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Used R1Q2 for years. It was nice. Crashed a bit. Felt good though.

Switched to Q2pro, felt odd at first. Like it a lot more now. Doesn't crash like r1q2 used to. Has a lot more quality of life cvars like cl_noskins 2 (force grunt/athena instead of just grunt, nice for tdm) and s_ambient 2 (mute all non-entity generated sounds). More modern feeling for sure.

Both r1q2 and q2pro have the scripting capability I require for my complex tdm binds. Both are competitively viable. I used to prefer r1q2, but since switching to q2pro I don't see any reason to go back now. Also tried aprq2 in there for a bit due to jehar and it was cool, but didn't pull me away from r1q2 and I don't think it is supported anymore.

Yamagi never interested me. Doesn't seem to be an improvement and from what I gather people use it for convenience rather than quality.

If you start talking single player ports there is even more variety, but at that point almost none of the quality of life stuff matters.

2 / Re: Racism With Player on DM
« on: June 08, 2020, 04:06:17 AM »
Children on the internet will say the darnedest things eh?

I don't see anything particularly racist. Though they aren't really very well informed about the complex political issues they are very opinionated on. It sounds like just random drunken ranting. Though I will agree he does sound like quite an asshole.

My 2 cents: As long as it isn't particularly racist, and the guy is just being a dumb twat, just ignore him. The /ignore command in r1q2, q2pro, etc. works off of pattern recognition I believe so you can just list his name and it will filter out all messages from him. If he isn't spamming then it doesn't seem like it is out of the ordinary.

Political beliefs aren't really racist by default. I argued with an admin on a quakelive server who muted some one for saying something bad about a particular political party to the point that they banned me for a bit. Seeing that kind of shit happen elsewhere gives you some perspective of where overly protective admins could lead. I'd rather be in a space where you get some idiots voicing their poorly informed opinions and choose to either respond or ignore it myself, than have a server admin police what is and is not acceptable.

Why carpet the whole world when you can just wear shoes.

If they annoy you that much, just hunt them down and kill them in ways that will make them mad until they ragequit. Usually a fun way to go about it. (in the server ofc, not advocating murder) Bonus points if you get the rest of the server to join in.

Politics / Re: George Floyd
« on: June 08, 2020, 03:48:42 AM »
I'll try to keep it civil as I'm sure not many want me commenting at all :) I just have to weigh in a little as most people seem to live in some sort of fantasy land where threats are one sided.

If you get in a police officers face, THEY WILL RESPOND. Don't be surprised when you display an act of hostility and close distance that you get a response to increase that distance or end the hostility.

If you are that close to an officer on duty, you are within arms reach of their side arm, their handcuffs, their club, the keys to their car (which will have either an M4 or a shotgun, and is reinforced for ramming other vehicles), and potentially access to their radio (which with a little know how could be used to divert or tie up resources and cause more damage). You are not only a danger to them, you are a danger to everyone around and the public in general.

In any situation where a person is in a police officers face and does not back down, they should immediately be considered a threat. Even a 100 pound 5 foot tall lady with a Karen hair cut can do 5 minutes of research on different gun holster locking mechanisms, and as soon as that trigger is pulled it doesn't matter how small she is.

Police officers are mostly not trained in hand to hand combat and grappling. They need to maintain safe distance to both have the visual data they need and time to react. A shove is about as basic a method to create distance as possible to re-assess the threat of a specific situation.

How applicable this is to the situation with the old man will vary. What kit did the officers have on them? What did the man say to them? How were the officers acting when not confronted? What was the goal they needed to accomplish during that patrol? And most importantly what were they told before they showed up to the situation (was there violence going on, threats of violence, reports of damage, etc.)? A lot of context is missing and is very needed in order to make a proper judgement, and I'm sure not even the officers in the incident had all the information they needed due to panic.

