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Trouble Shooting / Re: Repeatedly experienced severe crashes while playing Q2 online
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on November 02, 2013, 07:48:24 AM by Acer
I can run my system offline without experiencing any trouble for months, but whenever I go online and start playing Quake2, the trouble seems to start again. I even ran a 24h test with r1q2 and bots having fun on a LAN server, and it never crashed - I go online, and it crashes every day!

Nowadays our computers are always connected to the internet so better take the time to know and to configure your router the right way. Go to portforward.com and look under Routers > Portforwarding Guides and pick your router from the list then and look for Q2's setup in the games list. Also test some ports using their pfportchecker tool and of course check to see if what you really need for Q2 (27910) is open and functioning. And if you haven't tried it already, temporarily stop using anticheat, just to rule out as many things as possible. Maybe also think about changing your router's admin password. List_of_default_Router_Admin_Passwords

(...) there is malicious software out there that, using Javascript in your browser, can actually attempt to access your router. Knowing the administrative password, if you've never changed it, that software can then reconfigure your router to disable many of its firewall characteristics and allow more serious malware to infect your system. (...)

For future problems with malware and especially boot virus crap I would suggest getting the free Avira Antivir Rescue cd. It's a Linux based downloadable rescue cd, which lets you scan the pc without having to boot your OS. There's a windows .exe version and the .iso version (The .iso can also be used from usb stick). The download links are always up-to-date but you can also update while running the rescue cd if you have internet connection.
tastyspleen.net / Re: File checks? WTF!!!?
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on October 29, 2013, 03:36:58 PM by Focalor
...players/cyborg/a_grenades.md2   - Like you said this file sometimes failes the check and I've seen other anticheat-users return a failed check for this stock file as well. Long time ago I had replaced the cyborg tris.md2 with the male tris.md2 and after fixing that the a_grenades.md2 seems to pass the check, at least that's what it looks like. Weird.
Since anticheat is not forced I don't really see the point of this as it only checks the anticheat users(?). I mean I regularly check 'aclist' and I've never seen more than three or four players at the same time that actually use anticheat, but now the file checks only make the few anticheat users look suspicious, kind of. I use the rg_hum from Q3 and of course that failes the check, but it would be nice to see something printed like:
[anticheat] Pan has a modified sound/weapons/rg_hum.wav but at least he uses anticheat. (J/k)
[anticheat] Pan failed 1 file check.

O well it's no big deal but the first time I connected with the file check running it printed about five lines of failed checks for customized stuff which of course didn't look good. So I just went to change a few things back to stock... it's either that or ditching anticheat. I'm not saying I don't applaud file checks but it feels a bit half-assed :P when it only checks anticheat users.
Maybe I'll just upload some of the customized files, mostly sounds. (offtopic: speaking of uploading ever since the server migration my password isn't recognized and I can't acces my TS domain.)

Quake / Re: stfu dervish :)
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on October 29, 2013, 03:34:57 PM by Focalor
sux for joo.

yes, sux for me too :/  :P

Terrible packtloss on all servers I have tried today, odd thing is that the 'lag' command tells me there is no Client to server PL but the netgraph obviously doesn't agree. (Server to client PL, perhaps?)
On mutant it was so bad I thought my cpu was busy with something else in the background, untill I checked the netgraph.

This was on dm a few minutes ago:
Quake FAQs, HOWTOs, and Articles / Re: strange lag-like weirdness
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on June 28, 2013, 03:11:36 AM by Acer
Do some searching on the subject of botnets. Be careful when your antivirus has ever found a trojan-downloader because that's usually the beginning of unexplainable 'lag' problems and system slowdowns. Botnet masters secretly take control of computers and use these infected machines in malicious activities such as emailspam, phishing and whatnot.

check.botnet.nu  Here you can check if your IP is in their database. (This only tells if you are a part of the specific "Pobelka" botnet or have been in the past.)
free.antivirus.com/us/rubotted/index.html  => RUBotted  This tool will monitor your computer for potential infection and suspicious activities associated with bots. (If after a few days this doesn't report anything while you're still getting hangups then don't forget to uninstall the program, just to keep things clean.)
Try this also: http://www.avira.com/en/download/product/avira-antivir-rescue-system  Download the .iso version and burn to cd. Restart comp and enter the BIOS to change Boot priority to boot from CD/DVD first. (This program is like an anti malware/spyware, only it completely bypasses loading Windows.)

[edit]  I just heard D3v finally had a tech guy come over who tested all the lines and found that too much power was coming to modem from a splitter. After removing the thing it seems all is well now. Go figure.
railz / new insta map
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on March 28, 2013, 09:06:18 AM by Acer
Greetings quadz & co, I have just released and uploaded a new little Instagib map into the "rails/maps" directory (single bsp file).
HF with it  :twisted:

> TurboNerd

- .aas file (for use with gladiator bots)
Quake / Re: The end of Planet Quake?
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on March 19, 2013, 03:04:20 PM by Acer
PlanetQuake was smoking hot. I proudly took this screendump (sexy win98 taskbar) 11 years ago after getting my first Level-of-the-week review. Best thing about PQ in my opinion was the goldmine of Hosted player sites and Reviews (see bottom left of picture)
Quake / Re: q2ctf1 windown: how i return to it?
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on March 11, 2013, 02:15:11 AM by ex
yes I remember how tricky it was to get in and out of that window opening. ;) 
I know that cl_maxfps is not important  - you only need grapplehook and the crouch + forward keys.

To get in, shoot the hook in the left corner and keep the crouch key pressed the whole time, then shoot the hook high at the wall and try to crouch forward. Always aim the hook up. I recorded a demo on q2ctf1 to show you how to do it. I can't explain it in words so you'll have to keep trying and trying 8)
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