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Hey guys, figured I'd post here for any ideas before just give up and go back to good ole sluggish r1q2.  But I downloaded q2pro the other day, gave up trying to configure it, then tonight I tried a bit more with no success.  Basically, my pak is perfect for me and I don't want to switch the sounds/anything of my pak to something else, but when I was using r1q2 I could use the gl_modulate trick to make the models SUPER bright and I could see them np(as I like to keep a real dark background) and this is the result: .  With q2pro, I set gl modulate entities to 99, gl modulate world to 2 and gl modulate to 1, and this is the brightest I could get it: .  I've got pretty bad vision, so I have to have them that super bright so I can see them down darker hallways/further away/dark corners etc.  Anyone have any ideas?  Also the pak I'm using is:  in case anyone asks I guess.  I'm all out of ideas. 

This post will have:  Sooints / [eL]todd's  POV's(can only have 4 attachments per post so 2ds/00's will be in another) for the Winners Bracket Round 1B Match.  00(bluemeanies) hasn't sent his demos to the email yet so I'll add his when I receive em.

This match was played as 2on2 with both sides approval of such.  Haunted dropped and we haven't found a reliable fill in just yet so they(hops/00/2d/Sooint) all wanted to get the match in while they were all on and able at least.  They played dakyne4mod and ra2map26(Facks).  I will not leave the score or anything here so I don't spoil anything for the people who haven't seen who won yet :P

PS. Just a fore-warning: The demo names are going to be pretty long and that's me just trying to keep em organized on my end.  You can always change it to a single number/digit/letter/whatever when you download it to make it easier for you to do playback/for preference/etc. 

PSS.  2d, your 2nd map didn't record properly.  NOTE to you and NOTE to ALL: When recording demos for your NOT rely on 'autorecord'.  ALWAYS type "stop", then start your demo "record demoname"  right after the server changes the map when the vote passes or people have joined up on both sides and the 15 second timer has commenced.  This way will INSURE you will have your demos so that you can send em in AFTER your match, which is required, and in case an admin requests to have your demo resent(and if you don't have it, you get an automatic FF).  So this is accidental I'm sure since 2d isn't 2bright :P (jkk).  So just pay attention guys :).

RA2 Demos / RA2 Draft 2014 Match Demos
« on: April 28, 2014, 06:32:57 PM »
In this thread, I'll be posting everyone's POV of each match so everyone can download/watch em etc and I can keep it clean/organized so we don't have 900 threads of people posting their single POV.  I have access to the email being used for people to be sending their demos to, so I will be downloading them and then uploading em here for everyone's viewing pleasure!  And if jehar/phil makes a stream of any games, I will post the link to the vod here or if anyone beats me to posting it here, that's fine.  But I wanna keep this thread clean and mainly for the RA2 Draft demos only, no shit talk/general discussions etc please :)

Quake / Possible Quake 5? Discuss your thoughts.
« on: September 15, 2013, 10:34:44 PM »
Just read this small article: .  What are your thoughts about a possible Quake 5?  What would you like to see changed or changed back after the all so successful Quake 4?  What would you like to see added?  Discuss.

I know it is reaching reeeeeal far, but it would be so cool to be able to somehow include all the engines into a Quake 5 to where you could 'pick' which Quake(1-5)'s interface ect that you could play with, hell, I don't even think that would be possible?  Unless of course you had servers for each of the quake's interface's only as I'm sure that would be a coding nightmare or just impossible to somehow implement em to where you could pick which one from the game menu kinda deal.  I know Raven screwed the pooch on Q4 and if id took it over, that it wouldn't be such a giant failure.  If they were to make just a completely new Quake etc I'd just hope it wasn't made so horribly bad that you feel like you wasted your money on it as I felt I did the SECOND I played Q4 after buying/installing the best quake of the series.  I don't know how I really felt about the whole "sliding" thing that was in Q4, as I literally only played it 2 times, uninstalled, took the cd and smashed it into a gazillion different pieces with a hammer on my asphalt outside, but I really would hope it didn't make a return to a new quake. 

Also q3's/qlives "easy mode", is real dumb imo.  Any horrible person can actually hit rails all day long in q3/qlive whereas in q2, your forced to actually aim a lot more.  I do like the hit beeps from q3/qlive and would like to see that added to q2 and just pretty much re-release q2. 

Oh, and FUCKING KICK LG, and give us back chaingun, PLEASE.  LG is so stupid, haha.  And yes I'm bad with it and don't care.  It's dumb and CG will always trump LG in quake's weapons, always.

