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art, music, etc. / Gene Simmons- "Rock is finally dead"
« on: September 06, 2014, 09:01:42 PM »

Quote from: Gene Simmons
GS: Elvis, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, the Stones, Jimi Hendrix, the numerous classic Motown artists, Madonna, U2, Prince, Pink Floyd... The list goes on. Individuals, all unanimously considered classic, timeless, revolutionary. Now from '84 until today, name some. Just give me a few — artists that, even after their passing, are or will be inescapable. Artists on the same level as the ones I just mentioned. Even if you don't like them, they will be impossible to avoid, or deny, even after they've stopped making music and maybe passed on. In fact, they become bigger when they stop. Name artists that even compare with the ones I just named.

NS: Nirvana?

GS: Nirvana. That's about it. [...]

Ignoring the fact that Madonna, Prince, and Michael Jackson aren't even rock, I'd like to know what people think about this. ;)

Discussion / dfg
« on: June 17, 2014, 11:13:39 AM »
some alias keeps coming on jump and fucking things up, spoofing peoples names and getting laggy replays on short maps

<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: its ok wait tell u see the lag on dfg
<uvula> (jump) (MCS)Faderjok: yeah i know rofl
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: was hella lame
<uvula> (jump) (MCS)Faderjok: ikr
<uvula> (jump) ex: who is that btw
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: then he wouldnt leave me alone
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: so i vopted ps3
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: and he wpuldnt jump
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: then he spoofed my name and gave me laggy replay
<uvula> (jump) (MCS)Faderjok: did you condump it
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: naa
<uvula> (jump) (MCS)Faderjok: why
<uvula> (jump) (MCS)Faderjok: ?
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: we just klept kickin him and silencing him
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: he was nuisance
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: i forget bout condumping
<uvula> (jump) (MCS)Faderjok: enough to warrant some action at least
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: he only came for pimp maps
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: claimin he had bad english with 70 ping
<uvula> (jump) cr33pz: unless he was using  proxy

he spoofed creepz' time on pimp10, and got an intentionally laggy replay on pimp2/10, and then tried to vote up different maps when he 1sted them. i made a condump while it was happening, but there was too much text involved and it didnt get any of it.

GET AN ADMIN ON IT. This stuff shouldn't be happening, especially considering there's only one active admin. :oops:

/dev/random / hipster
« on: May 05, 2014, 05:14:17 PM »

I was thinking of creating a topic/rant so I decided to post this here.

Me and a bunch of other people I know always joke about what does or does not constitute a "hipster". I'm always pretty adamant on my position on it, which is always 'I don't know what that means'. Really, I don't know what that word means anymore. When I think of the word, I think of a bunch of upper middle-class white people in their mid 20's wearing wide brimmed classes, a beanie, a scarf, jeans, and various other forms of plaid clothing. I think of your typical hipster as someone who drinks PBR in their local Starbucks with a bunch of other people who dress the same and constantly discuss what the best Pavement album is.

But the thing is, the most typical definition of a "hipster" is, again, white middle-class people in their mid 20's, but with a deep appreciation for alternative culture, independent music, counter-culture, and a general deep-seated hatred for mainstream media.

I don't get that. In my experiences, the word hipster is generally used to de-legitimize someone's musical taste or fashion sense, but it's mostly the case with music. Usually, when people come across others with a taste or appreciation for other forms of independent, alternative, or experimental music, their initial reaction is usually, "Only a hipster would like this kind of stuff" (Not generalizing, since I know not everyone is ignorant to that kind of music). Personally, I think this is usually because when someone listens to something that is so outside of what they listen to, their initial reaction just shows they either don't understand it, don't find the appeal, or just decide to shit over someone elses' taste for not listening to music that's more popular, which I think is bullshit, because there should be no excuse for this kind of close-mindedness. Nobody should be expected to have the same two or three most popular artists or projects from a particular genre or movement as their all time favorite artists. Really, nobody should be expected to like or dislike anything at all. What you listen to makes you different, and I personally think you should listen to whatever you want, but also explore things you either don't know about or don't think you would enjoy, because there's only music you've listened to and music you haven't listened to. 

Another point is people who enjoy music "ironically", or people who listen to something, but are also self-aware that what they're listening to isn't really well-liked, or popular, or is really out-dated, or cheesy.
In my opinion, people use the phrase "I only listen to X ironically" because they can't explain why they like something that other people either don't like or just find bad. I don't know about everyone else, but I only willingly listen to things I like, so if I listen to eurodance or disco, it's because I enjoy it unironically for reasons I can very easily explain, so I can't wrap my head around that. Why would you willingly listen to something you know or think is bad?

Another factor is the distancing away from mainstream media, or music, which I personally think is bullshit. There's some mainstream music / media I both hate and love, so I guess I'm one of those freaks who doesn't perfectly fit into a uselessly stereotypical generalization of a wide audience of art. (But I'm getting off topic).

The biggest thing that bothers me, however, is the sense of fashion. The biggest thing that's highlighted in the definition of a modern hipster, is the adherence to conformity and appreciation of counter-culture. But my question is, is the kind of fashion that is usually mocked by everyone online and offline really counter-culture at this point? Is there a single person who has an internet connection and is not privy to the stereotypical fashion sense that most people in their demographic actually wear at this point? It's not counter-culture if everybody is a part of it. I don't know about you, but every time I see someone wearing the same dopey look that I posted at the top of this post, I ask myself things.

