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Trouble Shooting / game window minimizing
« on: January 25, 2014, 10:42:18 AM »
For the past couple of days, my game screen for no apparent reason has minimized in the middle of play. I dunno if an admin is stuffing commands on me or scanning me for something or what. I'll play for several hours a day at different times of the day, and it isn't a "rampant" problem, because it usually only happens one time per day, which makes me think it could just be some admin command doing funny shit to my client. If not, then I have no idea what could be the cause of it. I'm thinking... maybe my AV is popping up with something to cause it, but when it minimizes, nothing for the AV is popped up on the screen, so I doubt it's that.

Is there anything that anyone can think of off hand that might cause this behavior? Or is there any way to tell from what the client console or some kinda log says to identify the cause?

Bot Drop / Please do not vandalize your client. Thx, -mgmt
« on: January 16, 2014, 03:49:12 AM »
Was on DM this morning when this dumbass proceeded to tell his life story, including the part where he was currently using a wallhack. I didn't have to say much to get all the info out of him. He seemed quite willing to blabber on and incriminate himself. Only time I spoke up was several minutes after he started to talk about how a subnet ban wouldn't work on him and then he got sidetracked and left the subject. Figured I'd ask him to elaborate on it in case it would help the admins.

This is most of what was said. I tried to cut out all the frag messages to make it simpler to read.

