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If q2pro doesn't do it for you, try aprq2.

Anticheat won't work on Linux.

No real network tweaks to help the same way there is in something like quakelive. Just gotta lead your shots. At 150 you'll notice a significant delay, but it is more playable than newer games that try to compensate and have weird behavior.

That would be nice, will try aprq2. Pity for anticheat, but i see its not required on most servers anyway. Yeah, it is fun and playable, and i have had so much fun last week playing when i get from work, i dont know, i feel so nostalgic re learning all the maps  :lol:

Anyway, thanks for the input, its not really ( for now ) possible for me to have anything other than my laptop ( and i loathe dual booting ) so for now it works. Only thing i have to get is an external keyboard, trying to bhop when my lap ofter has a maximum of 2 keys is... well...

(And may GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL, what is this, a flight simulator?)  ;)

I always "visualise" movement as similar to neck / spine movement, so if i move my spine / tilt my neck forward, i see down. Thats my logic behin it anyway. Even in darksouls i have camera Y inverted  :bigshades:

Which engine should i try to run ? I use yamagi, triec q2pro but the current that i compiled from source has no option to invert mouse, thus unplayable for me. With r1q2 i had zero sucess, could not compile it.

Which engine?
How did you enable anticheat?
What are your configs ? Mostly tweaks and net settings, since my ping can be over 150...

At the end, why q2 ? Because thats what i played as a teen, in a lan cafe, spent so many many weekends playing the whole night, meeting some people from abroad ( because net was not so widespread and info was not so easy to come by ) etc

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