was cut in half by Lilom's chaingun
wiggy: isnt it just a gl command
wiggy was cut in half by Lilom's chaingun
kugg does a back flip into the lava.
David Allan Coe: no
wiggy ate Lilom's rocket
kugg ate Lilom's rocket
wiggy: yeah i think so
]it's used for a modified renderer, modified to see through walls
David Allan Coe: it's used for a modified renderer, modified to see through walls
teledildonics was railed by manson
kugg ate Lilom's rocket
Lilom almost dodged kugg's rocket
Lilom: he didnt see me :)
kugg does a back flip into the lava.
wiggy: ur paranoid
Lilom was popped by manson's grenade
]no, you're just an idiot and dont know what wallhacks are
David Allan Coe: no, you're just an idiot and dont know what wallhacks are
wiggy couldn't hide from Lilom's BFG
Absinth entered the game
anticheat Absinth failed 5 file checks.
Lilom was railed by kugg
wiggy: yeah i know but ur the idiot who doesnt know that z trick is just a useless command
kugg was cut in half by Absinth's chaingun
wiggy was railed by Absinth
David Allan Coe: useless?
David Allan Coe: okay
wiggy couldn't hide from Absinth's BFG
]whatever princess
David Allan Coe: whatever princess
Warhead entered the game
anticheat Warhead is not using anticheat.
Lilom:  i wouldnt know, i just play standard quake, no console settings
Lilom: no paks,>>>
Absinth blew herself up.
wiggy: yeah u.s.e.l.e.s.s.
manson couldn't hide from kugg's BFG
wiggy: like u
manson was popped by Lilom's grenade
Warhead couldn't hide from wiggy's BFG
Absinth should have used a smaller gun.
Alice entered the game
anticheat Alice is not using anticheat.
wiggy blew himself up.
kugg couldn't hide from Absinth's BFG
Absinth was railed by Warhead
Lilom was machinegunned by Alice
]odd, because I've viewed demos before with a wallhack that uses that command
David Allan Coe: odd, because I've viewed demos before with a wallhack that uses that command
]but if you say so
David Allan Coe: but if you say so
Absinth almost dodged Lilom's rocket
Warhead ate manson's rocket
manson couldn't hide from Warhead's BFG
Alice was cut in half by kugg's chaingun
Lilom almost dodged Absinth's rocket
wiggy: hey kugg, are u using a wallhack?
kugg: nope check me
Absinth was popped by Alice's grenade
Alice tripped on her own grenade.
|  Player Name   |AC Valid|Files|Client|
|WallFly[BZZZ]   | exempt | N/A | N/A  |
|Lilom           |   NO   | N/A | N/A  |
|David Allan Coe |   NO   | N/A | N/A  |
|teledildonics   |   yes  |   1 |R1Q2  |
|Absinth         |   yes  |   5 |R1Q2  |
|manson          |   NO   | N/A | N/A  |
|kugg            |   NO   | N/A | N/A  |
|wiggy           |   yes  |   0 |R1Q2  |
|Warhead         |   NO   | N/A | N/A  |
|Alice           |   NO   | N/A | N/A  |
File check list in use: Tastyspleen hash list
This Quake II server is connected to the anticheat server.
For information on anticheat, please visit
wiggy: !versions
Lilom ate Warhead's rocket
David Allan Coe: R1Q2 b8012 Tue Sep 13 00:17:47 2011 x86 Win32 RELEASE []
Warhead ate kugg's rocket
Warhead: R1Q2 b7904 Sun Oct 19 00:39:57 2008 x86 Win32 RELEASE []
wiggy: R1Q2 b8012 Tue Sep 13 00:17:47 2011 x86 Win32 RELEASE []
teledildonics: R1Q2 b7904 Sun Oct 19 00:39:57 2008 x86 Win32 RELEASE []
Absinth: R1Q2 b8012 Tue Sep 13 00:17:47 2011 x86 Win32 RELEASE []
Warhead was popped by Absinth's grenade
wiggy: looks clean
David Allan Coe: uh
Warhead ate Absinth's rocket
kugg couldn't hide from Absinth's BFG
]you've got to be the stupidest person I've ever met
David Allan Coe: you've got to be the stupidest person I've ever met
wiggy ate Absinth's rocket
Absinth saw the pretty lights from Lilom's BFG
manson ate Warhead's rocket
Lilom saw the pretty lights from Absinth's BFG
kugg caught wiggy's handgrenade
Absinth ate manson's rocket
Warhead does a back flip into the lava.
Lilom almost dodged manson's rocket
]condump kugg_wallhack_cmd

/dev/random / The WIN thread
« on: February 18, 2012, 03:00:06 AM »
I declare that this thread shall be full to the brim with WIN and EXCELLENCE! SO LET IT BE WRITTEN! SO LET IT BE DONE!