vandal: testing something out
vandal: cant get it to work
+one: what
vandal: ehhhh
vandal: well
vandal: im in a wireframe mode right now
vandal: but dont worry
vandal: it sucks, and i coded it
vandal: hah
Hank Williams: uh
Hank Williams: okay
+one: thats cool
vandal: shutup hank
vandal: noone cares
+one: sort of rommel 3d style/
vandal: its kinda cool but
vandal: i cant get over the depth problem
vandal: you get a few feet really
vandal: its not much notice
vandal: and you fall in lava a lot
+one: whats the point
vandal: lol
vandal: well
vandal: if i could correc the depth problem
vandal: i could see models straight through
vandal: to the end of the map
vandal: the way it stands its very sketchy
vandal: i have good intentions the idea is to finish it and say ok heres why you need to force anticheat clients
vandal: but i cant perfect it
+one: lol
vandal: theres a decent one out for linux binaries
MojoJojo: ?
vandal: but id rather code my own for vanilla q2 windows
vandal: and i know i can get it but i think i need to still recompile a certain dll
+one: meh
vandal: bleh
+one: evrybody hates cheaters
vandal: meh
vandal: i program for a living
MojoJojo: weh
+one: and if u havin fun fuckin us with wireframe mode well good 4 you
vandal: dude its hella fun but thats not the point
vandal: its only really good for elevators
+one: and whoever cheats make normal players better
vandal: some round the orner shots
+one: bleh u end up emptying the server
vandal: not at all imho
vandal: its not that good to even do that
vandal: so
vandal: meh
+one: but i get you thouhg
+one: its kinda cool to toy around
vandal: i never try to win games to be honest
+one: i do but only with selected players :)
MojoJojo: it doesnt matter if u want to win
MojoJojo: if u cheat u fuck up the game
vandal: well we all cheat at life
vandal: you should go live in the woods
vandal: if you dont like cheaters
MojoJojo: thats the attitude
MojoJojo: no u get banned
vandal: not in this game hah
+one: vandal pls...
+one: cheaters have no honor
+one: where's the pride?
MojoJojo: dont argue with him
MojoJojo: has no principles
+one: well pride is vanity
vandal: none.
+one: he gotta have that
vandal: trust me
+one: well then you really suck
vandal: cheaters do more to hurt themselves
vandal: than anything else
(*what I'm thinking: yeah, with their big fat mouths)
MojoJojo: hes just a delinquent
+one: but no one knows that how it is?
Hank Williams: lol
vandal: they dont hurt your game as much as theirs
MojoJojo: its cause of ppl like him that we need laws
+one: nah to me in the end thier life is a lie
vandal: well
vandal: it also helps you learn things
vandal: for example
vandal: i know optica cheats
vandal: hardcore
vandal: but
vandal: he wont EVER admit it to me
vandal: pisses me off man
+one: alot of players i dont trust
vandal: lol
vandal does a back flip into the lava.
+one: but its not for a trophy or anything
+one: how bout deious eh?
+one: hehe
+one: fuck her dude
vandal: optica has a great wall hack
vandal was blasted by 4102
vandal: he uses a no cheat client
vandal: which means
vandal: i HAS to be a recompiled q2 binary
vandal: thats one of the old school ones i wish i could get
vandal: cant find em tho
+one: just rename a replace your current textures with window textures duh
+one: dont lose sleep over that...
vandal: i know but
vandal: id rather code it in opengl
vandal: i can turn this off ondemand
+one: nah u shove it a pak
+one: less complicated
vandal: lol
4102: :D
vandal: plus this way yu can do cool stuff
vandal: have particle effects on and off ondemand
vandal: lots of stuff
vandal: and the wireframe is kinda cool
vandal: its great with jump mod
+one: thats not very hard
vandal: you can really learn jumps faster with wireframe
vandal: imho
+one: i bet
vandal: im sure ill get banned sooner or later but
+one: ide like to try wireframe
vandal: they can take out my subnet and it still wont matter
+one: whats fps with that?
vandal: its just a normal game
vandal: and when you hit the key you see in a wireframe
vandal: but its not all see through
+one: type timerefresh
vandal: im getting 61.24 on my 4200 mobile radeon
vandal: same without it
+one: eew no boost there
+one: try disable vsync n try again
vandal: its kinda cheating in darker levels
vandal: but it helped me ignore the distraction from lots of t
vandal: you move through maps man like superman
vandal: its crazy
vandal: its the best in tokays
+one: yea as if a normal player wont notice
vandal: they do and they all spec me
+one: you get no credit for playing like that
vandal: but i dont try to win matches so i guess that gets me
vandal: lol
vandal: the q3 wallhack is great
vandal: perfect across the map full view of models
vandal: and i LOVE the q3 engine
+one: you right though it doesnt matter
vandal: my skill level is about the same even without it
vandal: take optica
vandal: he would own still without it
vandal: but he wouldnt have those round the corner cross the m
+one: im not to sure bout that
+one: there was a time i made that guy rage quit
+one: then i left q2 for about 2 years
vandal: i left for literally 10 atleast
+one: came back and he was invincibl
vandal: the last time i played this much q2
vandal: i was in high school
vandal: yeah he's got a wallhack
vandal: and an aimbot
vandal: it's very obvious to me
+one: i just dont play him nymore
vandal: im not going for aimbot
53: who?
vandal: i just want a really good wh for q2
vandal: ahh noone we just bullshittin
53: i've not seen aimbot here in a long time
vandal: they're very closely guarded
vandal: few people have em anymore
53: but I think there a several with wallhacks
vandal: i mean most of us are 30-40 years old now with familie