Oh, AND add BACK realistic rocket splash damage for fucks sake.  Hitting someone for 1hp or 1 slice of armor with a rocket splash is a god damn joke, rofl.  Also when people RJ, it barely even hurts them verse how it did in ra2/q2.  Depending on the route they take(if they are working on q5 or the equal, that is), would have to kinda wait and see what their plans were and the direction they were wanting to head in before I could say rather or not to increase rail damage back to 100 or keep it where it's at.  Other thing I kinda did like bout ra2 over CA was that you only had a 100/100 in q2 and could die in 2 hits verse CA where you can hit someone 90 times and there's a possibility that he could still take a rail and live.  Kinda almost made people aim more and spam a 'lil' less in ra2 then they do in CA since you have to hit someone 4? times with a rail to kill them verse 2 so you've just gotta do sooo much damage to them and if it turns into a 1on1 with 2 baiters on each team, it could last forever(thank god for draws, but they still take too long) while they just +back and slowly pick at each other.  Least in ra2, if it were 5on5 say, you could almost bet that if you're the last alive on your team verse another, that they could be railed or a lil lowish, you can check hps easy and if you're low say, you just gotta hit 2 good rails and you know that, to win.  In CA, someone with low hp say 25ish with the other person knowing they are low, has nearly no chance of winning as long as the other person can hit the broad side of a barn or is able to easily sneak up close enough to LG for a split second to kill em.

Dunno, just a bunch of random shit in no particular order that I've thought of when playing each of the quakes and after q4 was such a huge flop to possibly make the next quake better and a success. 

/rant off, discuss if you feel like it and share your thoughts and/or ideas.  or simply call me a faggot and tell me to fuck off :D

« on: November 24, 2012, 05:38:29 AM »
Deadline for this is Nov 26th, so you guys still have time to sign up.  I wasn't going to but target managed to con me into it so I'm helping spread the word about the ladder.  You can sign up for 1on1, 2on2, 3on3 and 4on4, can choose just one, or join all of them, whichever you prefer :P.  Don't shy away from not signing up even if you aren't that good as teams will be picked fairly and compensate for that.  If anyone needs help learning how to play or has any questions regarding binds/anything, can ask away here or in irc.  CTF is real fun and is the fastest pace mod, so it's real enjoyable to play when you get the hang of things.  But remember, sign up deadline is in two days, so get your asses on there :P

Had to do another thread for this amazing game, like there was for Skyrim....personally I think it's easier than D2 and it can get quite repetitive...and once you get up to level 50 or above and are playing on Hell level with 4 people (blizzard made a mistake and having 4 people in a server on Hell in any act makes it almost like a pre-inferno game) HAVE to be with 3 other people that know what they are doing and actually know how to play their classes, have great(not just good, but great)gear, and don't run off on their own all the time, or else just the mini-bosses will shit on you easily...pone of the four main bosses with 4 people on Hell is fucking craaaazy hard....I just killed Azmodan and my goal by the end of the day today is to get to Inferno and bout half-way barb has 38k hp at level 53 and with his shout, has 42k about...if anyone else plays and is around my level at all my name on there is add me up and lets tear some shit up since I don't have work today or tomorrow for a change ;).

What are your thoughts on the game?  Do you like it, not like it?  Have you noticed any major bugs/issues at all so far that needs to be fixed?  What class do you think is best for solo'ing, grouping and/or tanking? 

1v1 and TDM Demos / RICK vs Misery (2 newbs) 1on1 Rage with 8 OT's
« on: July 20, 2011, 01:49:40 PM »
rofl, we played this one last night and we went into 8 OT's after Misery thought he had the game won and I fragged him with like 1-2 seconds left to go to send it into the first OT.  I know it's prolly nothing flashy to you pros, but I thought it was a pretty damn gg.  <3 Misery

DigitalFrag Servers / Banned subnet?
« on: July 20, 2011, 12:30:08 PM »
Well I connected and played just fine on the DFCA/MSCA(wtfever) server last night, but today it's saying BANNED SUBNET?....wtfux :(

/dev/random / ADAM
« on: July 12, 2011, 01:07:35 PM »
I miss you.

1v1 and TDM Demos / Wake RAPES YellowFire with HG's in CTF
« on: February 27, 2011, 11:04:14 PM »
Going through my old CTF demos, I found this one which was hilarious.  Wake(orange jews) uses basically hand grenades only against YellowFire, a self pro-claimed undefeated god at CTF(acts quite similar to Vae in TDM/insta).  It's pretty funny how hard YF is trying verse him and how much he fails.  He kills Wake I think once and of course gets a huge boner and says "owned" or of that sort.  He used spiked models and would literally pull the plug when he was losing and finally had to publicly admit to both before WORM would unban him haha, as seen here:,2503.0.html

Map is attached along with the demo.

