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Q2 Training Camp / Quake 2 Source Code Question
« on: May 27, 2018, 05:43:07 AM »
So I downloaded MVS 2008 Express, downloaded the Q2 source code, went to open the visual studio projects contained in the source code in the hopes I can make a mod, and MVS fails to open the project files citing file corruption?

Any pointers please?

Alternatively, say I wanted to make a mod involving modifying the behaviour of AI or weapons, is there a way to simply export the contents of gamex86.dll (which I assume is where that relevant code is located), and recompile only the .dll post-modifications? I don't want to build the whole game if I'm only modifying specific files. And I may want to export Ground Zeros or the other expansion's game code specifically as they have improved AI.

If successful I may have further q2 programming-related questions in the future.

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