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Bot Drop / Re: Spamming private messages
« on: September 23, 2020, 09:46:28 AM »
a snippet of this guy keeps spamming pm's  while keep changing name perhaps thinking to avoid being detected..

It's the same VPN-using individual who's been spamming for months (just recently changed to private messages.)

Quake / Re: need pwd access to tasty match ra2 server
« on: August 28, 2020, 10:50:39 AM »
(replying via private message)

dm / Re: Repeat offender name spoofer
« on: August 12, 2020, 03:27:00 PM »
Player IP is from Brazil (* and has indeed spoofed several playernames.

Added some name-specific bans for that ISP.

dm / Re: mymap on dm server
« on: July 31, 2020, 01:35:04 PM »
how 'bout fixed1 and the broken series.

These are indeed maps I've wanted to add. The concern is that WallFly is not smart enough to skip them if there are more than, say, 8 players on the server. These maps seem way too small for the 16 player count that is often on DM.

(Maybe it's time to add that missing smarts to WallFly.)

dm / Re: mymap on dm server
« on: July 25, 2020, 10:03:09 AM »
the new maps that were added most are gone, please add them back.

There are quite a few available on mymap:

4u2map12a 4u2map15 aerowalk bcentral bloodrun bugdm5 campcity campgrounds corn2 dakyneq2 frdm3 grieve04 grom_dm3 grunt hardange japang knuckledm1 krypton marics28 match1 q2rdm13 q2rdm2 rene24 rene51 rvndm1 spirit2dm9 stellar tastydm2 torment ven_dm2 worn ztn2dm2 ztn2dm3 ztn2dm4 ztn2dm5

Which additional maps did you have in mind?

DOWNLOAD MAPS HERE !! / Re: New Map - grieve04 - *Solid Metal*
« on: June 19, 2020, 01:25:40 PM »
Nice. grieve04 has been added to 'mymap' on the following servers for playtesting: mutant, ffa, dm

7 / Re: Racism With Player on DM
« on: June 07, 2020, 11:20:49 AM »
The player "nuf" seems to hail from Brazil. (*, *

Here's the complete transcript from the server log:

Quote from: nuf_on_dm_server
[2020-06-07 Sun 03:03:51] nuf: lol
[2020-06-07 Sun 03:12:16] nuf: what u, gay or something
[2020-06-07 Sun 03:12:44] nuf: lol
[2020-06-07 Sun 03:26:57] nuf: u have luck dont
[2020-06-07 Sun 03:29:56] nuf: the water lucker
[2020-06-07 Sun 03:33:29] nuf: die
[2020-06-07 Sun 03:33:33] nuf: and stay dead
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:02:08] nuf: how this retard is in first?
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:05:41] nuf: not me
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:07:07] nuf: not me
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:13:10] nuf: no
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:16:16] nuf: lol
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:19:11] nuf: shut up a little retard
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:19:20] nuf: lol
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:19:37] nuf: idiot
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:19:40] nuf: i winning all
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:20:36] nuf: haha
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:20:38] nuf: idiot
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:21:19] nuf: u retard?
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:22:54] nuf: this champin is retard
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:23:28] nuf: lol
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:28:14] nuf: diot
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:38:03] nuf: thyat shit country
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:38:15] nuf: usa-the SHIT country
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:38:37] nuf: i will george floyd
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:39:06] nuf: that SHIT country is uselees
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:39:14] nuf: so retards that put factory in china
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:39:19] nuf: RETARDS
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:39:21] nuf: idiots
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:39:34] nuf: this SHIT lamme country
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:39:58] nuf: leave from where idiot?
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:40:18] nuf: couse is good kill americans RETARDS nbs
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:40:22] nuf: they all nb
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:41:10] nuf: atleast i am playng, have retards that just spec
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:41:12] nuf: like U
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:41:20] nuf: lol
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:41:24] nuf: strategy for dm
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:41:26] nuf: retard
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:41:54] nuf: no, i am just dont like AMRICANS retards
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:42:32] nuf: go lick some ASAIN dick, u retard
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:43:19] nuf: lol, gshut upo nb
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:46:16] nuf: the GERGOE FLOYD country!!
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:47:55] nuf: go cry in your bed while u spcing me, RATRD american!!
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:48:28] nuf: fuck u
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:48:49] nuf: cry more
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:49:36] nuf: mt strategy is CHOKE u
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:49:56] nuf: shit country
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:50:47] nuf: try IT fAT
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:51:02] nuf: yes
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:51:12] nuf: faggot, shit, cry babies country
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:51:17] nuf: have sorrow fdor u
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:51:21] nuf: live in THAT shit
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:51:41] nuf: know go to street shine my shoes cryng with george floyd
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:51:43] nuf: u RATRD
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:52:01] nuf: while u to afraid join game and have spec, RATRD
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:52:04] nuf: FAT
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:52:16] nuf: so what
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:52:25] nuf: monkey
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:52:39] nuf: u ape
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:52:55] nuf: go cry on the street
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:53:42] nuf: Hey Hitler
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:54:13] nuf: your stup country was ellig steal in ww
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:54:33] nuf: so what retard?
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:54:41] nuf: lol
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:55:06] nuf: can cry
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:55:51] nuf: i am so afraid
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:55:58] nuf: lol
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:56:10] nuf: like george floyd
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:57:30] nuf:  i am frre retardm dont have to be AFRAID like U
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:57:43] nuf: know go to street
[2020-06-07 Sun 04:57:47] nuf: cry
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:05:47] nuf: look, a NB playng
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:08:15] nuf: me too, with george floyd here
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:08:55] nuf: he have a lot of AMERICAN buddies
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:09:09] nuf: a criminal
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:09:36] nuf: and u are tards?
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:09:59] nuf: elvis and kim morriosn lol
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:10:24] nuf: some hippie retard country, go vru in bed to a crimnal
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:11:40] nuf: jim morrsion was a addcit in heroin and elvis even in meal
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:11:54] nuf: theres no better exemple?
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:12:00] nuf: in this HSIT hole?
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:12:16] nuf: or is george floyd level?
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:13:12] nuf: but have RATRDS cryng dfor him, a LOT of them when steal things lol
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:13:18] nuf: shame on this country
[2020-06-07 Sun 05:13:56] nuf: u is honest, corry to u like with those shits

kills:  287
deaths: 108
kdr:    2.66

OK, so someone from Brazil with a political & cultural beef with USA.