vandal: there are
53: i would like to be 30-40 again, lol
vandal: im trying to figure a command to help me get a larger
+one: dam
53: <--53
vandal: even trying r1gl libraries to see about that
+one: whats wrong with 53 now
vandal: nice man old dudes playin q2
vandal: im 29
vandal: i will play this game when im 70
vandal: hahah
+one: im 42
vandal: i feel old
+one: bored to hell
vandal: got me few years ago i actually had some old moments
vandal: and i was like christ i dont wanna be in my 30s
+one: i wonder what it will be when im 53...
+one: yikes
vandal: lol
+one: i dont feel old
+one: i feel great
+one: but im bored
+one: always the same fkn story
+one: its a good story
+one: but even goos stories get boring
+one: video games
+one: movies
+one: food
+one: endless loop
vandal: im really interesting in programming game engines right now
vandal: so part of coming back to q2 is that
+one: yea i like making maps n stuff
+one: i made my floors red
vandal was popped by 53's grenade
+one: changed sounds
vandal: im trying to learn asm to finish this hack off
+one: i replaced some sounds with arcade game sounds
vandal: im going to have to recompile my opengl dll
vandal: i may scrap it for now tho
+one: nah i like your idea
vandal: i wanna see how the linux binaries work too
MojoJojo: is there any of ur maps in vanilla?
+one: it crossed my mind to have q2 in wireframe
vandal: its on google
+one: i dont really caare bout the textures
vandal: but all youre doing is modifying addressed memory
+one: but hey i wonder
+one: i got porn textures
vandal: and anti cheat picks that up
+one: i wonder if theyde work
vandal: as a general injection exploit
vandal: lol
vandal: i have the crakwhor model that has a porn skin
vandal: shes hot
+one: i got some cool textures
vandal: but see with those pak files
vandal: regular server cheat protection can detect those
vandal: i think?
+one: donno
vandal: pretty sure
+one: then why am i using a pak?
vandal: i dunno maybe if it was the exact same size or odne
vandal: i could see it bypassing
+one: nope
+one: totally different pak
vandal: never even thought to try searching for window textures
+one: lol
+one: you might wanna save some time
+one: cuz that wont work buddy
vandal: i wouldnt know where to go
+one: u got them already
vandal: so you can set it to see through the whole map how?
+one: but it wouldnt work
vandal: just replacing textures i guess
vandal: hmm
+one: nope
+one: see the map is compiled and those textures need transparent flag
+one: when the map gets compiled u understand?
vandal: i guess so
vandal: youre modifying the maps you have stored locally
+one: so you can put the window texture but you wont see through :)
vandal: interesting
+one: u have to decompile the map
vandal: and it goes undetected?
+one: and im not sure it would pass anticheat barrier
vandal: yeah
vandal: this will unless im forced to use a no cheat client
vandal: one cool thing about wireframe is you can see up through water
+one: yea cuz actually you like just using a hidden option
+one: with the right commands you could put it in wireframe
MojoJojo: theres a portion on the floor over there tahts transparent
MojoJojo: u can use that
+one: yea but like i said
+one: it has to be flagged while making the map
vandal: thats cool
+one: truth is i never tried
Hank Williams: why did you say a subnet ban wouldn't work?
+one: but im sure thats what i'll get
vandal: because i can mask my subnet
vandal: i can mask my mac address
vandal: if it came to that
vandal: besides youd hafta really be a wanker
vandal: to report me im cool
vandal: lol
(*then color me wanker, Mr. Cool Guy)
+one: another trick was to make pikes on the skins
+one: that would stick out of the walls
+one: show where u aim etc...
vandal: im gonna figure this out
vandal: just havent yet
vandal: i had it pretty neat earlier it was working without wireframe sorta
vandal: and no particle effects
vandal: really cool but it isnt much of an advantage at all
MojoJojo: the rocket and rail trails
vandal: yep
vandal does a back flip into the lava.
vandal: what i have doesnt give you much of an advantage at all
vandal: trust me
vandal: like here
vandal: cant see ya
vandal: but here i can
vandal: this part of the wall works
vandal: but not here
vandal: messed up
MojoJojo: its kinda useless anyways
vandal: cant figure it out grr
vandal: it really is
vandal: im just proud i figured it out i havent cracked many games
vandal: i cant see you anywhere out here
MojoJojo: u just need a good sound pak
vandal: yeah but im just doing this to do it
vandal: im really not trying to win games
MojoJojo: well..
MojoJojo: its like ppl practicing martial arts
MojoJojo: they always end up hittin someone
vandal: i used to practice martial arts
vandal: never hit a woman in 29 years never a guy
vandal: i threw a couple dudes already Lol
MojoJojo: which belt did u get
vandal: gotta think
vandal: it was kenpo
vandal: i was two or three before black
vandal: think green with two black stripes or purple with one
vandal: then i discovered duke nukem 3d
vandal: hahah
vandal: that was the end of the martial arts
MojoJojo: I got a black one
vandal: nice
MojoJojo: my mom bought it for me when I was little
vandal: lol
vandal: im a very unique individual
vandal: more honorable than you might think
vandal: need more coffee brb
Hank Williams: this dude likes to talk
Hank Williams: its cool, wallfly loves to listen
MojoJojo: O:
vandal: what id really like to do
vandal: is setup my own dedicated q2 server
vandal: i manage five servers some for clients some for me
vandal: i could have a server with enough resources to run a dedi for less than ten bucks a month easy
vandal: probably more like 3-7 bucks a mo


