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Quake / Re: Any setting to make spawning upon map rotation quicker?
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on April 16, 2019, 06:41:53 AM by Punk_FAS
I'm not sure about the precise circumstances but the hops and lag probably affect the reconnect latency.

A server can be configured to force respawn. (dmflags has bit 10 set (value 1024))
This forces a player to be respawned upon death after a brief time even when he doesn't press the fire button.
If force respawn isn't set then it waits for the player to press the attack button to initiate respawn.

Intermission and map change is a bit different.
The client loads and parses the new map data and precaches the models, textures and sounds when the intermission expires. There is also a window of time during the intermission when you can press the attack button and terminate the intermission and reconnect. If you're waiting for the intermission to end then this might explain why you're "late to the game".
/dev/random / Re: The Official Ebola Virus Thread
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on October 25, 2014, 03:10:57 PM by yahoo
Regarding "affect" vs. "effect"...

Affect was the proper word to use in that context. Affect is used when we're talking about how many people would be affected by a change, as in "Millions of people were affected by the affordable health care act." Affect should not be confused or conflated with "affectation" which is a state of emotion or a display of some personal trait.

Effect is used when we're talking about what was changed. As in "Millions of people have suffered from the effect of changes in the health care laws."

Here's a case where both are used correctly: "Many were affected by the changes but the effects of the changes were varied and small."

Affect is a verb.
Effect is a noun.
Science / Re: The Ye Science Thread
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on October 25, 2014, 03:08:29 PM by yahoo

I was wondering what did they use to cool down the material since what I know is that in most practice they use Liquid Nitro for which is about 210 °C.

Also wouldn't the substance they used to cool would be more colder than the substance being cooled be the coldest object?

Super-cooling is usually achieved by pressurizing the object in a Dewar container and then slowly releasing some of the pressurizing gas in that container. This cools the container and the test object in the same way releasing Propane from a tank cools the tank. My guess is they put the copper slug inside a pressure vessel, filled it with helium gas at high pressure and kept that whole assembly inside a Dewar filled with liquid helium surrounded by another chamber full of liquid nitrogen and surrounded the whole thing with a vacuum. Cracking a valve into the central core would release some gas and chill the core even more.

Liquid Nitrogen at 1 ATM is about 77 Kelvin or −196 °C. Liquid Helium is colder: 4.2 K or -268.8 °C at 1 ATM. Pressurize your liquid Helium and you can get it to go below 0.5 K.

Hospital MRI machines use superconducting magnets that must be chilled by liquid helium. The magnet is inside a chamber surrounded by liquid helium, the liquid helium Dewar vessel is surrounded by a jacket of liquid nitrogen and that whole thing is all inside a Dewar donut to keep it from chilling the room and the patient. Once the magnet is stabilized at 4 or 5 K, the current in the magnet is ramped up by a power supply which increases the current in the magnet until its at the desired magnetic field strength, then the power supply is disconnected and the current in the magnet loop remains constant. The liquid helium and liquid nitrogen are replenished periodically so the system remains cold. There are pressure relief valves vented to the outside of the building to keep the escaping gasses from filling the room. Liquid helium is extremely dangerous to handle because it's so cold and because the liquid helium jet from the stinger that's used to insert the gas into the magnet chamber will slice through things like feet and hands.

This is why people are researching warm superconductors. If you can create a superconductor at 77 K or even warmer, you make all that extra jacketing unnecessary and you greatly reduce the cost and size of your superconducting system.
Politics / Re: Ghost Cities: Gargantuan Chinese Real Estate Bubble
Flawless Logic Flawless Logic
on August 07, 2014, 03:12:34 PM by X7
I was last in China in 2005. In every city we visited there was development like this going on. Each tour guide quoted statistics about the cost of living and the cost of housing in that city as if higher cost was something to be proud of.

Chinese central planners have set growth goals for the economy and those targets supersede all others. They regulate their GDP the way the US Fed regulates inflation. The way you ensure a GDP is to build infrastructure and manufacture goods. But where is the demand? Where is the customer?

They also resist any attempt to get the Yuan to float. In 2005 the Yuan was 8:1 against the US dollar, today it's 6.162:1.
Trouble Shooting / Re: r1q2 issue
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on April 04, 2014, 02:55:12 PM by dervish
7904 was what I had. That said modified client.

Works fine now, not getting kicked and blocks don't appear when I run cfg.  :beer:

I did some more troubleshooting..

I updated r1q2 again,  is said mine was old (the just installed 7904), it said it was downloading 7904.
when I ran it it was build 8012 again, and did the same block thing.

I removed ALL paks from baseq2 except pak0 and pak1.
ran the game again, was stock text, conchars.pcx.
far as I could tell everything was stock again (shudders)

ran my cfg and the white blocks came back.

I try and find out what in the cfg is triggering it.  But something is screwed on r1q2 if its updating a b7904 to b7904 and actually loading b8012.
Maybe I need to update the updater :)


Thanks Derv

The 7904 to 7904 update message is a known bug. I am not sure if it's the updater sending the wrong version number or something in the data it fetched from the web server. I suspect it's a copy-paste bug in the text in the database on the web server since the updater wouldn't have any pre-knowlege about the version numbers. At any rate it gets the b8012 version and that binary is stamped with the correct version number.
Science / Re: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
Appears Not to Comprehend Game Fundamentals Appears Not to Comprehend Game Fundamentals
on March 17, 2014, 06:24:19 AM by X7
The new Cosmos has a decidedly anti-religious flavor that the old one didn't. My impression is this is intentional. The "ascension" of Bruno in his revelation of the cosmos with his arms outstretched is particularly symbolic.

Ann Druyan was Sagan's partner and was involved in the original Cosmos project. There, the message was a little more muted about science vs. dogma. But I think the message of this new Cosmos is that it's time for an end to respecting religious dogma and for science to lead the world forward past superstition and mysticism. I predict you'll see every religious zealot depicted as dark and grim as the ones depicted here.
Quake / Re: Quake runs 100% CPU, why?
Whoosh! You done missed the joke thar Cletus! Whoosh! You done missed the joke thar Cletus!
on January 29, 2014, 04:30:09 PM by X7
Virtually all Q2 clients and servers are single threaded. I have never heard of anyone making a multi-threaded version. There are lots of things in Q2 that aren't thread safe and there's never been a need for it since round-robin single thread seems to work just fine.

That being said, there's nothing in Q2 to make it NOT use multiple cores. SMP is invisible to the code in Q2 so it doesn't know how many cores are running the code but there is still only one core running one thread of a Q2 process at any instant. Setting processor affinity doesn't buy you anything. You gain a little less time swapping between cores but you lose that gain if the core you have selected was used to run a different process and the Q2 process has to wait.

All my servers on Windows run at a fraction of CPU percent, just as in Linux. Same thing goes for an idle client but when it's active it does increase CPU load and it does increase fan RPM. No 100% loading though. (i7 860 @ 2.8GHz)

If you are seeing 100% CPU usage in Windows on an idle Q2 server then you have screwed up your Windows scheduling or messed with the code in Q2 to cause it. Either that, or your running a computer from 1986.
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