It took him 2 hours to say all of the above, so we don't have a case of someone flooding the server with spam chat.

We don't typically ban someone just for being an asshole with bad opinions.

One thing I think might help would be to give individual players better control over what chat they want to see. If you could say "/mute nuf" in console and have his chat go away on your end, then you'd have an option. (Some clients implement a "/ignore" feature, which sort of works, but server-side would be more effective.)

Anyway...  :exqueezeme:

Bot Drop / Re: Someone spoofing and being a general twat
« on: April 28, 2020, 12:33:39 PM »
playing like they were a drunk 8 year old with head trauma.

Appears to have been his IP. :)

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: April 20, 2020, 09:19:31 AM »
The height and width is probably screwed on that.... Can I change it in the [img] code?

Yeah. It'll scale proportionally so one can just set the width, e.g. [img width="640"]

Trouble Shooting / Re: Lock Ups
« on: March 29, 2020, 12:01:03 PM »
I'm unfamiliar with - I take it you're playing on a Q2 server in Russia?

In any case, your traceroute shows 0% packetloss to the destination, which is what matters. (The "no response from host" in the middle of the route is a red herring.)

What does your netgraph look like in game?

Trouble Shooting / Re: Inconsistent Lag
« on: March 20, 2020, 06:56:07 PM »

Code: [Select]
Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2    80 ms    22 ms    83 ms  <ME>
  3   113 ms    31 ms    19 ms
  4   181 ms    25 ms    40 ms
  5   232 ms    36 ms    33 ms
 17    84 ms    60 ms    47 ms []

Frankly not what I was anticipating.

If one can't get a good/reliable ping within one's own cable plant, then nothing after it can (necessarily) be expected to make sense.

In other words, if your local cable router "<ME>" is showing extreme variance, then everything following it is potentially suspect, especially if the final hop (17) shows similar variance.

I was hoping to see an anomaly in the latter hop (or two) of your route. But if the anomaly begins at hop (2) then… it may be something closer to home.

I guess we could try traceroutes to other Q2 servers where you have good/stable ping, to compare?


dm / Re: User Abuse Towards Others
« on: March 02, 2020, 01:33:18 PM »
I remember razor had a few jump bots and movement bots he was working on, and isnt it funny while this is going on, his old butt buddies show up like flies hanging around a pile of shit to watch all the drama unfold.

At the very same time and day all this started happening the stooges turn up out of nowhere  what a massive coinkydink  :busted:

All else aside, Razor would need a complete personality transplant to talk like this new mystery person.

the only guy i remember having a bot like that was true.douchbag  :lol:
he created a script for each spawn location from dm1 so the bot would always be running on its own without falling somewhere in the water, etc.
he used to connect that bot to a server and it would spend all day doing the same route on dm1 collecting armor shards and health sticks! lol

Might be the closest fit so far in terms of style and VPN use.

I kinda hope it's not him, as it seemed like maybe he'd moved on from these sorts of shenanigans. But who knows.

dm / Re: User Abuse Towards Others
« on: March 01, 2020, 11:52:42 AM »
Quote from: b0b&#123;KEA} on March 01, 2020, 06:07:56 AM
Quote from: b0b{KEA} on March 01, 2020, 06:07:56 AM
This abuse has hit new levels.  I wish something could be done.  Most of today, there have been at least 3 of these chat bots on.

There were indeed 3 when I checked the server after seeing these posts here.

What I'm currently doing is banning IPs as I become aware of them. (But obviously that leaves gaps of many hours when I'm asleep or otherwise away from the computer.)

Since I don't have an automated solution yet, I'm looking into setting up "lrcon", but I'm not really happy with the options so far (the command syntax is somewhat abstruse, which may limit who can use them effectively.)

Quote from: b0b&#123;KEA} on March 01, 2020, 06:07:56 AM
Quote from: b0b{KEA} on March 01, 2020, 06:07:56 AM
And the one guy (Panj^.....) chooses the campgrounds map every 5 minutes.

The server is configured to not play the same map more than once every 30 minutes, but nonetheless the point is taken.

For now, I've changed it so that "mymap" is removed, and a single random custom map will be played in between each dm1-dm8 rotation.

dm / Re: User Abuse Towards Others
« on: February 23, 2020, 10:42:59 AM »
I myself use a VPN on the internet, it would be a hassle to have to disconnect it only to reconnect it.

You deliberately use a VPN to play Quake? Doesn't that tend to drastically increase your ping?

dm / Re: User Abuse Towards Others
« on: February 22, 2020, 01:26:07 PM »
Why not a whole mute or ban? Seems to me like he's done enough and wasted enough of your time to warrant a bucket of STFU and GTFO being dumped over his head.

Reasons relating to VPN use. (If banning were straightforward I'd indeed agree we've crossed that threshold.)

I'm contemplating some approaches to auto-detecting VPN connections, but even if they prove effective they'll need to be coded.

It may be that 'deputizing' some folks with lrcon (as you and Panjoo were mentioning in the shoutbox the other day) might be the best defense in the near term.

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