Lawn Mowing: The WIN method

art, music, etc. / Whitney Houston is dead... finally.
« on: February 11, 2012, 08:47:43 PM »

Looks like Bobby Brown can now put his dick in everything that will lower itself to fuck him without having to hear Whitney's gravelly voice bitching and raising hell about it anymore. A little insensitive, but I can't say that I feel sorry for her. She's been on the shit for long enough that she's had AMPLE opportunity to witness the "bottom of the barrel" and get her shit straightened out. Someone in her position has even more of an opportunity to get clean than anyone else with all the money she has (well,... HAD) and people she knows in the music industry with money and connections. When she was younger, she did have a great voice, and was also pretty damn good looking... and that's ME saying that, and I don't usually ever go for black chicks. Addictive or not, I can't understand how someone would use any substance to the point she did. I've tried most of everything there is to try, and done a few of them way more than someone should, but still always had the self control to know when shit was going to far and getting dangerous. I dunno, maybe some people just don't have the same amount of will power and respect for themselves that I do, I just don't understand what it's like to be that way and be so damned foolish. Maybe people who are as famous as that are just conditioned to be that weak willed. They have so many people doing everything for them, and money comes to them so easily, maybe they just forget what it's like to be a normal person and begin thinking they're above the same laws of nature that dictate the order of things.

Any-fuckin-way...  ::)

Can't say that I'll miss her. Her brand of music was rather plastic, dated, disposable and all-in-all useless in my opinion. So long, sugar tits. Say hi to the devil for me.

vanilla / Idiot
« on: January 14, 2012, 03:33:00 AM »
I wouldn't normally tattletale over something as dumb as this, but I get the feeling this person has probably done this more than once since they feel the need to use an obscure alias. The bind sounds familiar, like someone who's been a shithead before.

yyyyyyyyy: mymap slideways_dm pu -ws
console: nextmap => slideways_dm(+pu -ws) mine4 fact1 power1 power2 waste1 waste2 waste3 biggun hangar1 ...

Fraglimit hit.
            moojo   157     11.48      30
      |iR|D3V!ous   141     11.49      27
        Red Queen   126     11.46      24
           Cygnus    73     11.49      14
   [XZ] Bitterman    68     11.48      13
yyyyyyyyy: You're the best bean picker in your neighborhood
yyyyyyyyy: Vuelves a mexico, por favor
moojo: moo
David Allan Coe: gg

Changing map...
reconnecting (soft)...

Slideways - by Eyegore (tsmod)
HTTP(.filelist): 404 File Not Found [2 remaining files]
HTTP(/maps/slideways_dm.filelist): 404 File Not Found [1 remaining files]
HTTP(maps/slideways_dm.bsp): 3042504 bytes, 151.65kB/sec [0 remaining files]
David Allan Coe entered the game
anticheat David Allan Coe is not using anticheat.
Red Queen: choosing slideways wont help your confidence any
usage: connect <server>
Kelson: whatt who picked this bs map?
couldn't exec cfg/slideways_dm.cfg
[BTF]Dizzy was railed by |iR|D3V!ous
[BTF]Dizzy was railed by |iR|D3V!ous
David Allan Coe: goto
(private message) ::GOTO:: say 'goto xxxxxx' to teleport to the following servers:
(private message) ___________________________________________________________
(private message) __EMPTY_SERVERS____________________________________________
(private message) ___________________________________________________________
(private message) __ACTIVE_SERVERS___________________________________________
(private message) [TASTY   ] VANILLA slideways_dm ( 9/32) |iR|D3V!ous, Oppressor, Kelson, David Allan Coe, moojo, Red Queen, [BTF]Dizzy, [XZ] Bitterman,
(private message) [TG-IT   ] TGTDM   q2dm1        ( 1/14)
[BTF]Dizzy disconnected
Red Queen: picked up 3 megas
|iR|D3V!ous was railed by [XZ] Bitterman
Kelson: yea see everyone's gonna go now
yyyyyyyyy: cool

Kelson: stupid map
Kelson was disintegrated by Red Queen's BFG blast
]watch it empty like a liquor bottle at a redneck baby shower
David Allan Coe: watch it empty like a liquor bottle at a redneck baby shower
[XZ] Bitterman ate Kelson's rocket
yyyyyyyyy was machinegunned by |iR|D3V!ous
yyyyyyyyy:  lol have fun
yyyyyyyyy disconnected

art, music, etc. / Ghost
« on: November 25, 2011, 10:53:17 PM »
Stumbled upon a few youtube vids of this band the other night. Sounds a little bit like old Mercyful Fate, and apparently a lot of the stage theatrics, face paint, and costumes are borrowed from Mercyful Fate/King Diamond as well. I dunno, it's got a little more of a classic rock sound to it than the hard edge that Mercyful Fate was always shooting for. Anyway, they aren't particularly spectacular, but definitely something a little different from most other stuff these days.

Ghost - Elizabeth

Ghost - Con Clavi con Dios

Ghost - Genesis

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