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Jokes / Re: Bogus IR Dirvish/MOUTH FACE
Rock On Rock On
on December 06, 2014, 07:09:50 AM to quadz

match any of those models up with the files that were flagged for ac and avoid another 4 pages of bullshit

Good call. I scripted a search against every tris.md2 in baseq2/players, and they were indeed located:

modified players/male/tris.md2 [8416ef217117f28f97d6d0fc98f3dbc6d075f665]
modified players/female/tris.md2 [887a3513eda4c6420bd1e6dea736dac11ba6fcdd]
modified players/cyborg/tris.md2 [43d19bd953fc687c1dee2b1000c9111dc260c639]

8416ef217117f28f97d6d0fc98f3dbc6d075f665  baseq2/players/sjupiter/tris.md2
887a3513eda4c6420bd1e6dea736dac11ba6fcdd  baseq2/players/sailormoon/tris.md2
43d19bd953fc687c1dee2b1000c9111dc260c639  baseq2/players/babyboom/tris.md2


(1) I've removed the WallFly-global forced AC that was added to beaver{KEA} earlier today. (Though: as noted earlier, this particular action of forcing AC had been taken by me more in response to what seemed at the time to be a pattern of evasiveness, than on the question of the modified files themselves.)

(2) It would be nice to automate these cross-checks somehow, going forward. Either we'll need to generate a gargantuan AC hash file that allows every model on the server to be swapped in place of male/female/cyborg without triggering an AC unknown-file violation; or maybe some sort of admin tool that will search all of baseq2/players for a matching hash value. But it would help to be able to resolve a lot of modified file reports more quickly and more painlessly...

/dev/random / Re: recycled
Racist Ignoramus Racist Ignoramus
on December 04, 2014, 11:23:48 AM to Th0m@s29
But To Be Serious I Do Not Know Him At All.
rogue / Re: Tweaks
Racist Ignoramus Racist Ignoramus
on December 02, 2014, 11:52:04 AM to Th0m@s29
The odds of opening a thread titled "Tweaks", and seeing Thomaseseses name there?

Actually pretty good today.

Dude you got more Mommy and daddy Issues than a magazine or at least people interaction issues yeah Big WEIRD And NEGATIVE NELLY! Lol!.... Have A Fuckin Sense Of Humour you Old Dying Corpse Brain-Basket Of A Flaming-Flamer Trolling-Troll Individual.... HEH.... HAHah! That Rhymes Just Right there and Now!
1v1 and TDM Demos / Re: Re: Razor vs Lejionator - [Razor Discussion]
Funny Funny
on November 25, 2014, 07:21:01 PM to ruiner
Fader, stop instigating things and stop talking to Razor.  It's only going to cause you serious damage in the future.

Let me remind you this was back in 2012, and as recently as 2014 Fader is still hanging out with and associating himself with Razor. One might ask, what has he learned?
Anyway, gossip is where you shine my dear, I only provided you with logs.

So here we are again,
Dragging me into it, even though you know I rather not waste my time in these stupid flame wars, but instead deal with problems swiftly so we can all focus on more constructive things. I only sent you this info because I figured that rather than going on pure speculation about what has been brewing behind the scenes, you might want to go on some actual Intel, instead of throwing shit like a blind monkey until everyone is covered in shit. I also expected you to grow up by now and be sensible, but that's a tall order. You're not too bright, Razor is probably smarter, since you're providing him with entertainment. Just like Lejionator might be a mindless mouthpiece for Razor, you no doubt are another mindless drone tasked with keeping retarded discussions here going as long as possible. So now is your time to shine. And here you are speaking for quadz saying he doesn't give a shit also? I had some information passed onto me by valid sources, relating to cheats, and being an admin I figured I inform others of the malicious activity. But instead here you are once again using every excuse to rope me into your stupid game, instead of focusing on the trouble makers that are still working over time to ruin the game.
/dev/random / Re: The Official Ebola Virus Thread
Racist Ignoramus Racist Ignoramus
on October 15, 2014, 08:57:44 PM to 2d
No no you guys underestimate this virus, it can easily be spread, by any bodily fluid including sweat. If someone sneezes near you or sweats on you or kisses you then god help you... This is more dangerous than ISIS, Al Queda, Russia, and North Korea combined.
/dev/random / The Official Ebola Virus Thread
Racist Ignoramus Racist Ignoramus
on October 15, 2014, 05:04:04 PM to 2d
So I figured I would take the initiative and create the thread that deals with the current Mega virus Ebola. From everything I have read and seen on television, this is really not a joke and the virus is continuing to spread as I write.

As of 10/15/14, an asian nurse was diagnosed and is currently recovering, though a second nurse has just contracted the virus:


In addition, this second nurse flew on a commercial airliner and quite possibly exposed several others:


From CNN:

Global epidemic
While the Texas hospital deals with its third Ebola patient, the situation in West Africa is getting increasingly dire.
A total of 4,493 people are confirmed to have died from Ebola this year, from Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain and the United States, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.
There could be 10,000 new Ebola cases per week in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea by the end of this year as the outbreak spreads, the WHO warned Tuesday.

Whats truly frightening about this disease is that there is no cure, and if you catch it, you will die 50-70% of the time... As the new season of the walking dead springs back to cable television, i cannot help but look at this virus in the same light as the zombie apocalypse.