Trouble Shooting / Quadz please read when you have a moment.
« on: February 17, 2011, 06:55:24 AM »
Hey boss man.  [eL]phil and [eL]r0ckStar(two different people but both live in CA and only like an hour away from each other), were having name issues last night on the RA2 and CTF-MATCH servers(and if it was happening on those two servers, I'm sure it'll happen on all of em).  They both were restricted to the name "draken" and anytime they changed their names, it didn't matter what to, they got kicked.  I thought maybe they were caught in some kind of subnet name restriction but I don't think anyone has ever used the name "draken" before.  Anyway this can be looked into/fixed when you have a moment please sir?

RA2 Demos / OGL match eL vs TDM Edge/map26(Facks)
« on: February 15, 2011, 10:07:52 AM »
I think I got the matches messed up, but this was the 2nd time we played TDM, and the other demos I posted was our 3rd or 4th (going by dates)  and here are 2/3 of the demos (3rd map is corrupted, sigh)...I thought we played against them more but now that I think about it, with the way the OGL challenge system worked and all, we were locked always playing either 187 or ltr while sQ, TDM and FEARED were locked playing against each other.  I remember this match and we had the pick for the 3rd map and we picked map17(eL's map of choice) and I know we won that one as we went undefeated on that map.  EDIT: Now that I think about it and was able to pull up the old OGL list, TDM was the first and only clan to beat us on map17 we actually lost this set, my bad :P.

For eL: Me, todd(hops), david(delta), and bobby!(Wake from the CTF scene)

For TDM: DaHanG, haunted, krez and kyuSs(deft alias'ing) ;)

Haunted - I don't know if I have the demos from the first time we played when you guys rocked us and I'm pretty sure we played a 4th time as I remember losing to you guys at least twice so slowly but surely I'm going through all 300+ of these demos haha.  Hopefully I find the first match demos as I remember we under estimated you guys big time and thought it'd be an easy win and you guys just walked all over us haha but I'll look when I get more time.

RA2 Demos / OGL match eL vs TDM map 24 (Big0nes)
« on: February 15, 2011, 09:23:54 AM »
Finally found the second demo in my slew of demos.  Already posted the first one ( map27)...this time they switched out kyuSs(eligigrio) out for haunted and seemed to do better.  Haunted raped me basically every round, I just played so dumb but did make quite a few good shots on this one.

for eL: me, philbo, milenko and hops(todd)

for TDM: DaHanG, tissue, krez, haunted

Gunna keep looking through the demos and I'll post the first match we had verse these guys were we got rolled pretty hard.  This was the 2nd and final match we ever played I think against TDM and had our "A-Team"(as Nebulous would put it ;) ) this time and we just had TDM's # this time.  I'm sure if we played again, they'd prolly roll us like they did the first time but was gg's.

RA2 Demos / NGL 2on2 eL vs SkitZ + FlareZ(nonisimo)
« on: February 11, 2011, 07:21:17 AM »
This was one of the matches for that 2on2 NGL bracket that was made back a couple years ago for ra2 with a grand prize of 100$, which hops and I basically won but never received a penny due to the owner pulling a houdini ;).  This was when my god damn video card fried and I had to rely on good ole onboard and gay ass software mode :/.  I suck enough already with open gl, but apparently I can suck worse.

First match is on map27 (Edge), their choice.  FlareZ is a faggot, hands down lol.  Guy and his jumping/speed on edge is unmatched.  SkitZ has played ra2 a lot more than FlareZ so he does a better job with the patience end and being a better teammate.

Next match is on map20 (Backwards edge).  I had asked FlareZ which RA maps he knew and he said none.  Hops and I thought about being gay and picking a map that neither SkitZ or FlareZ had ever seen before but we were one up and had the map choice if that match had went to a 3rd map.  So I decided to be nice and pick backwards edge that way flarez wasn't completely lost and it'd be more even.  I actually do something this map unlike the last and don't suck -as- bad, haha.

RA2 Demos / OGL match eL vs ltr map9
« on: February 11, 2011, 06:44:01 AM »
ltr wasn't amazing, but they actually had Fuels and milenko playing for them in this one and they are among the best ra2'ers that played. 

for ltr = Fue|s, milenko, chad, StEaLtH

for eL = myself, philbo, david, brice(truth from the CTF scene)

we were handicapped 3on4 for the first two rounds as brice had the ra2 bug of being "tagged" as a bot for alt-tabbing out of game during the game so when that happens, anytime he actually shoots and HITS someone on the other team, it damages him for whatever damage he inflicts to them until he reconnects...we lose the 1st round but win the 2nd as he finally reconnects.  I was laggin a bit but nothing new, was ggs.

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