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1 / Re: How About a Lithium Server to Replace Vanilla2?
« on: December 29, 2009, 09:03:33 PM »
I would like to learn more about it, myself, someday.

I just tried the lithium server with the changed settings and they're just like lithium should be in my opinion. Airaccelerate is now ok, hook_speed and hookpull_speed are ok and I could move there almost without stopping with my 170 ping. Even few players came by, which was more than I expected - when I go to Chef's Lithium (german server) it's rare that someone joins.

I can try to help anyone who's interested in learning speedjump and maybe also playing lithium, but I don't if know any new players actually want to learn to play a mod that isn't so popular anymore. But speedjump is kinda easy to learn, anyone who know how to strafe should be able to pull it off somehow with little practise. 

2 / Re: How About a Lithium Server to Replace Vanilla2?
« on: December 26, 2009, 07:17:45 PM »
This is not meant as an insult, but ony an admin who doesn't know anything about Lithium II says that sv_airaccelerate 0 might be changed only if there are enough players requesting it. That argument misses the main point: because airaccelerate is disabled, lithium players don't even consider playing there and Tastyspeeln Lithium II server will always be empty as long as those settings remain. When airaccelerate is disabled it means that the ability to move around (in lithium way) is disabled and same time it means that you can't be effective in air because there's only one way to go and that's directly forward. This will allow strafe jumping, yeah, but like Panjoo already said, lithium has its own way of moving, which is faster, more precise than clumsy strafe jump, and actually allows turning. But it's disabled on Tastyspleen Lithium II at the moment and no one can't move there like that.

Since is already Tastyspleen server (at least that wallfly is there), in my opinion you should make counter-part to those settings and disable runes, iclude no power-ups and keep hooks_peed and rocket_speed at 900 and hook_pullspeed at 700, not to forget changing sv_airaccelerate to 10. Also skyhook - the mother of n00b settings - is stupid feature that only reduces the technical side of lithium playing and should be disabled in my opinion.

You are right, Reptile. Those settings are unbalanced. As a response to Slayer, I'm gonna quote myself from flp board:

The real problem is with fast hook speeds and fast rocket speed combination. Because rockets are way faster than in default lithium settings, it means hitting air targets near walls and in mid-air is much easier with rockets. The faster hook speed and pull speed really don't make up for this, because it just means you go longer, faster, and more straight-forward maneuvers, which makes turning angles wider and so turning requires more space. If different areas in different maps aren't very big, that means you're going to hit walls somewhat often and those short moments are easy to exploit with lightspeed rockets. As room size increases, going near walls walls while hooking can be avoided more easily, but that's just one side of the problem. Those longer, faster, and straight-forward maneuvers also make you flight paths more predictable - and really, a much more predictable compared to default hook speeds - and that means hitting mid-air targets with rockets becomes much easier with these lightspeed rockets.

Basically the settings used on the server make rockets just too good deal to mind about any of the other weapons - and because of the high speed hook settings, anyone with really high ping cannot even imagine fragging with rail, ssg, or chain. But it doesn't matter since since rocket launcher is anyway so superior weapon compared to other weapons you have available.

This is the kind of server you would get with the settings Slayer is suggesting - basically a rocket only server. And when unnecessary speed is added, that just means all technically skilled hookers (ehehe) and speedjumpers are the ones who pay the prize. There are anyway enough servers in USA that uses those fast flp-like settings and any american should have a decent in one of those servers. There are even some players on those servers, though not many, so I don't see the point of adding more of those. But of course even that kind of settings are better than the current settings.

I'm only saying this because I know the server will always be empty with the settings it currently has. No one will ever start playing there until airaccelerate is corrected, but since lithium is almost dead mod the server might be that way in any case.

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