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Suggestions for WOD-X
« on: March 10, 2019, 11:52:48 AM »
Hi r1.

I have some suggestions for WOD-X.
I have no idea if they are easy or difficult to implement, or even correct, but they are:

- All WODX weapons have their respective binds, for example bind key freezeweeper that directly selects the freezeweeper, but if I want to use chaingun I have to scroll for all until I get the chaingun, because the bind key chaingun does not select it, it goes selecting all in rotation. So, if we had a bind key chaingun_default, for example, would make it easier to select this weapon without having to use the bind key chaingun itself. Same for shotgun, supershotgun, machinegun, hyperblaster and railgun.

- The ammos seem to be few, they end up very fast. Perhaps having infinity ammo for all weapons, except rockets and grenades of course, would improve this feeling of frustration by fire little. In addition, I imagine it would be lighter for the server not to load the many ammo packs.

- Just as in tourney mod using the green names of the players who killed us or we killed it would make it easier to know who killed us or we killed. In many times of frantic action we cannot know due to the excess information in the lines of the console, and in this case the names highlighted in green would be great.

- And also, like in other games like Q3, Warsow, etc., the implementation of a kill sound would help to know when we killed someone. Useful to know if that IED / Shambler / Airstrike / etc that we left somewhere killed someone. LOL

- Addition of the number of cells on the screen, below the credits / score. Useful to know if we still have enough to trigger sonic, IEDs, etc.

- The chasecam could be in the eyes of the player instead of 3rd person, so we will have the real notion of how he plays.

- The id command could be turned on by default for all players without the need to activate it at the beginning of each match (it could have the option to turn off, and this becomes fixed if the player does not want to use it). Also, you could use the code implemented in wod 7.51 that works very well, the name appears instantly on the screen, since this of the wodx takes a long time to appear or even does not appear!

- A nuclear tech that appears 1 or 2 times randomly during the game that when triggered causes a nuclear explosion that leaves the screen all white with earthquake and that kills all in the server or at least all that are in good range of reach.

- A dynamic fraglimit in which with a certain number of players in the server it rises from 30 to 50, or the opposite if it has less players, because sometimes some player does 30 frags in only 3 minutes.

- A command to enter the console that lists ALL the commands and binds of WODX and keep updated.

- Option of gamex86.dll updated for windows besides linux in a specific topic here in this forum. (The last version I have is the 2.3 of 2016 that I found "lost" at ...  2.6 is for linux).

Well, for now, that's all I remember.
Thank you! ;)

Obs: If anyone else has any other suggestions for WOD-X, they are welcome to collaborate.

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Re: Suggestions for WOD-X
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2019, 04:32:26 PM »
Hey ZunBee,
Awesome post! Thanks for all your suggestions.
I'll try to take them into consideration for the next update.
Here's wodx 2.6 dll for windows:



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