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Quake / Windows 10 and Quake 2 Engines
« on: October 14, 2016, 06:20:45 AM »
Hi all,

This may have already been asked, but has anyone had issues with Quake II and Windows 10.  I'm about to buy a new laptop, and it comes with this installed. 

I use Q2Pro for MP and KMQuake2 (first person) for SP games and Coop or Die mod. I think the KMQuake2 will work OK, but I'm concerned about Q2Pro as this is my optimum Multi Player Engine set up.    :)

Any thoughts?    :headbang: 

bean$    :biggungrin:

Quake / Spectator players on a full server :(
« on: September 11, 2015, 02:25:10 PM »
Ages to join tonight - 16 players so full server - still waiting.  Great that this is the case, and really want to connect with so many players on.  However, 3 players have a score of 0 (neither going positive or negative).  Are they as spectator, or worse just not playing and getting killed and then staying that way until the next map and the next map and the - you get the point?  Anything can be done about this, by any chance?   :headbang:

Playing campers is one thing (a lot of them on the servers these days) but players who aren't even playing  :humm:  Kick em' I say   :evil:

bean$   :evilgrin:

Trouble Shooting / Re: coop gives players complete invul
« on: August 24, 2015, 03:38:53 PM »
Something wrong with the coop game - can't get killed!  No weapons from Strogg actually do any harm to a player.  Really odd.     :?

Server -  I tried connecting a number of times, and even completed a Mission to see if that would work  - no good.  The Strogg attack, but without any harm to a player ...    :humm:

bean$   :evilgrin:

Any chance I could have this for normal dm?  Only me tho.  Yeah  :lol:

Trouble Shooting / coop - gravity is higher than norm?
« on: August 23, 2015, 06:42:00 AM »

Is the gravity for coop higher than normal?  :uhoh: I seem to be very bouncy on coop (the normal game, don't know about the two add-on mission servers as I've not connected to them) and it throws me out a little, as I tend to overshoot some jumps.  :-\  OK to make it the same gravity as Tasty multiplayer servers?   Just a thought   :headbang: 

Anyway, just sorted out the Palaces level - data spinner, CD, sec pass ect. and left the game for someone to complete the Makron frag finish.   :nana:  Did feel like the players were a little confused about how to get to the next level of the game - and soooo close   ;) 

There are quite a few Walkthroughs, if you're not that familiar with the game - it can be very sequential and you'll need to complete one section before moving on - lots of to and thro. between levels.  If fairly new, follow someone like me and you'll get the hang of it in no time.

I like the coop game and have finished it with a number of players - thanks to those, was fun ...  Also did the Coop or Die mod, and finished the whole game (hard skill) without a death - quite difficult in that mod.  Still waiting for Pat to give me my Star as a Champion!   :evilgrin:   Webby:

Note: prob. better on here, as more players go on the Tasty coop servers.  Coop or Die still a fun mod tho.

One quick point - when in coop - perhaps drop some ammo, if you're going to leave a Mission and have scooped up everything.  Drop cells, drop bullets, drop slugs / cells etc.  Helps when going to the next Mission   ;)  Also, if you can complete the Mission you're on before leaving - just a polite request :)

bean$    :biggungrin:

Oh, and another thing :)   - can that WallFly(Bzzz) Maint. BOT please be removed, if possible? It really gets in the way - I frag it all the time to get it out of my / other players way!  Thanks.

Hi all,

I've downloaded the Q2 EGL engine and it looks good with gore +10.  I'd like to be able to connect to multiplayer, but it only shows up as able to connect as LAN.  It sees the IPs for other servers, but shows no players (when I know there are players, or at least the maint. bot Wallyfly) and won't connect anyway.   :?

I play Q2Pro for multiplayer, so it's not a major issue.  I also use KMquakeQ2 with 3rd person as a fun single player mission game (there's still a lot of single player maps out there - Pax Imperium is a great one, for example).  I also have classic Q2, and that connects OK, although I don't bother to use it ...    ;)  I've been using EGL for the Q2 coop or die mod, but nobody has joined me, as yet - may have to revert back to classic Q2, but will see.    :P

Any ideas as to why it won't connect to multiplayer?  Thanks all, as always   ;D   bean$  :evilgrin:

Trouble Shooting / Re: odd home-page stats (kills are negative)
« on: August 05, 2015, 10:41:36 AM »
Don;t normally look at them, but noticed my nick on the home page.  Payer now has: bean$ -114 -142 +inf 57:18.  How can I get -114 kills?  I thought it would be 114 kills and 142 deaths.  Didn't know I'd dies quite so much!   :frustration:   bean$  :lol:

I'm also the only one with this neg. kill score!  I'm special?   :righteous:

Q2 Training Camp / Anticheat for Q2Pro - should I use it?
« on: July 29, 2015, 06:02:05 AM »
Hi all,

There are a lot of threads about this whole anticheat area, but I've not managed to work out if it's worth using.  I downloaded it, but my virus checker sends it off to quarantine.  I'd rather not accept it and would prefer to just carry on playing Tastyspleen & ACME CTF servers.  There appears to be only one server that won't let me connect without it, anyway.  Also, I have no intention of cheating so it's not because of that ...  :razzberry:

Any thoughts?   :forceac:     bean$ :lol:

Q2 Training Camp / Crosshair is off centre - any ideas to help?
« on: July 23, 2015, 09:54:04 AM »
 :rocketright:  Seems that QII comes with a bug that makes the crosshair slightly out.  Mine is a little too high - I can compensate, but have to remember that the crosshair is not where the (for example) rail shot will go     :-[  There is cg_crosshairX and Y as 0 but this does not help.  Anyone got any ideas?  bean$    :beer:

railz / FOV - zoom etc
« on: July 15, 2015, 08:34:18 AM »
 :rocketleft:  I'm back to Quake II after around 14 years!  Was playing QII in 1998 - with my (then) handy new graphics card installed.  I've come back and enjoy everything about Q2 - shame I ever left!   :ubershock:

Anyway, I've binded 'q' to zoom_on and this seems to work well.  However, do you zoom into 40 and then out to 110, like me?  Is this what people tend to use?  What's your normal FOV for the Rails maps?

The CTF maps are mad fast - I've got ALT as my +hook, but to get a frag takes considerable effort - it's fast, fast, fast.  How do players manage to shoot across the map, a]spin around and then rail me so easily - just pracy?

bean$   :lol:

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