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Quake / R1Q2 Mac Os X and Linux
Demonstrates Exceptional Knowlege of the Game Demonstrates Exceptional Knowlege of the Game
on December 27, 2014, 11:44:58 PM by yahoo
I have attached a version of r1q2 that i finally managed to run on mac os x. It works on my newer machine as well as one running an outdated version of os x.

I'm on a time crunch right now and can't explain much but i'll come back and edit this post later so stay posted if you are interested.

HTTP downloads do not work, and as far as i know can not work with mac unless some changes are made. Linux i am not sure, you will have to look at the source. Im not sure if other versions of the source compile well on linux, but if they do use them. This version is pretty old.

If you can not fire your weapon set "cl_async" to 1. I need to test if it ACTUALLY turns async on or not, but without it set to 1 you can't shoot or jump with mouse.

Instructions : Copy r1gl, ref_gl.so and r1q2ded into your Quake 2 folder.
Copy gameub.so into your baseq2 folder inside Quake 2 folder.

Here is a link to the source

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