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Politics / Re: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Thread
« on: July 03, 2020, 04:59:33 PM »
24% positive rate for Covid-19 tests in Arizona:

"In Arizona, Nearly 1 In 4 Coronavirus Tests Now Comes Back Positive"

Politics / Re: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Thread
« on: July 03, 2020, 10:48:30 AM »
So "trust us, one side bad. Other side good".

I understand why you would interpret it that way, but I don't see them saying that at all.

I guess it's entirely a coincidence that those who went along (Republican governors who side with Trump and want to stay on his good side) with Trump's perplexing messaging about the virus, ignoring the advice of the CDC, etc., about when it's safe to reopen and under what conditions, are experiencing a massive increase in cases (far worse than at any time since the pandemic began for some states).

Simply put: Republicans (particularly those who consistently do whatever they can to kiss Trump's ass), by and large, have handled the pandemic much differently than Democrat governors. Here's the data that proves that - you don't have to just "trust" them - look at the data.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 03, 2020, 10:38:06 AM »
metal, my focus is not on the WaPo, it's on the one video that you vetted (presumably) and chose to share, and the fact that the very first thing said in the video, which seems to be a pretty core part of that video's argument, was not true.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 03, 2020, 10:23:39 AM »
metal, the guy whose video you shared started out with his argument (it's literally the first thing he said in the video) - "the msm" isn't showing the full clip; they're showing an edited clip to mislead. That wasn't true, and that in itself is misleading. How many of his 300k subs, or however many actually end up watching that video (32,650 views atm), are going to find out that he cherry-picked a couple (or was it just one?) sites that showed what he's claiming. How do we know this isn't a case of where they show the one stupid Trump supporter at a rally that doesn't believe the Coronavirus exists and then implies all Trump supporters are like that?

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 03, 2020, 10:19:06 AM »
You know why. It's because I'm a stubborn ignorant Republican. It's obvious, you got me.

Why is it so difficult to say you don't know what they are (the safeguards to minimize VBM fraud)? And if you don't, don't you think knowing the safeguards a system has in place is important before you go insisting that the system will fail because of exploits that must exist, "I just know it".

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 03, 2020, 10:15:06 AM »
"Thousands of speeding tickets are proof that the system works, because those were the only speeders."

Not remotely the same. If I thought it would make a difference, I'm sure I could think of many key differences (people 'speed' all the time inadvertently by not being aware of the speed limit where they're at - road they've not been on, etc.).

Add that with constantly assuming I'm some feeble-minded republican establishment lover(to gain the upper hand in a virtually MEANINGLESS e-debate) and you have the haunted-punk rinse and repeat.

I've never said that, but I don't think you realize you're every bit as biased as you think I am.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 03, 2020, 10:01:36 AM »
It's just amazing what is accepted and what is not. People these days want a source for ANYTHING, even the most common sense shit. And they will never see their own hypocrisy.

The video you shared, of the guy with right at 300k subscribers, started right off with a lie ("Basically none of the MSM is sharing the full-context video of the quote parking lot confrontation that occurred recently"). Literally the first link I clicked on, a left-leaning site, WaPo, showed this wasn't true.

I don't know why some of you guys get so enamored by these dudes on youtube channels, and then complain about biases in the MSM.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 02, 2020, 10:21:45 PM »
But that's not the story they want to tell.

I agree... it certainly leaves a lot of context out which seems to intentionally paint the white people as entirely at fault.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 02, 2020, 09:20:01 PM »
Holy cow, look at this utter propagandistic trash. This is what I was presented (before the paywall box popped up).

Don't headlines generally mention the most significant detail of an event? If you were the editor, how would you have worded it in such a way that also interested readers?

Twitter headline: "several minutes" eh... Black teen and mom repeatedly demand apology first (not that they're necessarily owed one). It did appear they sorta had the white woman against that railing.

What I don't really understand is after the two white folks got into the car, why did the daughter go one way, and the mom the other? Kinda seems like the mom may have been trying to get behind the van but there was that other black woman with her back there too, so that doesn't seem consistent with that happening. Maybe they were going to their own car? But where was the daughter going? Weird to get invested into something like this.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 02, 2020, 08:42:26 PM »
Let's switch from the primary system to the backup system (with its increased points of failure) on short notice ahead of a mission-critical event, because, bruh I'm happy with how the backup system is operating under its present load.