I have nothing against Satanism. I used to associate myself with it, and while I still find no fault in most of it's principles other than the "magic" chapters of it and the boring pointless politicking that goes on with the Church of Satan (my two main reasons for resigning my membership), I view it on the whole as harmless nerdery not much different than when people engross themselves in Star Wars fandom. Nevertheless, I still think it's pretty fucking ridiculous that these weirdos want to put up a Baphomet statue in front of the Oklahoma capitol. I know what the religion is all about. It ain't jack shit for anyone to be frightened of. Like I said, these days I look at the people involved in "Satanism" kinda similar to the way I look at Star Wars freaks. They're just goofy fucking nerds. So if you think there's something truly sinister and nihilist about it, know that there really isn't, and just look at it like I do... and imagine someone telling you they want to erect a fuckin' Darth Vader statue in front of the White House. :D

Personally, I'd say HELL NO. Yeah, ME, I'd say no. I wouldn't want something so ridiculously tacky sitting in front of my states capitol building. I don't think religious shit of ANY KIND belongs in front of a government building, including the Ten Commandments. "Separation of church and state" is pretty clear in the constitution. And while I'm not retarded enough to believe or say that having the Ten Commandments on the lawn of the capitol is gonna lead to the government eventually forcing people to attend church every Sunday, I still don't think it should be tolerated being present there. Our elected officials are inside of these government buildings to DO THEIR JOBS WE ELECTED THEM TO DO, part of which is upholding the constitution of the United States. They are paid with taxpayer money collected from EVERYONE, the same money that paid to erect the buildings where these ridiculous religion-promoting statues are wanting to be set out in front of. And not EVERYONE believes the same thing. If you want to build a Jesus statue in front of your church or your own home, GO FOR IT! Make that shit as fugly as you want! But leave my god damn city hall, county courthouse, and state capitol buildings out of it.

On the other hand...

Since a statue of the Ten Commandments is already there... ;D ...I think these yo-yo's ABSOLUTELY SHOULD be permitted to erect a Baphomet statue. And here's why:

It'll cost these people 20,000+ bucks to build it. That's THEIR money, no one elses. Taxpayers won't pay a dime for any part of it. And once they DO complete it, people will fucking hate it so much that they'll be forced to have a vote on whether or not to allow "religious" statues of any kind in front of government buildings. And when everyone votes NO in order to get the Satanic statue removed... they'll have to remove the Ten Commandments too. Sure, these Satanist nerds will be out 20,000 dollars when they do, but who gives a shit, it ain't MY money! And maybe then, for once in their lives, these Satanic "organizations" will have finally effected some kind of real and relevant change in the world... rather than just talking about all the shit they see wrong with society and how it should change.

And the funny thing is... according to the US government, Satanism is a recognized and viable religion. And all of the Satanic "religious" organizations PAY TAXES... whereas most other churches that believe in and revere the Ten Commandments, DO NOT pay taxes. So if anyone has more of a "right" to erect religious statues on state property, it's the Satanists who paid up. ::)

art, music, etc. / A Poll To Make Your Head Explode
« on: January 03, 2014, 12:19:20 AM »
This poll sucks.

Quake / The "gaming mouse" conspiracy
« on: December 05, 2013, 08:20:29 AM »
From my lips to God's ears, there is a conspiracy happening in the computer accessory industry. Years back, I bought a nice corded Logitech LS1 laser mouse. It performed pretty good. It had a very accurate response to it. Some of my most accurate railing came outta that mouse. It was a corded USB mouse, and I bought it at Walmart for about 20 or 25 bucks. But alas, one day I got a little angry and proceeded to grasp it and slam the bottom of it down on the desk, at which point it oddly wouldn't work anymore. So since then, I went with the plain jane infrared Lenovo mouse that came with this machine. I haven't had the same accuracy and response with it at all. I even tried one of those polling rate hacks, and it didn't really do much that I could notice. At one point, I went around to 4 or 5 different stores trying to find a nice invisible laser mouse with a cord, but I couldn't find one that wasn't wireless, and I ain't fuckin' with wireless bullshit. Been there, done that, hated it. So I finally stopped by the TigerDirect outlet not too far from my house yesterday and picked up this 75 dollar Razer Deathadder 2013. Played around with it a little bit yesterday. It handles EXACTLY like my old Logitech laser mouse.

