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Trouble Shooting / Re: Who runs tastyspleen quake 2 dm servers? Please reboot.
Racist Ignoramus Racist Ignoramus
on October 24, 2013, 02:34:13 AM to caesar

Now that I have re-booted my system, have your problems improved  :?:

No try again and leave it down for a few days.    :P
Trouble Shooting / Re: Who runs tastyspleen quake 2 dm servers? Please reboot.
Factually Challenged Factually Challenged
on October 21, 2013, 05:03:37 PM to caesar
Tough crowd here.  Didn't realize a simple reboot request would cause the tea party to rebel.   Snarkiness, name calling geeez.  Relax guys.   Too much caffeine or what?
/dev/random / Re: The Official 2013-2014 Football Season Thread
Wins The Internet Wins The Internet
on October 06, 2013, 11:19:47 PM to haunted
So... bcs discussion

Lets take stanford out of the equation and assume they're going to lose to Oregon...I'm doing this partly because if they beat Oregon I think it's safe to say that clemson/FSU would be picked above them, given their respective potential scenarios.

After a bye-week FSU plays clemson, ncstate, then miami... then finish with florida a few games later. if FSU wins every one of these games, including a rematch with miami in the acc championship game, do they have a better opportunity to make a case for the bcs game than if clemson were to win all of their games, RELATIVE to Oregon? This thought interested me for several reasons.. from me wanting oregon to get a shot at bama to perhaps a team *possibly* being more deserving..

No I'm not counting lville, ohio state, or stanford out. Or well.. yeah I am sort of. Stanford slipped a little bit, but i'd mention georgia and 2 other SEC teams before I'd mention lville/osu. I wish a&m could have beaten bama, things may have turned out more interesting.
vanilla / Re: Dammmmmm im god
Racist Ignoramus Racist Ignoramus
on October 04, 2013, 08:16:32 AM to Cheeta
SPAWNY = OWNED :lolsign:

Spawngirl is ez as shit and he is
saying i am cheating?

Im using anticheat and u were never
using it at all.

Community Events / Re: (Ra2) Rocket Arena Royal Rumble !! Every Tue night 8:30pm-2am pst (Ra2)
Amazing Conspiracy Theory Bro Amazing Conspiracy Theory Bro
on September 28, 2013, 06:31:41 PM to 2d



I am the greatest


am the greatest


I am the !greatest!


I am King

lol is there some hidden new restriction on my profile now preventing me from saying it any more  :lolsign: whenever i type "I am the greates + t"
noob of all time ... OF ALL TIME  follows right after...
/dev/random / Remember the Nazi's who died on D-Day
Wins The Internet Wins The Internet
on September 16, 2013, 02:34:09 PM to krez
This is in remembrance of the other side, the side that was terroristicly attacked that historic day at the beach.  A beach they won themselves and were the rightful owners of.  Was this the biggest terrorist attack in history?  Maybe, imagine sitting along your own beach you have won, and this foreign force invades your waters and stars shooting at you!  Disgusting!  America should realize they terrorized those Nazi's and disrupted what would have been a nice day at the beach and who knows maybe one of the Nazi's could have found a conch shell in all it's undisturbed glory.

Quake / 2d/Lord got robbed
Factually Challenged Factually Challenged
on September 16, 2013, 02:31:48 PM to 2d
yesterday in king of the hill....

I GOT ROBBED :lolsign:

I was owning the first fight up 2-0 with BFG having sooint on the run, then jehar aborts the fight

The second match, i voted no powerups and i won 8-1 and we both had powerscreen going lol... my skill was epic and dominating

Then everyone tried to bs me in every way possible  :disgust2:

Jehar  tried to Disqualify me haha and then
Haunted logged in as admin as who knows what he did  :grrrr:
My map advantage surprise was diminished at this point and
Sooint wouldnt miss a ssg shot and had dodge bot going and knew where i was the whole time lol it was bs

The fix was in, the conspiracy was evident, but nevertheless i am still the king! and i will own next week

Quake / Re: Mute requested
Factually Challenged Factually Challenged
on September 14, 2013, 07:53:18 AM to dafremen
Everyone who knows me knows that that's not true. I talk trash, I just don't call people "FAGGIT" or "BOT".  THere wasn't a moment where anyone didn't want to engage in trash talking..so I gave it back. Your condump indicates that. What should I do? Shut up because I'm not in the majority? Sorry, my trash talking hits so close to home that you can't blow it off like homosexual inuendo. It's simple. You're competive and I'm not. I just don;t like to be bored. So I talk trash when you repeat old ass patterns. Simple Sorry if that isn't as easy to deal with as if I called you a faggit for boring me. Or a BOT for beating me.  THere are plenty of players who don't have these problems with me. If getting banned because you like talking trash, but can't take it is what's in store for me..then so be it. It'll say a lot about who gets to speak their mind..and who doesn't. It's a big world..oh well. THanks to the folks that get what I'm doing..and those who don't but decided to live and let live.


P.S. Sorry I type faster than you and have more to say. Not my doing..just the way it is..like Quad Super Shotgun. If you didn't engage my trash talking..you wouldn't have these problems. Many people don't.. Maybe I'll call you a "faggit" next time and we'll be just fine. Long as I don;t mention your quad use..

L4m3r Demos / Manip is funny.
Racist Ignoramus Racist Ignoramus
on September 13, 2013, 08:19:08 AM to Cheeta
Rofl, decided to post this in this area since it would be
moved anyway to this place.

manip challenged me to play in europe after i
talked shit about his ten ping so we played
first in a server with no anticheat and i used a
ratbot against him with max fov.

After that we played in a server with
anticheat and he beat me and
wouldnt do another map.


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