As far as the report goes, it is bad that it didn't accurately depict the events that occurred. Officers are held to a higher standard than normal civilians as witnesses in court, and any mistakes on their reports can mean not only the end of their career but also severely unjust rulings based on inaccurate evidence. If this is willful, then it should be dealt with appropriately. However... Have you ever filled out a police report? An incident lasting seconds has a lot of detail, but really how much can you remember? Did you give him a shove? Did the officer to your side shove him? Did he trip on his feet before you made contact? Did you barely brush his shirt as he fell over? Did you move to push him and he backed away and fell? People honestly do make mistakes and memory is a very imperfect system, so just keep that in mind instead of assuming the worst by default. I honestly have no idea how police reports are ever accurate given some of the situations they find themselves in, though I'm sure body cams help.

Every conflict has multiple sides which means entirely different interpretation of events, view points, and conclusions. Some times you don't have all the information, and you should work to obtain that information instead of jumping to conclusions.

There are other things here I'd like to comment on, but I'll end with just one more thing:
as far as repairing slavery and the 400 years of injustice, give people earning below a certain income universal basic income and healthcare. how do we pay for it? we just do. tax the middle class, tax the upper class, put a tax on wall street, tax the corporations, tax everyone. we need to be able to point to an action we have taken to counter the slavery argument once and for all. otherwise were doomed to be stuck in this cycle, and it will happen again.
This comment is easily the most racist one in the entire thread. It assumes everyone under a certain income level is of a specific race, or that everyone of a specific race is under a certain income level, and that money can fix an injustice of the past. This type of open profiling while trying to say you have their best interest at heart is exactly the problem with a majority of modern politics. I don't believe this was said maliciously or with racist intent, but it does give insight to a particular mindset that is quite problematic.

1v1 and TDM Demos / Re: 2017 TS 20th anniv NA finals (online)
« on: April 17, 2020, 01:57:53 PM »
Last time I checked you still hated people aliasing against you. Did you undergo some epiphany from 2014 to 2017? C'mon dude, the drama all stemmed from slugs wanting to know who he was playing against and you would not oblige.

As far as inactivity goes, people don't play as good if they never play the game. It's as simple as that. It applies to everyone. You have applied this to yourself. You should know how unlikely it is for someone to play in tip-top shape if they never play, so you should also know how that comes across when you say something like that.

You could've just posted the demos and said he played well but instead you said he played the same as if he were active. Because you know what a rusty slugs is. You also blamed ALL of the drama on him. Everyone knows slugs can be a handful, but he was like that due to your aliasing which happens to be one of your pet peeves if the shoe was on the other foot.

Like I said, given that slugs isn't here to defend himself I thought it was appropriate to add context.

I think you are misunderstanding. The drama mentioned isn't related to aliasing at all. It was server choice. It is clearly in the demos with a long timeout while we figured out if we wanted to switch servers for the rest of the games or not. It was only mentioned as it is in the demos, but it is minor. Everyone tried to make sure to be as accommodating as possible.

I also did not say that slugs played the same, I said he played nearly the same. Maybe a good 90% of what I'd expect from him. Slugs has a surprising amount of consistency any time I see him come back and play, and the only thing that he tends to fine tune is some of the rails he can hit which he seemed to have mostly sorted out through the entire day of playing and whatever practice he put in before hand.

I do not believe I have insulted slugs with any of my statements. I respect slugs as a player and enjoy playing with him. I think you are making massive assumptions as you obviously have not even watched the demos. Stepping in to defend him makes it seem that you think less of him as a player, which would only come from your lack of any information on duel players that isn't 10+ years old.

In regards to aliasing as you keep bringing it up, this would only matter if some one was aliasing to pretend to be a bad player and have people let their guard down. The problem with that in the current context is the name that was used in the tournament had been used for MONTHS prior to it even being announced, the entire time leading up to it, very frequent play, was top in frag stats for the tdm servers for the entire time, and received the #1 seed. No sand bagging. I also have always played under a variety of random names, and I still believe there was less drama by approaching the situation this way. I played under the name that was most recognizable and representative of my current play style and skill level to anyone who had played tdm or duel that year. Jehar as the tournament admin agreed with this information.

I really believe there should be less focus on drama and more on playing quake.