So my theory (which seems like bulletproof FACT at this point) is that the industry as a whole has decided that they're gonna stop making corded invisible laser mouses as a basic cheap everyday mouse, and instead, they've decided to only use this type of technology in products labeled as a "gaming mouse". That way they can charge you upwards of 50 bucks extra for it.

It's total complete bullshit. And it's the only reasonable explanation I can come up with. Like I said, I've been to every damn retail store that sells shit for computers, Office Depot, Best Buy, Walmart, Fry's, Target, Kmart, you name it. None of them carry your basic plain old 3 button scroller-wheel corded mouse with an invisible laser.

I FUCKING HATE THIS PLANET! Make me spend an extra 50 bucks on a damn mouse. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, SIR!

Someone care to provide any evidence to contrary?

/dev/random / Happy Thanksgiving!
« on: November 28, 2013, 05:49:29 AM »
It's a pretty stupid holiday. But a lot of people get the day off, so... maybe it ain't so stupid that I'll bitch about it.... much.

Apparently, some 20 or so years ago, a bunch of people who wore nothing but catholic priest suits and sported blunderbusses got together with some pakistanis or indians or something and they all ate some Butterball deli turkey and Stove Top stuffing mix, so now the rest of us have the arduous task of reenacting that ritual once a year. Why? Who cares. You're fat, there's food, eat it, like it, and shut the hell up. In more recent years, we've added watching the Detroit Lions lose a football game to the yearly ritual. And in even more recent years, we've added the ritual of drinking ourselves retarded while watching our states capital city light their huge Christmas tree. And part of that tradition includes only getting about an hour or two of sleep that night before getting up and heading out to Walmart to camp out for several more hours by a pallet covered in plastic to buy a TV for 5 bucks cheaper than it normally would be.

And I think you'll agree, when you look at this wonderful holiday THAT way... it doesn't sound crazy or stupid or anything! Evolutions obviously made us so smart. God bless us, every one. :eyecrazy:

Anyway. Since this holiday is apparently sponsored by the Food Network, tell us what you wanna eat, will eat, or did eat for Thanksgiving. Or comment about something that happened during this Thanksgiving (or maybe another Thanksgiving). Like maybe your uncle got drunk again and drove the riding mower into the lake. Or your grandmother farted during the blessing.

As for me... usually I try to do the traditional thing, turkey, green bean cassarole, cranberry sauce, stuffing, dressing, mashed taters and brown gravy, butternut squash, etc. But this year... just not feeling it. Decided to make the biggest thickest fattest fuckin' lasagna you've ever seen in your life with enough mozzerella and ricota cheese to kill a horse. I've still got a few roma tomato plants in my greenhouse that are producing, so I've got a basket full of the fresh homegrown romas to use in it. Shit's gonna be ON LIKE DONKEY KONG, MUTHAFUCKA!

Trouble Shooting / Who runs tastyspleen?
« on: October 18, 2013, 09:58:47 AM »
The republicans.

Skins, Models and Maps / Converting MD3 to MD2
« on: October 06, 2013, 09:47:17 PM »
I was hunting around and I found some Generations Arena (for Q3) and Quake2 Generations mod stuff. The Quake2 Generations stuff has md2 models for some guns etc from Q1, Doom, and Wolfenstein. I was trying to rip the Doom shotgun and double barrel shotgun outta that to use, but the models are kinda low poly and I'm not too fond of them. But in the Generations Arena stuff, there's also a few weapon models like the Doom shotgun and double barrel shotgun. These look a lot better to me and I'd like to play around with them in Quake2. So I downloaded the latest QuArK 6.6 beta 6 and tried to convert the md3's to md2 but didn't have any luck. I pretty much have NO CLUE what I'm doing with QuArK. Apparently these md3's are broken down into sections and I can only save the models one section at a time. I have no idea how to save the whole thing in one piece along with the original JPG skin to where it'll work properly in Q2.

