Author Topic: My take on U2, q2duel1, levels and tltf.  (Read 997 times)

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My take on U2, q2duel1, levels and tltf.
« on: August 05, 2017, 01:30:33 AM »
My versions of old maps (mixed by...)
Just type in console:
then type
to change map
Issue - very slow download, you need to be patient.
Original version of Q2 is very slow in this regard, and my linux server has it too, i don't know how to fix it (for now).
All maps are made for Railgun play, so you have a Rail from the start (if you like it or not...)
I have to tinker with max armor and max health, what we have now is pre-alpha version
U2 - 2 teleports instead of one, game is putting pressure on acquiring a Quad.
Traditionally in rail-only, one shot = one frag, here you can survive and try to reply with fire :) One ho takes the quad has an advantage, and whole battle is for this advantage to take.
Tltf - now called nol, lots of differences, tricky teleports (try them from both sides),
some triggers to recognize (you have to be smart with timing :) and to be honest - unfinisched. When i try to put more "neccesary" stuff on the map, i get buffer_overflow
q2duel1 - not much change, it's just little reorganized
levels - in 3 versions
almost vanilla, just with a missing armor in the center and health in corners, to give you reason for jumping high
Very different - CTF ready, with a lof of changes (jump outside the map and stuff happens)
Very different and slippery (someone asked me for this, so i've made it)
Other maps in the pipeline, other ideas in the mind...
Cannot wait for your constructive critique.

Thank you for your coop.
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If by "benefit of the doubt" you mean giving lrcon, then you're correct to have noticed that is something I'm not comfortable with.

However, I will be looking into modifying WallFly to add global name-ban protection.


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is it possible to have a players name be exclusive to an ip?


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Considering your prior history with name-spoofing, I should think your newfound righteous indignation might be tempered somewhat.

In any case, I suppose the name-ban system could benefit from having a mode that applies globally.


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I have to put up with this untill he gets bored? That isn't going to teach him anything. This is new to me and I've been here for awhile. There's hardly any supervision while I'm playing which is very frustrating. Is there a problem with me having temp lrcon just for the purpose of kicking the spoof


February 14, 2020, 04:03:03 PM
Updated blocked subnets.

When he eventually gets bored, I can look into scrubbing the stats for frags/deaths that weren't from your ISP.


February 14, 2020, 02:53:14 PM
OK this is getting ridiculous now. That fucker is still using my name (even at this moment) and doing his daily lava-suicide marathon. I mean he puts me at -600 deaths each day. If you can't keep him off your server at least set me up a lrcon_password so I can send/kick him to some place else. >:( >

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