1v1 and TDM Demos / Re: 2017 TS 20th anniv NA finals (online)
« on: April 17, 2020, 01:08:40 AM »
You still fucking suck, clown

Good to see you alive and kickin'

Haven't seen you around q2 or QL in a bit. Some one actually mentioned other players that were always around and just went poof as a comparison. Nice to know that is not the case, though you should play more quake :D ql tdm discord been active lately, so maybe you can go give them some hell, duels would be great though

Concerning name-dropping good players to group yourself in with them:

Actually wasn't name dropping for no reason. Those are people I value as good duel players and others see the same, and I wanted to get the point across that there were high level NA duels being played at the time, and enough that multiple good duel players were active. Any assumptions you want to make are up to you, though they would be a little misinformed when the information you have to work with is close to, if not a full decade old.

As far as the rest of it... Well the drama mentioned had nothing to do with aliasing. That was also only seen in discord, and didn't impact any of the matches. This was a non-issue for the actual game and I believe a non issue entirely (played under the same name for months prior, and had #1 seed). Jehar was very cool with the whole situation, and I think everyone could take a lesson from him.

As far as respecting slugs skill despite his level of inactivity, I disagree entirely with your statements. I've played with slugs for years, and he honestly played quite well. I know what a rusty slugs looks like, and I didn't get that impression. Again, if the only information you have to go off of is a decade old then you will be making bad assumptions.

Also, good on you putting the work in to pull quotes from 10 years ago. Being able to look at the past and understand that you would handle situations differently (and the reasoning why) is a sign of growth as a person. Everyone should get that opportunity. If you never make mistakes, you can never learn from them. I have learned a lot and will continue to learn. :)

1v1 and TDM Demos / 2017 TS 20th anniv NA finals (online)
« on: March 19, 2020, 09:27:09 PM »
Been meaning to post these for awhile. Last NA duel tournament for q2 as far as I am aware. Hasn't been the same activity since.

Original thread:


Was a double elim, so 2 bo3 in the grand finals. 4 demos attached as 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, and 2-2 in that order.

Little drama, because slugs. He's pretty solid though and we worked our best around the drama.

My duel partners at the time were Kickr0, Naymlis, and Nitro so there was some good high level duels getting played almost daily at the time. Slugs really surprised me with how he played almost the same as always despite not being as active as some of the other players.

Quake FAQs, HOWTOs, and Articles / Re: What mouse are you using?
« on: March 19, 2020, 08:36:42 PM »
Ah, was gonna go pull up the literal hundreds of screenshots I have destroying alpha, and the rare few demos where foc actually played me and got absolutely destroyed when I was still new to Q2. Have well over 2000 screenshots of wins in just my rails folder alone. My TDM one is almost as equally as ridiculous. Not worth the effort. If anyone is stupid enough to think that foc or alpha are any good at the game then that is their problem. Don't think quadz would appreciate the hijacking of a thread to prove a point on people who make baseless claims.

I simply posted good information about mice as I tend to help a lot of new players out with improving at fps games and have had many conversations about that stuff to hear thoughts from players that completely eclipse anyone in the Q2 community currently. If you don't want to take my advice, then don't. Your loss.

I really don't think most of the people in this thread have any idea what they are talking about when it comes to mice. I would not like less informed players or some one who randomly stumbles on this thread to take bad advice.

Specifically at foc though: if you are going to say you can figure it out then be a fucking adult and figure it out instead of bitching like a little kid that you don't know how shit works and can't google it to figure it out.

Quake FAQs, HOWTOs, and Articles / Re: What mouse are you using?
« on: March 19, 2020, 03:04:57 AM »
Feel required to respond because there is a lot I can comment on. Odd thread to necro though.

Higher dpi is not helpful. Like haunted mentioned, lower DPI tends to be better. Exactly what DPI is a point of argument, but any mouse on the market today will have too high of DPI out of the box.

Accel is not bad. Yes you can get more consistency with flicks WITHOUT accel, however mouse nerds like Kovaak are pretty good at explaining why accel is fine to strike a better balance between high and low accel and why the aiming requirement in quake games is not so strict to require the consistency of no accel. Plus a majority of the top quake players in the world are using accel at this point so take that for what it is worth. Has to be implemented properly though, which it is not in quake2 so use the special driver that does it right if you want it in q2.

