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Skins, Models and Maps / p_megahealth.pcx icon
« on: January 05, 2021, 10:54:30 PM »
Does anyone know where and how picking up the q2 megahealth makes the p_megahealth.pcx icon show up on the q2 hud instead of the i_health.pcx icon?

I can't get the p_megahealth.pcx icon to show up in multiplayer deathmatch or multiplayer ctf nor can i get the p_megahealth.pcx icon to show up in the story-game either, you can find it hidden in a crate in the 'ware1' map in the 2nd big room with lots of crates.

It might be a problem with my own files/paks that i've, so far, overlooked, i dunno yet, maybe it isn't.

Perhaps someone knows of a particular q2 mod that the p_megahealth.pcx icon definitely shows up in when you pick up the q2 megahealth?

LMCTF / My LMCTF skins pak
« on: December 11, 2020, 04:41:47 PM »
This is an LMCTF skins pak containing my personal selection of LMCTF skins.

For use with regular Quake 2 files rename the pak appropriately and place it in:

C:\quake2\  AND  C:\quake2\lmctf

No, this isn't my main pak, i'm still slowly remaking that.

edit: The LMCTF mod is awkwardly constructed, i had to use specific file names (taken from within the LMCTF mod paks) in my skins pak to get the LMCTF mod to recognise and use the skins in my skins pak.

Because you have to use specific file names in an LMCTF skins pak it means you are limited to using only six male skins and only four female skins.

Just copy the names of the skin files in my LMCTF skins pak if you want to make your own LMCTF skins pak, it's not hard to figure out which file names go where.

Skins, Models and Maps /
« on: July 06, 2020, 08:13:10 PM »
There is an AMAZING array of pak material on this Polish Q2 site, is this site commonly known about by western Q2 players?

Quake / QView 5.0 server browser
« on: March 08, 2020, 10:23:56 AM »
Not many people seem to know about it, i can't remember where i got it from originally so i figured i'd post my copy of the zip of it here because it might not exist anywhere else anymore.

It's tricky/crappy but it's what i use because i can manually curate server lists with it.

0x1337c0de / Share autoexec.cfg code Thread
« on: January 05, 2020, 05:46:47 PM »
Here's a good one:

//disable hear-view chat bind
alias chatoff "cf1; cf2"
alias cf1 "bind BUTTON chaton; set cl_chat_sound 0; set con_notifytime 0"
alias cf2 "clear;echo chat off"
alias chaton "cn1; cn2"
alias cn1 "bind BUTTON chatoff; set cl_chat_sound 1; set con_notifytime 3"
alias cn2 "echo chat on"
bind BUTTON "chatoff"

Alternate 'alias cf2' line:

alias cf2 "echo chat off" - The 'clear' command is removed so that the console is NOT cleared of messages.

Or do it this way:

set cl_chat_sound 0
set con_notifytime 0

cl_chat_sound - This is a Q2PRO command, i don't know what else it works with.

Specifies sound effect to play each time chat message is received. Default value is 1.

0 — don’t play chat sound
1 — play normal sound (‘misc/talk.wav’)
2 — play alternative sound (‘misc/talk1.wav’)

con_notifytime - This is a regular Q2 command.

The delay before console messages disappear from the screen. Default value is 3.

0 — don't show console messages

Skins, Models and Maps / A smiley face & rainbows r_explode pcx for pak use
« on: December 12, 2019, 12:33:30 AM »


If you have any colour problems just use Irfanview with my skin1.pcx and save it as whatever file type you need.

I made this back in 2015/2016 for my Quake 2 pak, it took me days of live-action viewing in my server and demo reviewing to get it pixel-perfect and juuust right, it is a smiley face & rainbows r_explode pcx image for grenade & rocket explosions.

It looks good and funny in game with huge yellow smiley faces and RGB ranbows blowing up all over the place.  ;D

Place it in the  'models' > 'objects' > 'r_explode' folder duplicated seven times as:


The same one pcx image creates a coherent seven stage animation when used as all seven pcx images in the folder.

It is to be used with the standard Quake 2 r_explode tris.md2 file.

LINK: demo

LINK: r_explode paks - pcx/jpg

You know how when you want to edit a .pcx file but when you get it you find it looks like it has been saved in some kind of greyscale format and it doesn't look coloured in the same way it is in the game and you don't know how to change it to make it look like it does in the game? well i had that problem recently and i searched on tastyspleen for a solution but i couldn't find one so i figured it out myself - here is a working method (and an incomplete one) plus two image attachments as examples of the veracity of the provided working method:

IrfanView: go to 'view' > 'show toolbar options/skins' > 'misc. 3' > 'miscellaneous' and untick 'import palette: use nearest color' then press 'ok' THEN go to 'file' > 'open' and locate and select a greyscaled .pcx file and press open THEN go to 'image' > 'palette' > 'import palette' and locate and select a .PAL file suitable (ie from a similar .pcx file) to use with the greyscaled .pcx file you have opened and press open THEN you have your newly (accurately & properly) coloured .pcx file THEN go to 'file' > 'save as...' and save the .pcx file as a .pcx file with whatever name you want.

Remember to retick 'import palette: use nearest color' then press 'ok' when you are done.

SkinED: go to 'file' > 'open skin' > 'quake 2' and locate and select a greyscaled .pcx file and press open THEN a window will come up saying "import palette from skin?" and you should click 'no' THEN the file will appear on the screen as it does in the game THEN...

This is as far as i got with this method, it gave me the clue i needed to figure out the IrfanView method, if anyone can complete this SkinED method then please reply with the details and i will update the method in this post and give credit and please also provide a download link if the method requires use of a specific version of SkinED.

I am sharing this with all of you to assist anyone who has had the same problem, thank you for your time.

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