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I can't tell you how long it's been since I played Quake 2, but I recently found my 30GB folder of every single Quake 2 mod, map, texture pack, and executable that I had to fire it up and play a few rounds just to remember the good ol' days...but it's incredibly hard to find Quake 2 servers out there besides everything that TS has to offer.  I miss you guys terribly and I'm hoping that there are still a bunch of you guys still around so that I can hone in on my skills again and spank some ass with you guys here very soon!

Quake 2 will always be the best FPS game for PC.  (P.S. I actually played through the entire game as well as the two addon packs on my PS Vita just because I was that desperate!)  Love you guys.

2 / EGL 0.3.1 Patch by R1CH
« on: May 14, 2007, 05:29:49 PM »
If you're like me and you use EGL, you'll want to read this. R1CH made a patch for EGL (0.3.1) that corrects a connecting issue which has just revealed itself about 24 hours or so ago. When you try to connect to a server running anticheat and HTTP downloading, EGL will go into an infinite refresh loop until you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and kill egl.exe. R1CH created a patch for the latest version of EGL since Echon hasn't been able to correct the problem yet, so if you use EGL, patch your shit up

Discussion / rl as jumpmod admin
« on: April 13, 2007, 03:42:40 AM »
I'd just like to know what you guys think of rl's progress with the jump server lately?  I personally think he's doing a great job fixing the levels with no rails, and hope you guys share the same view as I do with him.  If you have problems with him, you can tell why, but don't be a cunt about it, and somebody will respond with a polite answer.

Trouble Shooting / Anybody had Q2 working on Vista yet?
« on: February 01, 2007, 09:56:50 AM »
I think I'm about decided on a new laptop I want to purchase from the local Best Buy...only problem is that it comes with Vista.  If I buy a laptop with Vista on it though, I'm going to use the Vista license most definitely.  When I was running the RTM of Vista, I never got Quake 2 running at all, in software or GL mode.  Has ATI developed the GL layer for Direct X yet?  Anybody know of workarounds to make it run on Vista?  I'd really like to hear some success stories before I go out and drop $1400 on a laptop. <3

/dev/random / Tastyspleen Facebook group anyone?
« on: January 17, 2007, 02:42:57 AM »
How many people use Facebook on TS?  I'd love to see a group of us representing on least since FB > MySpace.  Al input appreciated. :nana:

6 / BigD as Jump admin
« on: June 12, 2006, 11:40:21 PM »
Okay, so we all know about BigD abusing admin stats to gain map completes over everybody else...and he had his admin status revoked for a few weeks.  Now that he's gotten back his admin privileges, he's resorted to kicking me because he doesn't like what I have to say about him publicly.  Here's a straight condump from a few minutes ago.