It's so easy to dismiss the reality of how Covid will endanger people, particularly older people, in this situation. There is no curbside pickup option, or having your younger, healthier family/friends get things for you, or delivery, etc., for an older, or otherwise vulnerable person to vote - the only option is to be there in person and hope you don't get sick (or stay home and avoid the risk and don't vote at all). I hope masks are mandatory, but what are the odds they are?

The argument isn't that there are no unique risks to voting by mail, the argument is that there are sufficient safeguards in place to combat any conceivable way to game the system on a scale that would actually matter to an election's results.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 02, 2020, 08:19:44 PM »
Great example of how deception by omission via edited videos

I hadn't heard about the Chipotle incident before this video. I did a google search, and the first link I looked at was The Washington Post's story on it (from about an hour ago - 9:53PM EST). The only linked video they shared was the "full context" video. The article does say "updated" near the top though, and I don't know what that update changed.

"Overall, we rate The Washington Post Left-Center biased based on editorial positions that moderately favors the left and factually High due to the use of proper sources and a reasonable fact check record."

Social Media is not "the MSM".

This site says the is on the right edge of right-center bias:

"Overall we rate the New York Post on the far end of Right-Center Biased due to story selection that typically favors the Right and Mixed (borderline questionable) for factual reporting based on several failed fact checks."

Daily Mail:

"Overall, we rate Daily Mail Questionable due to numerous failed fact checks and poor sourcing of information."

This guy is trying to infuse The Washington Post's name into this situation by talking about an opinions editor from that site on an unrelated situation. He couldn't find an article by TWP showing the brief video that lacks context, so he makes sure he throws their name in there anyway.

This is propaganda too.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 02, 2020, 03:59:36 PM »
I'm going to be brief with my request (ok, apparently not) - How many instances of significant, successful, voter fraud has there been in our country in the past 20 years?

(below is me elaborating - I'd prefer you to answer the above. If you can't, consider why that is and think about why that should influence your view on this.)

If a county/district has consistently voted 65% Republican/35% Democrat, year after year after year after year, and it's suddenly the opposite, don't you think they're going to look into that? Even if a very small number of ballots are submitted fraudulently, and they bypass all of the safeguards in place somehow, it's extremely unlikely to actually change the outcome of even a single district without raising alarm bells. You can look at historical voting patterns and see which ones are fishy based on that (to some extent).

Second, your initial point is based on the system working and catching people every time which is a main talking point in every recent left-leaning article

And it's a completely and totally valid "talking point" that you continue to avoid directly addressing. Btw, what makes an article "left-leaning" just because it points out that arguments against VBM overlook the fact that voting fraud hasn't worked?

You are implying that we catch nearly all of the cases of fraud and the system works.

No... That's not my implication, that's what history shows us, and that's what all the articles attempting to scare people away from the benefits of VBM show as well (by only managing to give examples of failed attempts).

In several examples from different cases, the person literally bundled hundreds of ballots together in the same mailbox. If we can't catch something like that then we're completely hopeless.

But we DID catch those. What are you talking about?

You're convinced that there must be some undetectable way to commit voter fraud, and commit it on a scale that will actually make one lick of a difference in the election, yet you cannot provide any sort of evidence for this other than your gut.

PS - the couple paragraphs after you said this "Sure I'll get right on that. Can you please fuck off first?" just reinforces my impression - you failed to demonstrate that you have any understanding of what safeguards are currently in place, and what it would take to circumvent them. Why can't you just admit that you don't know?

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 02, 2020, 12:57:04 PM »
If inmates continually try to break out of a prison, but are never successful, always failing, does it make sense to, in response to those failed attempts, shut that prison down entirely to prevent further attempts? Or at least to no longer allow any more inmates into the prison, or to stop building prisons.

Isn't this your argument? People have been caught multiple times, always failing to commit voter fraud related to mail-in ballots or absentee ballots. Because of this, any benefits to either options should be overlooked and it should be scrapped entirely because people will try to cheat. What about fortifying the process?

I'm under the impression you're not well versed on all the ways they can catch people attempting to cheat this process. Can you list in detail many of the safeguards in place to prevent what you say is inevitable from happening? What about the safeguards that were in place that caught all the other anecdotal stories you shared where people were caught? Can you name those? It's kinda like claiming a prison is just an open field and not mentioning the four armed guard towers, three 30-foot tall razor wire fences, and then the moat filled with alligators surrounding all that, oh, and then the exploding neck collars if they somehow manage to get past that stuff.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: July 02, 2020, 08:00:42 AM »
If postal voting is implemented due to covid-19 impacts it's going to be one of the biggest scams of our lifetime.

Sure, and any attempts will fail like 100% of the stories you've shared.

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