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Community Events / Re: Late Night/Morning RA2 Sessions
« on: July 13, 2019, 11:05:55 PM »
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- As far as i know this is where most people search for Quake 2 servers these days.
- You can add Quake 2 server I.P.'s to this one yourself and help curate awareness of Quake 2 servers.

I found this : Quake 2 Console Commands (Last Modified: December 3, 1998)

Obviously different Q2 clients and Q2 mods eg Q2PRO Client Manual will have extra console commands.

edit: in the 'Effects' section of the Q2PRO Client Manual there are several relevant console commands.

Disables rendering of particles for the following effects. This variable is a bitmask. Default value is 0.

1 — grenade explosions

2 — grenade trails

4 — rocket explosions

8 — rocket trails

Disables rendering of animated models for the following effects. This variable is a bitmask. Default value is 0.

1 — grenade explosions

2 — rocket explosions

Tip: Bitmasks
Bitmask cvars allow multiple features to be enabled. To enable the needed set of features, their values need to be summed.

I dunno what else is in there but Q2PRO clearly has it covered from the console command angle.

I found this : Low poly model for rocket explosion...

There are various different updates in different replies in this topic, i haven't used it so i can't attest to its worth.

While i'm here i'd like to make this observation: if someone was minded to go through the forum looking for all of the topics and posts pertaining to any one subject then they could collate what they find to present it all in a topic containing information from said topics and posts and also links to said topics and posts, this could be done for the purpose of creating strong topics worthy of a sticky so that material on the forum pertaining to any one subject could be well represented and easily found.

Having searched through this forum at length quite a number of times over the years it has always seemed to me as i have done so that every important/relevant Quake 2 question has already been asked and answered at least once somewhere on this forum.

You know how when you want to edit a .pcx file but when you get it you find it looks like it has been saved in some kind of greyscale format and it doesn't look coloured in the same way it is in the game and you don't know how to change it to make it look like it does in the game? well i had that problem recently and i searched on tastyspleen for a solution but i couldn't find one so i figured it out myself - here is a working method (and an incomplete one) plus two image attachments as examples of the veracity of the provided working method:

IrfanView: go to 'view' > 'show toolbar options/skins' > 'misc. 3' > 'miscellaneous' and untick 'import palette: use nearest color' then press 'ok' THEN go to 'file' > 'open' and locate and select a greyscaled .pcx file and press open THEN go to 'image' > 'palette' > 'import palette' and locate and select a .PAL file suitable (ie from a similar .pcx file) to use with the greyscaled .pcx file you have opened and press open THEN you have your newly (accurately & properly) coloured .pcx file THEN go to 'file' > 'save as...' and save the .pcx file as a .pcx file with whatever name you want.

Remember to retick 'import palette: use nearest color' then press 'ok' when you are done.

SkinED: go to 'file' > 'open skin' > 'quake 2' and locate and select a greyscaled .pcx file and press open THEN a window will come up saying "import palette from skin?" and you should click 'no' THEN the file will appear on the screen as it does in the game THEN...

This is as far as i got with this method, it gave me the clue i needed to figure out the IrfanView method, if anyone can complete this SkinED method then please reply with the details and i will update the method in this post and give credit and please also provide a download link if the method requires use of a specific version of SkinED.

I am sharing this with all of you to assist anyone who has had the same problem, thank you for your time.

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