So is there anyone who could do me a real solid and walk me through how to do such a thing? Basically, I just wanna convert md3 models to md2. If I gotta use something besides QuArK, that's cool. Any and all help will be much appreciated. With any luck, maybe this'll even help me get started figuring out how to make brand new models.

Politics / Who killed JonBenet Ramsey?
« on: September 19, 2013, 11:06:01 AM »

The JonBenet Ramsey murder case is still unsolved after a little over 16 years. Dunno if Boulder County CO has any special unit dedicated to cold cases, but it's safe to assume that at least the state has a couple of cold case teams. Being that it's one of the 3 most famous unsolved murder cases in recent American history (probably along with the Black Dhalia case and Jimmy Hoffa), I'm sure someone has gone back through all the files with a fine tooth comb and probably re-re-re-checked for any DNA evidence that might a score a match somewhere.

It's pretty sad that even 16 or 17 years later, some people STILL think the parents had anything to do with it. If you've ever seen any of the pretty thorough documentaries on TV about the case, you'd know with almost 0 room for doubt that the kids parents had nothing to do with it. They never for once, during, before, or after the investigation, acted in any way that would lead anyone believe they might be guilty of her murder. Yet here we are, 16 years later, and a couple of hacks in the media wanna stir shit up to get the public evil-eye back on the poor girls parents who've already been through enough.

I dunno, just always found this case fascinating because of the lack of solid evidence pointing to anyone even though the quantity of evidence was high. Discussion? Comments? Opinions?

Quake / |iR|Focalor's Camo Brightskins Pak NOW AVAILABLE!
« on: September 18, 2013, 08:30:05 AM »

My first brightskins pak. I didn't spend that much time on these, and they didn't turn out quite as good as I'd hoped they would. Hopefully sometime down the road I can do another version with similar bright camo patterns and add more detail, but these will do for now.

Quake / |iR|Focalor's USMC Vietnam Tribute Pak NOW AVAILABLE!
« on: September 12, 2013, 06:45:50 PM »
Just finished posting my latest pak. Lots of new and somewhat improved stuff in this one. Several decent sized images on the preview page for it, so it might take a bit to load it all if you have a slower connection speed. Lots of new larger sized icons. Repainted a bunch of the hi-res models. Check it out if you wanna.

/dev/random / Pot Thoughts
« on: September 04, 2013, 05:53:07 AM »
You know how you're smoking weed and sometimes... or most of the time... you start thinking about shit a little harder than you really oughta? You know, examining the finer points of the universe, pondering things about life that you wouldn't look twice at if you weren't high, and having these epiphanies and revelations that completely blow your mind at the time, but are really just inane and pointless to anyone who isn't "inside the matrix". (note: "inside the matrix" = high as fuck)

Anyway, feel free to share some of the weird and dumb shit you think about when you're high.

I got up pretty early this morning several hours before the sun was even up and went down to the basement to smoke a few bongloads. I'm just sitting there admiring at my new John Deere riding mower as I'm ripping away at the pipe. I started wondering how people used to mow their lawns before lawn mowers were invented. I know before they had motors on them,... like in the 1940's and 50's probably...,  people used to use those heavy-as-hell gear driven mower tools that you had to push. That had to suck. But what about the people that lived back around the time of the Civil War and earlier. How did they cut grass? I mean you know SOMEONE had to cut it. You see the pictures of dead bodies from the war laying in fields, and the grass ain't tall. Did livestock chew it down? Did someone get out there with a scythe and work their ass off cutting it short? "Gotta get this grass short! People gonna have a war here next week! Can't have em tripping over holes and shit they can't see through tall grass!" :D Did people have lawns around their houses back then? Did they just let the shit grow tall and then cut it short maybe once every month in the summer months or did they do it weekly like people do now?

Fuckin' weird shit to think about right?

