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/dev/random / Re: What games are you playing ?
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on July 03, 2020, 03:04:43 PM by Focalor
Fairly amusing - this channel seems to specialize in pushing sandbox/sim games to their absurd limits


Politics / Re: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Thread
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on June 28, 2020, 11:31:29 AM by Focalor

Jokes / Re: Funny Pictures
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on June 27, 2020, 09:49:36 PM by Punk_FAS

Quake / Re: R1Q2 vs Q2Pro vs Yamagi vs ? - What are the advantages/disadvantages of each?
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on June 27, 2020, 02:24:59 PM by Punk_FAS
r1q2 was the client of choice in the mid to late 2000's, for sure.

These days r1q2 is no longer maintained, while improvements are still being made to q2pro.

q2pro lists its key features as:

- rewritten OpenGL renderer optimized for stable FPS
- enhanced client console with persistent history
- ZIP packfiles (.pkz), JPEG and PNG textures, MD3 models
- fast HTTP downloads (same as r1q2)
- multichannel sound using OpenAL
- recording from demos, forward and backward seeking
- server side multiview demos and GTV capabilities

q2pro also has an improved, config-file-driven in-game menu system for setting options, which can be nice.

I finally switched to q2pro a few weeks back, as I wasn't happy with how r1q2 was performing (in windowed mode) under Windows 10.

Had to mess with the q2pro config awhile to get it dialed in the way I like it, but I'm happy with it.

I really like the .pkz files, as one can use ordinary zip/unzip tools to modify & explore them. (You can even add 'pkz' as a type for Windows Explorer to understand is really a ZIP file and manipulate them right from the desktop.)

Only thing I'm missing from r1q2 right now is cl_autorecord for demos. (If there's a way to autorecord demos in q2pro, I haven't found it yet.)

Latest q2pro client: https://skuller.net/q2pro/
Quake / Re: Speedruns & Defrags
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on June 26, 2020, 09:30:51 PM by Punk_FAS
I don't think I ever played Quake 1 (so I can't fully appreciate it), but that must have taken a LOT of repetition/experience. Neato.

Here's a World Record "any%" run of Q2, in 17 minutes:


(The rules for "any%": just complete the game regardless of enemies or secrets. "segmented" means the runners' best times for different maps are compiled together, as opposed to one continuous run.)
Politics / Re: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Thread
Wins The Internet Wins The Internet
on May 08, 2020, 09:53:47 PM by Focalor
An old meme to be sure, but a quality implementation


Politics / Re: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Thread
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on April 09, 2020, 02:08:52 PM by Punk_FAS
"A joint project carried out by four Finnish research organisations has studied the transport and spread of coronavirus through the air. Preliminary results indicate that aerosol particles carrying the virus can remain in the air longer than was originally thought, so it is important to avoid busy public indoor spaces. This also reduces the risk of droplet infection, which remains the main path of transmission for coronavirus."



The researchers of the consortium modelled the airborne movement of aerosol particles smaller than 20 micrometres. For a dry cough, which is a typical symptom of the current coronavirus, the particle size is typically less than 15 micrometres. Extremely small particles of this size do not sink on the floor, but instead, move along in the air currents or remain floating in the same place. Studies of influenza A have confirmed that the influenza A virus can be found in the smallest particles, which measure less than 5 micrometres

The project involves around 30 researchers, whose specialisations include fluid dynamics, aerosol physics, social networks, ventilation, virology and biomedical engineering. The research is being carried out in conjunction with Essote (the joint municipal authority for social and health services in South Savo), which proposed the research project, as well as infectious diseases specialists from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

The airborne transport and preservation of droplets leaving the respiratory tract were simulated using a supercomputer, and 3D visualisation of the results was then carried out. CSC – Finnish IT Center for Science Ltd. made its supercomputer available to researchers at very short notice. Thanks to the high computing capacity and close, multidisciplinary cooperation, the first results were produced in around a week.
Jokes / Re: Funny videos
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on April 02, 2020, 02:41:43 PM by Punk_FAS
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