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0x1337c0de / Re: Share autoexec.cfg code Thread
« on: February 14, 2021, 09:31:46 PM »
Here's a FANTASTIC one that I composed myself:

//Grapple Hook Bind
alias gh1 "bind BUTTON1 gh2;bind BUTTON2 +grapple;echo chaos grapple"
alias +grapple "grapple;wait;grapple shrink"
alias -grapple "grapple grow"
alias gh2 "bind BUTTON1 gh3;bind BUTTON2 +ctfgh;echo ctf grapple"
alias +ctfgh "use Grapple;+attack"
alias -ctfgh "-attack;weaplast"
alias gh3 "bind BUTTON1 gh4;bind BUTTON2 +hookwod;echo wod grapple"
alias +hookwod "hook action;wait;hook shrink"
alias -hookwod "hook stop"
alias gh4 "bind BUTTON1 gh5;bind BUTTON2 +hook;echo misc q2 mods gh"
alias gh5 "bind BUTTON1 gh6;bind BUTTON2 +hook2;echo laser hook old"
alias gh6 "bind BUTTON1 gh7;bind BUTTON2 +hook3;echo alt ctf grapple"
alias gh7 "bind BUTTON1 gh8;bind BUTTON2 +hook4;echo alt wod grapple"
alias gh8 "bind BUTTON1 gh9;bind BUTTON2 +hook5;echo laser hook new"
alias gh9 "bind BUTTON1 gh1;bind BUTTON2 alias ngh;echo no grapple hook"
alias ngh ""
bind BUTTON1 "gh1"
bind BUTTON2 "ngh"
bind BUTTON3 "hook action;hook action"
bind BUTTON4 "hook4 action;hook4 action"

BUTTON1 = change grapple hook using
BUTTON2 = use equipped grapple hook
BUTTON3 = wod grapple - shoot multiple grapple hooks (NOT NEEDED)
BUTTON4 = alt wod grapple - shoot multiple grapple hooks (NOT NEEDED)

Select your own bind keys to replace BUTTON1 & BUTTON2 & BUTTON3 & BUTTON4.

Do not alter the 'alias ngh' line, it is correct, there is nothing wrong with it.

Trouble Shooting / Re: TDM Enabled Auto Demo Record & Auto Screenshot
« on: February 14, 2021, 02:24:51 PM »
This request is specifically for two TDM servers and not for any other servers. This is a very common feature that is enabled in EU and in other packetflinger servers as well. I believe with r1q2 you can manually disable this feature one enabled at the server level.

That sounds very reasonable.

I never play TDM so this is technically non of my business...

*walks out quietly without making a fuss*

I think I did but it always blue. How about your entire software pak now? :)

Nothing's wrong on my end.

Okay, i'm done with this, thank you.


I'm using standard normal original Quake 2 pcx files that came from a standard normal original Quake 2 game disc, how is it even possible for this to be happening? MANY Quake 2 players will STILL be using original pcx-based Quake 2 game files! was there a grand mass conversion to jpg in the past four years or something?

I have attached three r_explode paks to this post, look below:

1. a (pcx) pak with my pcx files.

2. a (jpg) pak with my pcx files converted to jpg using irfanview.

3. a (both) pak containing the contents of both the pcx pak and the jpg pak.

Any of these paks work as they should?


Did anyone get around to trying these paks?

Trouble Shooting / Re: TDM Enabled Auto Demo Record & Auto Screenshot
« on: February 10, 2021, 05:35:12 AM »

I wanted to reach out to ask if it is possible to enable auto demo record and auto screenshot enabled for all the tastyspleen TDM servers? (tourney , tourney2 )  Scripts / Triggers unfortunately won't work the best.

I'm not familiar with server-side solutions for demo recording.

Would this force all players to record demos (whether they want to or not?)

Ok here is the command shared by Muerte. Would appreciate if that can be enabled in the servers

set g_force_screenshot        "1"
// Force all players to take a screenshot in the end of the match.

set g_force_record        "1"
// Force all players to record a demo at the match start.
// demoname format: name-team_a-team_b-servername-map_year-mon-day_hour-min-sec.dm2

I'd like to express discontent about the concept of this actually happening.