I am stunned the obama administration has continued to allow individuals from african nations to come to the united states while this disease is in full outbreak. We need urgent action now!!!!!  :smiley_aayj:
dm / DM server could be great, but...
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on October 05, 2014, 08:15:17 PM to nick9
Would any of you regularly DM players object to removing q2dm4 and q2dm6 from the rotation? I like FFA and would play more often except for the inclusion of these unacceptable maps in the rotation.

I could live with dm6, but dm4 is so so stupid
weapons / Re: TrenchBroom - Make Q2 Maps the Fast and Easy Way!
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on August 23, 2014, 10:33:19 PM to ruiner
I'm sure Kits will manage, and will eventually refine the process to keep things on the grid. I'm actually curious to see the final result myself. After all, I did mention this was his first crack at it. So you can't expect perfection right away, and more to the point: judge the editor or general method based on a screenshot. For example in my screenshot, each part of geometry was created using only clipping, but most wouldn't know that unless I told them. I also had no problem getting things to compile, or getting brushes aligned on the grid. For most part it's just a matter of visual esthetics. Also some examples shown here might not be the best ones, but only serve as testimonials for how easy it is to get started.  You're welcome to come by Whale to see the latest results, or download them here when they go live:


Anyway, minor clipping glitches aside, this will not deter us, believe me. So far we've hacked bsp in raw memory, experimented with all sorts of unorthodox bsp injection methods, and dealt with much harder problems than this. I know you're mostly talking about CSG subtraction but I sense something else. It is just my opinion that anyone using Quark for anything more than surface tagging or texture alignment, is seriously wasting their time. With enough experience you can reduce the pain threshold only by so much, but why would you want to put up with it at all, if you knew there was a better way? I think the general approach to certain mapping aspects is rather stale and outdated, and could use a face lift, given it's already 2014. Some users would prefer a simpler and more intuitive entry point to get started. This includes workflows in editors like Hammer (or even 3d packages like 3ds max for modelling). So even though the bsp compilation fundamentals haven't changed for the quake family of games, most actual mapping steps can now be done much quicker or be done away with altogether in Trenchbroom. For example, how many editors that you know of, let you accurately select obscured faces without having to rotate the view? Also I think you're forgetting that I was the one who made these statement earlier:

Boolean subtraction tends to create ugly geometry triangulation so it's easy to get non-convex shapes and  brushes that will not compile as bsp. This is fine for some game engines like CryEngine which can even load ugly geometry from sketchup. For simple box operations like a door this might work, but in other cases it'll surely lead to trouble. In editors like 3ds max or sketchup, boolean operations always result in ugly triangles everywhere, and sometimes even unattached faces.

From the above assertions its safe to say, and one can deduce that I'm also against cutting corners if it indeed results in a mess later. Instead I'm for the most optimal and safe workflow possible that any common person can adopt. And if it can be done in new, faster, and innovative ways that transfer power to the user via intuitive controls, it's a win-win for everyone. But if not, it's best to know why, backed up by latest facts and not just generalizations, or general negativity. Better yet, it's good to have used the editor first. Splitting brushes using clipping doesn't produce the same results as Boolean subtraction using a helper brush. If you're clipping the right way, it's not something to be feared but embraced. You should be able to do it over and over again without repercussions, otherwise what's the point? It's a feature that's there to be used. The boolean subtraction method you're talking about didn't make the cut, and isn't even part of Trenchbroom. This editor tries to limit the invalid choices, but since it's still under development, naturally it doesn't cover all cases. Since we established that we're not using any complex objects to punch holes in geometry but instead just split it into pieces, this makes it pretty safe, unless you're trying to purposefully create micro-brushes. But I don't see that happening naturally if you use the grid liked I do. I've already explained how to create angled brushes that are perfectly aligned on the grid if anyone's interested. Sure its good to be careful, and plan ahead since you'll typically get better looking maps overall, but it's also good not to worry too much when you're starting out. Users should be free to pick whatever workflow they feel comfortable with. They shouldn't need to refer to elaborate blueprints before starting out, but instead have their map grow organically as the ideas come to them. We don't all think alike, yet we certainly have way too many square maps, partially because of limited editor choices. We need more organic looking geometry to mix it up. Mapping should be a fun art form, but editors (like Quark, Hammer, Radiant) make it a general turn off.

Sure I'm enthusiastic, because I see real potential in a map editor for the first time in 17 years quake 2 has been around. I want map making to be easy and fun for most, not just for a select few.  Anyway, by the sound of it, it seems you haven't even tried Trenchbroom, so I don't understand why you're so eager to write it off.  Even with all its flaws, this editor isn't like the rest of them, and shouldn't be put in the same dust bin. It's never too late to try something fresh because the results might surprise you!

1v1 and TDM Demos / Re: A few 1v1s...
Nice Job / Good Work Nice Job / Good Work
on August 20, 2014, 10:45:26 AM to haunted
Religion, and the Changing Moral Zeitgeist / Re: Ye Religion Thread
Racist Ignoramus Racist Ignoramus
on July 21, 2014, 06:01:52 PM to 2d
If you had a mechanical penis. it may still function the way you may want it to, but the feeling you would get from orgasm would be forever lost.

The heart has vast capability that science has still not unlocked. Not everything has been proven or revealed. much is still unknown in the world of science, but you were born without the need for machines or texts to tell you the truth about existence. you have everything you need well within you  :heart:
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