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Quake / Re: Are Frags important?
« on: May 13, 2005, 12:27:29 AM »
Well, being in "Fragz Ain't Skillz" myself now for 6 years I think, I guess I can chime in here.  I think frags are more important/rewarding on an individual basis.  Doing anything/everything to have the highest frag count at the end of a map to me is not rewarding.  I like to challenge myself at least a little bit.  I don't like quad/invuln, BFG, camping, grenade spamming, and other super easy ways of wracking up mass frags without much effort.  I manage to not trivialize the game by resorting to the above powerups/tactics, but I also still manage to have quite a lot of fun. 

I think because I do my best not to resort to the above "crutches" that I've developed into a pretty darned good player.  Because without the above, what else can you do to get an edge over your opponent?  You have to practice and develop skills, etc.  There's countless #'s of other variables in the game though, like hardware, connection, scripts/paks (which I use none of tyvm), etc., that will give you an edge too.

So anyway, to me, the most rewarding thing in game is having challenging opponents, playing well against them, and yeah, sometimes, perhaps often, you will as a result have done the most FPH in the allotted time for a map, and "win" that map.  It's also cool to watch your skills/game rise when more challenging opponents are playing, you surprise yourself even sometimes.

Oh, and just as I'm scanning the servers, I notice a "crutch" player, or someone that comes to mind that does anything/everything to win.  That's Warkilla.  I'm not saying he's not entitled to play however he likes, it just seems, and I think I've talked to him briefly about this before, that to him winning is > all, no matter how it's done.  Not to say he sucks, but his skills, IMO, are inflated due to his abundance of "crutch" tactics.

Quake / Re: Top five players
« on: March 12, 2005, 10:23:41 PM »
Xain/Elysium is #1 in my book.  He's the only one that still gets the better of me the majority of the time even when I'm playing well.  And most of the other good players outping (lower) him there too, myself included.  There's a lot of other players that would fall into the top 10-15 or so.

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