*discontent intensifies*

If this did get done then i'd like to be given the option to switch it off so i wouldn't have to cripple it on my end.

Quake / Re: Demo player
« on: February 10, 2021, 05:07:17 AM »

See attachment.

0x1337c0de / Re: Share autoexec.cfg code Thread
« on: February 10, 2021, 04:25:52 AM »
Here's a good one:

//no skins bind
alias noskins1 "bind BUTTON noskins2;set cl_noskins 1;echo NO skins next map"
alias noskins2 "bind BUTTON noskins0;set cl_noskins 2;echo NO NEW skins next map"
alias noskins0 "bind BUTTON noskins1;set cl_noskins 0;echo YES skins next map"
bind BUTTON "noskins1"

Using 'noskins 1' means you'll only see the 'Grunt' model/skin on everyone else on the next map.

Or do it this way:

set cl_noskins 1

Type: Toggle
Default: 0
Description: Toggle the display of custom skins on other players.
0 - Enable the use of skins.
1 - Disable the use of skins.
2 - Enable the use of skins but do not download new skins from the server.

Skins, Models and Maps / Re: p_megahealth.pcx icon
« on: January 09, 2021, 01:29:07 AM »
None that I'm aware of, but it can be coded in very easily.

Can it be done with a cfg file or maybe some other kind of file? do you know how?

Skins, Models and Maps / Re: p_megahealth.pcx icon
« on: January 08, 2021, 03:11:17 AM »
100% needs to be a mod, as the game does not reference the mega icon at all. The pickup indicator just bundles all health items under the same category.

I figured as much, thank you, any idea on which mod(s) would be a likely bet?

10 / Re: Clemency for the banned?
« on: January 07, 2021, 06:39:56 AM »
Does anyone have a picture (any picture, old or new) of what he looks like? i want to verify something.

I should, but I'm not giving it to anyone. I understand your curiosity and skepticism to what I'm saying but I suggest moving on and forgetting about it.

I have expressed no opinion whatsoever about any of this and i've already found several pictures of him.

I am now leaving this conversation, good day to you all.

11 / Re: Clemency for the banned?
« on: January 07, 2021, 03:02:50 AM »
Does anyone have a picture (any picture, old or new) of what he looks like? i want to verify something.

Skins, Models and Maps / p_megahealth.pcx icon
« on: January 05, 2021, 10:54:30 PM »
Does anyone know where and how picking up the q2 megahealth makes the p_megahealth.pcx icon show up on the q2 hud instead of the i_health.pcx icon?

I can't get the p_megahealth.pcx icon to show up in multiplayer deathmatch or multiplayer ctf nor can i get the p_megahealth.pcx icon to show up in the story-game either, you can find it hidden in a crate in the 'ware1' map in the 2nd big room with lots of crates.

It might be a problem with my own files/paks that i've, so far, overlooked, i dunno yet, maybe it isn't.

Perhaps someone knows of a particular q2 mod that the p_megahealth.pcx icon definitely shows up in when you pick up the q2 megahealth?

LMCTF / My LMCTF skins pak
« on: December 11, 2020, 04:41:47 PM »
This is an LMCTF skins pak containing my personal selection of LMCTF skins.

For use with regular Quake 2 files rename the pak appropriately and place it in:

C:\quake2\  AND  C:\quake2\lmctf

No, this isn't my main pak, i'm still slowly remaking that.

edit: The LMCTF mod is awkwardly constructed, i had to use specific file names (taken from within the LMCTF mod paks) in my skins pak to get the LMCTF mod to recognise and use the skins in my skins pak.

Because you have to use specific file names in an LMCTF skins pak it means you are limited to using only six male skins and only four female skins.

Just copy the names of the skin files in my LMCTF skins pak if you want to make your own LMCTF skins pak, it's not hard to figure out which file names go where.

Quake / Re: QView 5.0 server browser
« on: August 31, 2020, 03:43:13 PM »
Did you say it was a little buggy on the server browser? I'm interested In maybe running one I use r1q2 and been typing it in manualy which sucks just trying to get some info thanks!

I have nothing to offer you.

Community Events / Re: PRE-CUP TS500!
« on: August 09, 2020, 11:29:57 AM »
"most bfg frags: Costigan(42)"  8)

What was the total number of players that attended this TS500?

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