x]EM[xBigd: from 2002brent
x]EM[xBigd: brent
x]EM[xBigd: guess how many completes i got now
x]EM[xBigd: without lookin ;d
bnqg53: you could revolutionize jumping hahaaha
BadBrent: don't care
BadBrent: lol
BadBrent: everybody knows you shouldn't be up there anyways
BadBrent: I saw one level
x]EM[xBigd: lol
BadBrent: where you gave yourself a rocket launcher
BadBrent: just to get the fast time
x]EM[xBigd: are you a noob?
x]EM[xBigd: you cant do /give all
x]EM[xBigd: on hard team
BadBrent: better than you are
x]EM[xBigd: goofball
BadBrent: no
bnqg53 disconnected
BadBrent: you enabled blaster
BadBrent: to blast a door open
BadBrent: on beachjumping or something
x]EM[xBigd: yes
BadBrent: and then disabled it again
x]EM[xBigd: ?
x]EM[xBigd: i used a rocket launcher
x]EM[xBigd: i cant enable blasters
BadBrent: lies
Level 1 - noclip hook give
x]EM[xBigd: that's level 7
x]EM[xBigd: i'm level 6
BadBrent: anyway, no body cares, we know you cheated to get that high up
x]EM[xBigd: bullshit on you
BadBrent: go ask the rest of the jumpers in the top 20 or so
x]EM[xBigd: someone was here everymap i beat
guilty: this jumps is bs
BadBrent: they'll tell you what they think of you :\
Can only store on ground
x]EM[xBigd: do i care?
x]EM[xBigd: half of them suck anyway
BadBrent: the ones in the top 10?
BadBrent: they can all beat you
x]EM[xBigd: no
x]EM[xBigd: top 20
x]EM[xBigd: lets see
No. Name              Maps     %
1   Ax2Grind           572  1972.4
2   AW_CR1TT3R         439  1513.8
3   AW_B^SiC           387  1334.5
4   MiseryLovesINC     361  1244.8
5   Trip               321  1106.9
6   x]EM[xBigd         314  1082.8
7   h4l0_k!ng          303  1044.8
8   Dork               286  986.2
9   kNoC               273  941.4
10  {OG}ATLien         265  913.8
11  mir^mortal         263  906.9
12  Dobin              249  858.6
13  Sand               240  827.6
14  Kingsize           225  775.9
15  |D|randypants      223  769.0
16  b0at               222  765.5
17  BadBrent           211  727.6
18  BigSausage         202  696.6
19  Saix               197  679.3
20  yogurt             192  662.1
Page 1/54 (1077 users). Use playermaps <page>
]I don't see a single shitty jumper in the top 20
BadBrent: I don't see a single shitty jumper in the top 20
x]EM[xBigd: knoc can't
x]EM[xBigd: dobin can't
]knoc owns you dude
BadBrent: knoc owns you dude
x]EM[xBigd: badbrent cant
]and so does dobin
BadBrent: and so does dobin
x]EM[xBigd: big sausage cant
x]EM[xBigd: they can't prove it
x]EM[xBigd: use playertimes
x]EM[xBigd: both below me
]and if you weren't admin, i'd still have more map completes than you would
BadBrent: and if you weren't admin, i'd still have more map completes than you
x]EM[xBigd: you're a fucking retard
]you've completed over 120 maps in like a 3 week period
BadBrent: you've completed over 120 maps in like a 3 week period
x]EM[xBigd: someone has been here everymap i've beat
]get real you cheating twat
BadBrent: get real you cheating twat
BadBrent was kicked by x]EM[xBigd.
BadBrent was kicked
You were kicked from the game
]condump bigd
Dumped console text to ./jump/condumps/bigd.txt.

Now on to our AIM conversation up to this point:

Brentiepooh: thanks for the kick...quadz will appreciate this condump
XxlBigdlxX: i'm not listening to immature jealous bullshit
Brentiepooh: then don't
Brentiepooh: lol
Brentiepooh: I don't care
XxlBigdlxX: sure, i just condump'd it myself
Brentiepooh: i'm not jealous one bit
XxlBigdlxX: yea, you are.
XxlBigdlxX: you accuse me of cheating?
Brentiepooh: if you say so
XxlBigdlxX: someone is on the server 24/7
Brentiepooh: yes I do
XxlBigdlxX: i have NEVER been alone
XxlBigdlxX: fucking noob
Brentiepooh: we'll see what the forums have to say about it
XxlBigdlxX: nah
XxlBigdlxX: i'm going to tell quadz now
XxlBigdlxX: h/o
Brentiepooh: rofl
XxlBigdlxX: oh and btw
XxlBigdlxX: i didnt have admin for two of those weeks
XxlBigdlxX: smartie pants
XxlBigdlxX: :-)
Brentiepooh: and how many map completes did you get in that time frame? oh yeah
Brentiepooh: 19
XxlBigdlxX: 19?
XxlBigdlxX: lol are you dumb?
XxlBigdlxX: last night i completed 30-40
XxlBigdlxX: with stix there
XxlBigdlxX: the whole time
Brentiepooh: i'll just let you think you're better than you think you are
XxlBigdlxX: I'm not that good
XxlBigdlxX: but i am better then knoc
XxlBigdlxX: and dobin
Brentiepooh: if I honestly got upset over how many map completes you have gotten on tastyspleen, I would have left a long time ago
XxlBigdlxX: playertimes show that
XxlBigdlxX: leave now
XxlBigdlxX: because i've just told quadz everything
Brentiepooh: but I'm not gonna believe for one second that you being admin didn't have to do anything with your scores
Brentiepooh: do it
Brentiepooh: lmao
XxlBigdlxX: i've had it with peoples jealous immature bullshit
Brentiepooh: so go put a bullet in your head
Brentiepooh: nobody cares
XxlBigdlxX: and i'm going to make you look retarded
XxlBigdlxX: Stix
XxlBigdlxX: Sand
XxlBigdlxX: and alot of others
XxlBigdlxX: have been there with me
Brentiepooh: yeah, you can make me look retarded
XxlBigdlxX: when i have beaten the maps
XxlBigdlxX: i don't have to
XxlBigdlxX: you were actually nice and sensible
XxlBigdlxX: at first
Brentiepooh: read the post i'm about to make in TS then
XxlBigdlxX: but I can look you in the eye myself and swear to god and say I have no cheated on ONE map
XxlBigdlxX: not**
Brentiepooh: well again, you do that...because nobody cares