The answer to the razer synapse bullshit is easy: tournament drivers. Not sure if this feature is still around, but it just exports shit out to just a driver minus application. I switched to logitech a few years ago though so I don't know if this feature is still around.

The answer to the optical vs laser sensor problem is just buy a fuckin 10-20$ flat cloth mousepad. They are well worth it. If you get a good mouse, and you don't get a good mousepad, all you are doing is ruining the mouse feet and making things hard on yourself.

I second Punk's promotion of the g403. Cheap, durable, comfortable, has features I need, and just a really solid mouse. Was suggested this by one of those aim heavy CS guys and figured I'd give it a shot due to price and I love it. Ran a deathadder for years though and they are great mice.

Also be aware of who you take advice from if referencing any of this thread before a mouse purchase. Quake2 has a lot of vocal FFA players who aren't really any good at the game and share poor information. Punk probably has the best aim out of anyone who has commented in this thread IMO.

There are so many good mice out now that the options are a little ridiculous. Back 10 years ago you basically had a deathadder, an mx518, or a wmo. Anything else would lose tracking if you threw your arm too hard. Now you'd be hard pressed to find a mouse from a reputable company that doesn't have a good sensor and it comes down more to the ergonomics.

0x1337c0de / Re: Share autoexec.cfg code Thread
« on: January 09, 2020, 04:47:09 AM »
Shared tdm binds way the fuck back here:

There is an updated version with ammo though in my current stuff

// ===TDM BINDS===

// aliases for using 1 or 2 weapons per key

alias shotty "use shotgun;use super shotgun"
alias mgchain "use machinegun;use chaingun"
alias rox "use rocket launcher"
alias nadeL "use grenade launcher"
alias nadeH "use grenades"
alias rail "use railgun"
alias hyperb "use hyperblaster"
alias bfg "use bfg10k"

// aliases for binding a weapon or weapon group to a key

alias bshotty "bind q shotty"
alias bmgchain "bind f mgchain"
alias brox "bind e rox"
alias bnadeL "bind z nadeL"
alias bnadeH "bind g nadeH"
alias brail "bind r rail"
alias bhyperb "bind x hyperb"
alias bbfg "bind 4 bfg"
alias smileyspace "bind space say :)"

// alias for all weapon binds

alias useweps "bshotty;bmgchain;brox;bnadeL;bnadeH;brail;bhyperb;bbfg;smileyspace"

// aliases for drops and chat

alias dshotty "drop shotgun;drop super shotgun;drop shells;say_team DROPPED SUPER-SHOTGUN/SHOTGUN AT [ ${$loc_here} ]"
alias dshells "drop shells;say_team DROPPED SHELLS [ ${$loc_here} ]"
alias dmgchain "drop machinegun;drop chaingun;drop bullets;say_team DROPPED CHAIN/MACHINE-GUN AT [ ${$loc_here} ]"
alias dbullets "drop bullets;say_team DROPPED BULLETS AT [ ${$loc_here} ]"
alias drox "drop rocket launcher;drop rockets;say_team DROPPED ROCKET LAUNCHER AT [ ${$loc_here} ]"
alias drockets "drop rockets;say_team DROPPED ROCKETS AT [ ${$loc_here} ]"
alias dnadeL "drop grenade launcher;drop grenades;say_team DROPPED GRENADE LAUNCHER AT [ ${$loc_here} ]"
alias dnadeH "drop grenades;say_team DROPPED GRENADES AT [ ${$loc_here} ]"
alias drail "drop railgun;drop slugs;say_team DROPPED RAIL AT [ ${$loc_here} ]"
alias dslugs "drop slugs;say_team DROPPED SLUGS AT [ ${loc_here} ]"
alias dhyperb "drop hyperblaster;drop cells;say_team DROPPED HYPER BLASTER AT [ ${$loc_here} ]"
alias dcells "drop cells;say_team DROPPED CELLS AT [ ${$loc_here} ]"
alias dbfg "drop bfg10k;drop cells;say_team DROPPED BFG AT [ ${$loc_here} ]"

