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« on: April 02, 2014, 08:53:46 PM »
Correct Scaled Lighting

Ladder & Teleporter Override

Jump Pad Override

« on: April 02, 2014, 08:18:47 PM »
Q2DM1_Huge2 (The HUGE Edge v2)

The Edge 3.5 times the original size which makes you feel like a rat or a mouse.  I made Q2DM1_Huge in 2003 for use with a mod with a hook such as WoD 7.51.   I decided to make a 2nd version of this map since I now have a better edge template and have also figured out the correct way to do the scaled lighting with the _fade argument.

In order to move around in a HUGE map, you need to have either low gravity, ladders, teleporters, jump pads, a hook or some combination.  I decided to make Q2DM1_Huge2 a low gravity map, but the map can also be played with ladders or jump pads, if you enable them with an entity override.  I included several entity override files, but if you want a custom override please see the included text file for instructions.

The rafters above the megahealth room, the roof of the arena and the BFG area all have trigger_hurt brushes to prevent camping.  The damage value is set at 1 (default = 5), which is very low, so it takes awhile to kill you.  If you want higher damage or no damage at all, entity override.

There are extra entities added to the map that you can remove with an entity override.
   Adrenaline   (-3856 -928 2512)   Outside, above the rocket ammo.
   Body Armor   (3376 -2372 1616)   Under the stairs by the shotgun.
   Jacket Armor   (-1512 832 972)      Underground corner.
   Large Health   (588 2516 2512)      Megahealth room, below combat armor.
   Ammo Cells   (652 2516 2512)      Megahealth room, below combat armor.
   Ammo Cells   (-3720 1312 2512)   Outside, ledge corner.
   Ammo Slugs   (1192 3356 2512)   Under the small lift.
   Quad Damage   (536 332 972)      Underground, center.
   Invulnerability   (-826 -2238 507)   Under the water in a hidden location.
   Super Shotgun   (-3104 556 1392)   An extra Super Shotgun outside.
   Ammo Shells x 2   (Multiple locations)   Next to the extra Super Shotgun outside.
   BFG10K      (1558 -2468 3772)   In the rafters near the upper rocket launcher.
   Ancient Head   (-1464 1580 3856)   Up top in the arena, just for the hell of it.
   Rebreathers   (Multiple locations)   All over in the water area.
   Intermission   (-1808 -1505 2569)   An EXTRA intermission camera in the Outside area.

I purposely added a bogus Worldspawn argument and 2 bogus entities just for fun.  When you load up the map and you look in the console, you will see 3 messages below Server Initialization that say:
      Hail Satan is not a field
      The Spawn Of Satan doesn't have a spawn function
      The Troll Of Razor doesn't have a spawn function
If you don't like these, entity override.

How did I make this map so there is a Ladder override and a Jump Pad override?  With all ladders and jump pads enabled, I did a full map compile.  Then, I set all the spawnflags for the ladders and jump pads to -1 (Disabled).  Next, I did a BSP compile using -onlyents to make them all disappear.  After that, I generated .ent files and manually edited them to re-enable the ladders or jump pads, etc.

Death_Jump   ~(_:(1)

DOWNLOAD MAPS HERE !! / Re: 54 Edge Remakes!!
« on: May 04, 2013, 01:43:49 AM »
Merlyn is back now!!  SWEEEET!!!

The Edge's Opus:

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