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Tech Junkie Lounge / IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS WELCOME! Animated graphics project
« on: November 26, 2008, 01:53:39 PM »
My brother-in-law needs to create a 30sec medical animation for use in an educational video/site associated with his business. He's paying a USF Theater student $500 for the voiceover, and he was quoted $8,000 as the cost estimated for the video.

The 30sec clip needs to show the inside of a vein, with the blood cells and platelets flowing past; then a pic needle pierces through and the platelets coagulate around the point of entry, all of this shown from the "inside the vein" POV.

Now I've worked with Illustrator/Photoshop(duh! who hasn't?) but I have no experience doing a technical animation, like one you would see on the news, e.g., a new heart pump or how a drug interacts with a cell, etc.

He's offering me $4,000 if I can do it. I can get 3D Studiomax, "the only software I'd need" according to someone I spoke with. I am crazy to try and learn Studiomax just enough to get this 30sec clip finished? I have about three months, but he's putting in the proposal Jan1 -- meaning he needs my confirmation and fee figure by then.

THANKS for your opinions,

GYNster -- Adren's prodigal forum groupie

Before the lights flicker on/off again and the Granny/Hang drama continues, let's enjoy this intermission to watch a recent Damiah demo from demosquad. This is an immediate rematch where he lost the first one I think 18-3. Only a handful of players work chastity belt's odd angled openings like Damiah, using both rg and rl.

NOTE to new players: A few months back I said: Easy to forget the mouse BOTH aims and determines direction of movement. Great players do both simultaneously, making it look like one skill, not two. With that notion in mind, watch how much time he spends aiming and anticipating direction of return fire...and how little time he wastes in movement(e.g., always falling backward on YA in an offensive position, using clipped jumps and rarely overjumping,etc.) This isn't brilliant play; it's just cold-blooded, methodical hunting of an opponent.

1v1 and TDM Demos / Granny vs DahanG BORED YOU? Here's a fix...
« on: October 09, 2006, 08:52:25 PM »
Yea there's a reason most players with any reputation ask each other "hey mind if i post this?" to which the other can say either "sure was a fun match, lotsa action man" OR "nah that was hella dull, why bore other people?" Just look at demosquad demos...anyway,

Yes this a Damiah demo, but it's NOT a rape demo either. No this match is very reminiscent of Season 4 PGL's final of Kuin vs. Vorador, where Kuin had to relentlessly charge megaroom, get pushed out, charge, get repelled, repeat,etc...each attack varying the timing, not giving Vorador a pattern of his attack or style by using surprise, dropping ammo and playing "un"Kuin'ish. Vorador, like Damiah's opponent here, is an incredible railer. Refreshing to see Damiah later in the match with control, trying to snipe at him but getting tagged in the ass from different angles. Don't know this guy, Wicked, but he's got nice rail. Reminds me of Rehash railing the hell outta Scooby on q2rdm2(demo), despite Scoob's control.

Enjoy and hang with it, euros usually play 15min matches to let strategy fully develop. Watch for two great RL predict shots from both players during the last 2mins.

The whole point of the 1v1 was because DaHanG was showing Granny how q2dm1 isn't a great 1v1 map..nothing more, nothing less.

 :alien: Just got done talking to va.gummy...he's a fan of those old 'walking' pov players like LordVader, so I found a recently played demo of (gulp)a euro-player, slippi. Strange to see such a recent, euro-player pov resemble real old school movement and tactics. Enjoy gums!

FFA Demos / TS500 II City64 Comments
« on: April 25, 2006, 08:37:32 AM »
 :sorry: Didn't see where you can comment on the last TS500...
I completely agree with Ax2Grind: There's a good reason almost every ffa on any map includes ALL powerups--the # of people. Even when you do 2v2 tdm, say on lavatomb, quad is enabled. If you do 4v4dm8, the ps is enabled too; hell you should/can drop it to your teammates.

Unfortunately people started leaving this ffa either because of previous commitments or, I suspect, they hated getting quad killed. As Ax2Grind also said, there were plenty of quads/ps/invuln to go around for everybody. I watched Ely's demo up to the 200th frag, and that's the first time I've seen someone pick up two overlapping, standing quads(not frag-dropped)!! Pretty cool, if you ask me.

A last secondary consideration: Without all the powerups, this could be like playing Gin Rummy to 5,000!! Grow a beard watching the demo. You would have d/l it as a torrent! Can't imagine how long it would've taken Ely to bag 500 without them(and I believe he would have too). Look powerups in this format add mayhem and unpredictability to pot. And digency, you really don't have to know the map too well with all those goodies everywhere. Just run a route and make a few detours for extra frags. Ely was wise to avoid the rail lake. What's there? Just a rg and a lot of water. :ubershock:

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