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Re: Airgun/pellet rifles
« Reply #15 on: August 04, 2014, 05:27:34 AM »

Been wanting one for ages..  Every time it seems like I have the funds, something comes up.  It's like god thinks I'll shoot my eye out.

  Finally picked up an air rifle.  Local shop had a $100 off sale.  It's not the silent cat I wanted,  but the Whisper.  I think it has the same insides as the silent cat just without as kewl a looking stock.  The numbers I'm betting are pretty accurate as far as airspeed.  With the special ammo it does indeed break the sound barrier.  But that changes where it hits on the paper, and its a bit more expensive so I just use the regular lead stuff.

  Usually fire 5 shots each at 3 paper targets to get a really good feel for where the aim point is then start picking off smaller stuff.  There is a light pole on the vacant property behind us,  I figure about 80 yards, took out the bulb in it in 3 shots.  There are still a few pieces of it left and the aluminum hood over it is getting its turn now.  Hope the city doesnt put 2 and 2 together if they ever tear it down.  I've stashed old frying pans back there in various spots for that satisfying thud.  It's been a good bonding activity with my oldest son.  He loves it when a full beer can gets totally destroyed (Don't worry, it's just bud lite)

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7th post on page 1, i made an ra2 map list a while ago, should have all maps ;)


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Why yes, it is indeed the greatest movie ever.

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