// alias binds for weapon drop

alias bdshotty "bind q dshotty"
alias bdmgchain "bind f dmgchain"
alias bdrox "bind e drox"
alias bdnadeL "bind z dnadeL"
alias bdnadeH "bind g dnadeH"
alias bdrail "bind r drail"
alias bdhyperb "bind x dhyperb"
alias bdbfg "bind 4 dbfg"
alias statusspace "bind space say_team I AM AT [ ${$loc_here} ] H:${$cl_health}/A:${$cl_armor}"

// alias binds for ammo drop

alias bdshells "bind q dshells"
alias bdbullets "bind f dbullets"
alias bdrockets "bind e drockets"
alias bdslugs "bind r dslugs"
alias bdcells "bind x dcells"

// alias used for the toggle of dropping weapons/ammo

alias dropweps "bdshotty;bdmgchain;bdrox;bdnadeL;bdnadeH;bdrail;bdhyperb;bdbfg;statusspace"
alias dropammo "bdshells;bdbullets;bdrockets;bdslugs;bdcells"

// status bind on space
//bind space "say_team I AM AT [ ${$loc_here} ] H:${$cl_health}/A:${$cl_armor}"
//bind space "say :)"

// actual toggle for dropping weapons

alias +tdmbinds "dropweps"
alias -tdmbinds "useweps"

// actual toggle for dropping ammo

alias +freeammo "dropammo"
alias -freeammo "useweps"

// specific always on team binds

bind 2 "say_team ENEMY AT [ ${$loc_there} ]"
bind 3 "say_team ITEM AT [ ${$loc_there} ]"
bind c "say_team AREA SAFE [ ${$loc_here} ]"

// binding all that work to keys

bind alt +freeammo
bind mouse5 +tdmbinds

If you want just more general random little junk, here are a few:

Double jump, which is just nice for being lazy and you should probably learn to jump without it as well:
alias w8 "wait; wait; wait; wait"
alias +dj "+moveup; w8; -moveup; w8; +moveup"
alias -dj "-moveup"
bind mouse4 "+dj"

my take on a zoom bind:
set zoomfov "45"
set zoomsens ".5"
alias +zoom "set storesen $sensitivity;set storefov $fov;set sensitivity $zoomsens;set fov $zoomfov"
alias -zoom "set sensitivity $storesen;set fov $storefov"
bind mouse3 "+zoom"

Something to help with recording demos:
alias startdemo "record ${$com_date}-${$com_time}-${$cl_mapname};bind F5 stopdemo"
alias stopdemo "stop;bind F5 startdemo"
bind F5 "startdemo"

And a quick ready up toggle for otdm servers:
alias rup "ready; bind f3 urup"
alias urup "unready; bind f3 rup"
bind F3 rup

Those tdm binds might also be really weird running on an absolute potato of a PC because of how many commands it executes on key press and depress, but it never caused me problems.

The locs only work with proper loc files, which there is a big zip somewhere on the tastyspleen files.

Worth noting all the above works in q2pro, slightly different versions have worked with r1q2.

The scripting system in q2 is kinda basic but you can do some cool stuff with it. I think the biggest limitation is line size when it ends up handling multiple layers of aliases, but I've not dug into the engine to know too much about that like some people here have.

If q2pro doesn't do it for you, try aprq2.

Anticheat won't work on Linux.

No real network tweaks to help the same way there is in something like quakelive. Just gotta lead your shots. At 150 you'll notice a significant delay, but it is more playable than newer games that try to compensate and have weird behavior.

Trouble Shooting / Re: Menu_Main error in Q2Pro client.
« on: February 10, 2019, 04:03:26 PM »
bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"

Bot Drop / Re: There Is No Alias (but I was in half a dozen clans)
« on: December 30, 2017, 09:50:30 PM »
Focalor should duel me on a tourney server that is located in dallas so I have bearable packet loss.

I'll duel you on a tourney server. Sounds like a grand ol' time.

Always down for a duel. Email me I get off work work tonight at 9pm ct... see you there  :badgrin: :badgrin:

Well props to you for actually playing tonight. Was fun.

You weren't saying anything dumb or being a nuisance on the server with your behavior. You should just drop the tag drama and stop doing the haxusations, and you'd do just fine with the crowd that is left playing. Tags do nothing for you at this point anyway. 