But then I got to thinking about what those people would do if you transported them through time and plopped them down in the present. Personally, I don't think we in the present would have much of an opportunity to ask them questions about the past. I dunno that they'd be mesmerized enough to ask us questions about the present either. They'd probably have a few questions at first. But then I think that would probably give way to utter disgust and hatred for us. These people didn't have lawn mowers. They probably had to cut grass with scissors and shit. They had to do EVERYTHING the hard way. And yet we complain and piss and moan like it's the end of the fucking world when something stupid happens like... a 20 minute flight delay. I think they'd wanna kick the shit out of us and then go back to 1800 and tell people, "STOP FUCKING! The people of the future that we produce are fucking pussies and idiots! We must prevent this horrible thing called American Idol from existing!" :D


/dev/random / The Dead Pool
« on: August 15, 2013, 11:30:25 PM »

Reeeeeeeeally!?! No way!!! Didn't see THAT coming! ::)

Idea. Who wants to play dead pool? Never heard of a dead pool before? It's a pretty fucked up game. It's where you make a list of names of famous or semi-famous people who you expect to die within a certain period of time. Usually people bet money on these things, but I guess we could just play for points. We'll run this one up until midnight on December 31st.

Here's the rules... and I'm making them up off the top of my head, and it ain't ALWAYS the way a dead pool works, but it should work good for this type of game.

  • You pick 10 total names of famous or semi-famous people. (No one who is currently in the hospital with some terminal disease or anything like that, cuz that's basically fuckin' cheating, you prick.)
  • Post them in a list of TEN names with numbers 1 through 10 by their names, 1 being the one you think has the best chance of the 10 to die before the ending date of the game. (See the next rule for WHY you should list them in this specific order.)
  • If your #1 pick dies, you get 50 points. If your #2 pick dies, you get 45 points. If your #3 pick dies, you get 40 points. If your #4 pick dies, you get 35 points. If your #5 pick dies, you get 30 points. If your #6 pick dies, you get 25 points. If your #7 pick dies, you get 20 points. If your #8 pick dies, you get 15 points. If your #9 pick dies, you get 10 points. If your #10 pick dies, you get 5 points.
  • Different players are allowed to have the same names on their list, but no two players are allowed to have more than 6 matching names on their lists.
  • Once you have posted your death list, you are NOT allowed to edit it or rearrange the ordering of it after 48 hours of the initial posting of the list. If your post reads that it has been edited after that deadline, you will be disqualified.
  • IF someone from your list ACTUALLY DIES, the pool of players will vote on whether or not to award an additional 5 bonus points for picking someone who was unlikely to die but did anyway. For example,... if you pick Justin Bieber and that little bastard actually dies in some horrible fiery car crash... well I think we can all agree, that's definitely worthy of a bonus, am I right?
  • The player with most accumulated points at 12:01am January 1st, 2014, wins the game. No money or prizes will be awarded for this, it's just for fun.

BE AWARE... These rules might be appended later if there's anything I forgot to cover.

Get to it! There's a slew of aging Hollywood celebs and washed-up sitcom has-been's with crack habits out there just waiting to turn into worm food. There's no excuse for not being able to pick at least 5 of them to croak. And don't feel guilty if they DO die. It's not like YOU killed them. And if you did, they probably had it coming anyway.

I'm gonna wait a bit to post my own list. Wanna think about this a little first. :smiley_aagd:

/dev/random / I AM THE GREATEST.
« on: August 13, 2013, 09:38:50 PM »

I, the greatest most wonderful person ever to post on these forums, now have TEN THOUSAND POSTS. Quintuple digits. Do YOU have 5 digits in your post count? No. You don't.

You may now congratulate me, fucking scum.

/dev/random / The Official 2013-2014 Football Season Thread
« on: August 04, 2013, 06:52:12 PM »
It's on like Donkey Kong, motherbitches.

Was watching the first half of the Hall of Fame exhibition game with the Dolphins and Cowboys. Looks like Miami has made some good acquisitions this year with free agents and drafts, but they're still getting their wet dreams shat all over like always. It's preseason (technically pre-preseason or something), so who gives a fuck though. Can't really accurately judge a team by preseason performance anymore. Some shine, and some play possum on purpose so they can roll out the big guns when it counts and catch their opponents off guard.

I guess Miami let Reggie Bush go. Apparently he's at Detroit now. The price of gas may rise and fall, but the one thing you can always count on is the Detroit Lions management to make stupid choices. :ohlord: "You suck? Kim Kardashian done fucked all the talent outta ya? SURE, WE'LL FUCKIN' HIRE YER ASS! YEAH, C'MON!"

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