"Is this really what people are wearing now? Is this how people are expressing themselves today? Do people seriously wear this faux counter-culture style of fashion that almost everyone makes fun of thinking that this really accurately reflects their personality?"

Another HUGE problem I have with most people is the very obvious hypocrisy. Is it really OK to look at mainstream media and think "Oh, I'm above that. I'm not going to go down that road", yet constantly use uselessly trendy internet memes from tumblr for their own ironic enjoyment as a shallow form of cheap humor? That, I think is utter bullshit.

So generally, when using the word hipster, don't be a dick. And don't ironically self-identify as the shallow definition of what idiotic and bitter people define as a hipster as a way to shit all over peoples' personal taste. You know how to be different? Actually be yourself. If there's a musical trend going on, don't be afraid to explore it to see if you like it, or don't like it. Don't be afraid to wear something some people might find really flashy or really trendy. Not conforming to anything means not conforming to anything, which is an intimidating way of saying "Be your-fucking-self". If people call you a hipster in the process, who cares? You're not a hipster, you're not a hippie, you're not a yuppie, you're just you, and words are just words.

I'm sorry I just felt like ranting and really wanted to type something long. If you got any thoughts, then go ahead and shoot.

/dev/random / happy new year
« on: January 01, 2014, 09:24:28 PM »
happy 2014. 1994 was 20 years ago.

do anything special?

art, music, etc. / hi, im doing a survey
« on: July 14, 2013, 08:27:44 PM »
Five top favorite artists/groups/bands.
Three top favorite genres.
Three least favorite genres.
Two things you look for when listening to music.
One thing you can't stand in music.
One comment about modern music as a whole (doesn't have to be about music that's popular).


art, music, etc. / BORDS OF CANDA
« on: April 29, 2013, 03:17:43 PM »

The album is set to be released on 10 June 2013 in Europe and 11 June in the United States, via Warp Records worldwide.

JUNE 10 2013


art, music, etc. / New Daft Punk studio album
« on: March 06, 2013, 09:02:47 AM »
Confirmed for a Spring/May 2013 release date.

1:30 teaser from the album:

First studio album since 2005, and the first one that hasn't sucked since 2001.

/dev/random / 4000
« on: February 11, 2013, 11:41:32 AM »
lots o' posts. :o

/dev/random / 65 HOURS REMAIN
« on: December 19, 2012, 04:09:42 AM »
End of the world party! :D

/dev/random / Sandy
« on: October 27, 2012, 10:38:14 AM »
Anybody else effected by this hurricane? Don't think I've ever been in the way of 75 mph winds..  :o

General Ownage / SIGNAL WARS
« on: September 10, 2012, 03:54:52 PM »
<MCS_FaderJok0> i wonder whats with the whole signal level thing on the forums
<MCS_FaderJok0> :x
<MCS_FaderJok0> i'm gonna make 15 accounts and make them +signal me every hour
<|iR|Dervish> where is this signal stuff
<quadz> i was going to call it Entropy Level, but it counts the wrong way... anyway, just an experiment with the new forum 'karma' system
<MCS_FaderJok0> didn't like applaud and smite?
<MCS_FaderJok0> lol
<MCS_FaderJok0> like acme
<quadz> yeah, those are the defaults
<MCS_FaderJok0> "signal"'s not a verb
<MCS_FaderJok0> ;D
<quadz> i was looking for something more targeted at the usefulness of the information contenct
<|iR|Dervish> lol
<quadz> signal is most definitely a verb; but it wasn't meant as such
<quadz> content*
<|iR|Dervish> I feel a flashback of the monsterkill rep system coming on
<quadz> ah well, if it sux, easy enough to disable
<Elysium> i think some kind of reputation system would be nice cause we have the most trolls out of any forum i've ever visited :p
<MCS_FaderJok0> i always liked not having a system like that
<MCS_FaderJok0> coz then your posts are more about what you want, and not what gets you the most "signals"
<|iR|Dervish> until the core group has 1000+ rep and everyone else is in the negs who they dont like
<|iR|Dervish> :P
<|iR|Dervish> always fun
<MCS_FaderJok0> lol
<Elysium> i don't think a negative value would work out cause that'd just get abused the second it got enabled
<|iR|Dervish> I tested.
<|iR|Dervish> fader has a -1
<|iR|Dervish> BWAHA
<|iR|Dervish> take that fadercockk
<Elysium> oh boy :p
<MCS_FaderJok0> fu
<quadz> and so, it begins
<|iR|Dervish> hehe
<MCS_FaderJok0> you had one, i noised you
<MCS_FaderJok0> FU
<MCS_FaderJok0> NOW YOURE AT 0
<MCS_FaderJok0> NOOB
<|iR|Dervish> begun the signal wars have


Quake / New Vortex servers
« on: August 06, 2012, 09:55:50 PM »
A couple new vortex servers are up that I've been playing a lot on.

Vortex - [Helios] : (American server, server goes down occasionally.)
Vortex - [Selene] : (Chilean server, IP changes alot, though.)

Jump & Trick Demos / strike - water to railgun
« on: August 05, 2012, 08:36:28 PM »
No ladder needed. :P

Quake / Cool scripts for AprQ2
« on: June 30, 2012, 07:25:07 PM »
alias humiliate "play humil.wav;centerprint Blaster Humilation."
trigger humiliate "*blasted by $name$*"


/dev/random / MEET THE PYRO
« on: June 27, 2012, 01:54:02 PM »
Google it.


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