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Community Events / Re: (Ra2) Rocket Arena Royal Rumble !! Every Sat night 8:30pm-2am pst (Ra2)
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on May 20, 2013, 09:07:46 PM to random
Yes, random(  :smiley_ablg: ) and crazyboy are both bad.  And yes, I can't say gg ever because any game verse you shitties is boring.  +back allstars, bout it.  If golgo is ever in 3rd place at any given time, there is definitely nobody good on.

rofl eat shit fgt...i dont get whats the big fuzz about winning a pub game. the level of skill available now is -100000 compared to how it was when [eL] and i| played competitively (of course, eL always got raped but thats a whole nother conversation).

Infact, just a few minutes ago RK has the nerve to tell me Owned because he won dakynes by a few frags (i think 4 or 5) him and straz vs golgo, some other shitty and myself.. not to mention i MG and HG'd about basically entire map lol. Guess i wasnt trying hard enough.

GOOD JOB BREH!  :frustration:
tastyspleen.net / Re: anti-anonymity poll option
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on April 29, 2013, 05:24:46 PM to magic
this is why the ratings system is a dumb idea on this board. there's always going to be some faggot who thinks he's being creative by wasting his time voting up people he likes and voting down people he hates.

Dervish has been down voting my posts for ages. I'm just catching up is all... making things even Steven. And yeah... the ratings system is stupid on this board, and so is rewarding people with catchy titles for spamming 1000's of non-sense posts.
Community Events / Re: which maps should be in the offical rotation. most rated gets picked
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on April 24, 2013, 08:40:14 AM to MCS_FaderJok0
no way im voting for you or 2dum to be admin of ra2.

it should either go to elysium or haunted. or even better, me.
Quake / Re: Ventrilo / ex
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on March 29, 2013, 03:54:52 AM to 2d
Interesting night:

With competition mode on, lets just say gameplay was waaaay more even, with h0ps getting owned more than a few times as well.

blast = h0ps
mud dog = rick
retrer = ex

There you go h0ps, the round that made you quit edge and vote a new map because you couldnt handle our heat you jackass.


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