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Adding WallFly to a Q2 Server
« on: February 14, 2019, 02:44:49 PM »
WallFly is our Q2 server bot (somewhat similar to an IRC bot.) It allows players to hop between participating servers (via the GOTO command) as well as to broadcast invites requesting other players join the server where they are playing.

If you'd like to add WallFly, your server will need to run the q2admin mod. (In particular, the "say_person" command must be enabled. This is done within the q2admin.txt config file: say_person_enable "Yes")

The q2admin version we use on our own servers is here:

WallFly will also need to know:
  • A short "GOTO" name for your server. (E.g. "RAD-RAILS")
  • A short description of your server. (E.g. "RAD Clan InstaGib - Canada")
  • Your server's IP address and port. (IP should be static.)
  • Your server's rcon password. (Kept strictly confidential, obviously.)

These details may be sent via private message to this forum Admin account.

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More detailed look at Q2 RTX


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Good video overview Quadz!


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Reasonably informative Q2 Ray Tracing video:


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Yes, if you're fortunate to have one of the new RTX video cards. (I don't, so I'm watching people stream raytraced Q2 on twitch instead.)


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So I can make my q2 experience better looking with a download???


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Raytraced Q2 download/install instructions:


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