Bot Drop / Re: There Is No Alias (but I was in half a dozen clans)
« on: December 27, 2017, 09:54:01 PM »
Focalor should duel me on a tourney server that is located in dallas so I have bearable packet loss.

I'll duel you on a tourney server. Sounds like a grand ol' time.

Bot Drop / Re: focalor, if this isn't walling then idk what is
« on: December 13, 2017, 02:36:20 AM »
  The funny thing about all this is the player in the video, was actually using a wall hack. 
This demo was a friend of mine using a modern (new) wall hack code. Nothing fancy, everything used to implement the code was free and can be googled (I even managed to do some magic with the IP used).


I mean if you don't understand anything about the game or how computer networking works, then that might be believable. Posting blatant lies does no one any good.

I did a good job on this one ;) I told you guys little pieces now you should put the rest together about the hack. Looking at what was said is a no fun, but looking at IP addresses closely is a better place to start. Happy hunting friends.
YOU need an ASS spanking as well.

I am going to elaborate a little on this because it is just hurting me to see this still going on. I'll try to keep it simple, no sense going too in depth.

Quake uses UDP for the network traffic. UDP does not have a handshake, and does not require confirmation that packets were received. So far so good for your statement.

Spoofing a source address with UDP traffic is a common practice by some parties around the internet who like to do rude things. This is most commonly done for having a server respond to the address spoofed rather than the actual origin. An example of this would be a DNS reflection attack, where you can send small data to a DNS server pretending to be a different IP, and the server responds with much larger data to the IP you spoofed which when amplified with a lot of requests results in a denial of service. So again, so far so good for your statement.

The problem comes when you consider we are not talking about a one way communication. The client has to talk to the server, the server has to talk to the client. You can spoof traffic and send it to the server pretending to be a client (just ignoring sequencing for simplicity), but the responses from the server would go to the IP you were pretending to be and not you. If you cannot have both, the connection will not function correctly.

Unfortunately you cannot actually steal an IP on the internet to the degree that you would receive the packets transmitted back from the server. You can potentially set up specific circumstances to do something similar on a local network only, but at the internet level it just does not work that way.

I would highly suggest reading up on basic networking such as switching, routing, peering, TCP, UDP, etc. as they are all very interesting topics and can help you have a better understanding of how the internet works. This is useful information for almost anyone with the way the world is set up around the internet these days. I am sure there are great digestible videos on youtube with animations aimed at children if these topics intimidate you.

The current thread is about whether justin/deft was cheating or not. He is not. Problem solved.

If you have future "bot drop" issues, just make another demo and post it, but be aware that you will be wrong in most cases with the level that you understand the game currently and that is fine. Quake does have a huge learning curve, and part of that curve is figuring out how better players do what they do.

This community is not that toxic, and even foc is willing to help some one who raises legitimate concerns. It becomes toxic when you stir up drama for no reason.

Side note: Most of what I am saying is based around quadz checking server information and posting the results here (mostly the name/ip check). If quadz is convinced, I am convinced. He runs all of tastyspleen, and arguing with him is a very quick way to put yourself in a bad situation if you enjoy quake2.

Bot Drop / Re: focalor, if this isn't walling then idk what is
« on: December 10, 2017, 12:57:44 AM »
  The funny thing about all this is the player in the video, was actually using a wall hack. 
This demo was a friend of mine using a modern (new) wall hack code. Nothing fancy, everything used to implement the code was free and can be googled (I even managed to do some magic with the IP used).


I mean if you don't understand anything about the game or how computer networking works, then that might be believable. Posting blatant lies does no one any good.

The player you demo'd had no signs of cheating in the play time captured. Leave it at that and don't make life difficult for yourself. It hurts your standing in the community more to argue and insult than it ever would to be wrong.

I'd suggest raising your own awareness of how to play the game at a higher level before worrying about whether other people are cheating.

If you see some one you think is cheating, then feel free to post more demos and some one will look over them. Just be aware that you will not be right most of the time until you have a better understanding of the game and the skill set necessary to spot things out of the ordinary. Also remember to keep these matters on the forums rather than the servers as shaming people for playing better than you only hurts what few people are left.

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