No more explanation necessary.  Discuss.

7 / Petition to have ToxicMonkey^MZC Perma-muted
« on: May 29, 2006, 12:51:13 PM »
This guy is nothing but a nussiance on the Jump server...always bitching and cussing at people, and harrassing people constantly.  He's probably a good guy, at least until he opens his mouth.  He has never even ONCE said a kind thing to anybody, and having to listen to this guy is making everybody's jump experience a shitty one.  Here is one of the few condumps I made with the kind of shit-talk he does whenever he's connected to the server.  If anyone else agrees with me, please reply and voice your opinion about this guy.

Quake / Official Tasty 1000 Insta-Rail Sign-up!
« on: May 12, 2006, 05:00:05 AM »
We finally have ironed out the details for the next tournament, the TastyRail 1000!  I am the official orchestrator/administrator for this tournament, and plastik will be the official ref for the tourney, as well as myself.  This tournament is a collaboration of both TastySpleen and TastyRailGun, so we hope it will bring extra attention. The tourney will be played on the TS500 server (courtesy of quadz  :heart:)  For descriptions and rules, please visit the official TastyRail 1000 webpage, maintained by plastik himself:

Prelims night will be on May 20th, at 10EST....Finals night will be May 27th or June 3rd (both Saturdays as well) at 10EST pending agreement of the finalists.  The Finals map has not been decided yet, but I am welcome to suggestions and input (currently looking at marics56 - Rooftop Serenade). 

Screenshots of Rooftop Serenade

Please sign up below, and let the games begin!

/dev/random / Upgrading Video Card - need input :\
« on: May 09, 2006, 04:37:02 PM »
Current setup:

XP Mobile Barton 2500 CPU @ 2201mhz, 1.65V, idle at 32C
EPoX 8RDA+ mobo
Geforce 4 MX 440 64MB Video Card (brand is AOpen)
(1GB) 2x512MB Corsair ValueSelect PC3200 RAM
120GB, 80GB, 40GB HDs
NEC 16x DVD Burner
Onboard sound (no, it's nVidia Soundstorm - better than SB Audigy)
400W Antec PS

I'm looking for a better video card for this that's built around DX9 and that can of course play Quake2 like mad hell, and use the glass effects in the upcoming Vista OS.

This is the card I'm currently looking at...price after rebate is $20.99.  Upgrading from a 4 MX to FX5500 for 20.99 isn't that bad of a deal I don't think.  I only want to put about 60 down on a new card though, as I know I'll probably be upgrading to x64 technology before school starts back up for me in September.  I just want the most bang for my buck right any suggestions?  TIA

10 / Jump server suggestion
« on: May 01, 2006, 02:06:09 AM »
As noobish as I am on the jump server, I'd like to run something by you guys.  On a very popular jump server (you can guess which one), they use a universal level 1 admin password to gain hook access so they can skip past obstacles they aren't skilled enough to accomplish.  You can just enter in the console "admin 1 1" and be promoted to level 1 admin with hook capability.  Could this be implemented on the server so we can gain farther access in the level without getting pissy (myself included) and changing maps over and over again?  Input appreciated.

/dev/random / StepMania anyone?
« on: April 27, 2006, 01:19:59 AM »
Just discovered this whole online community of people who like this game...I used to loathe DDR type games, but some people put out some bitchin songs, so I'm currently addicted to it  :grinelectric:

Jump & Trick Demos / Nice run through stubbsyjump23 (map included)
« on: April 27, 2006, 12:55:59 AM »
Just pulled this one off a little while ago...It would have been faster since I finally perfected the triple jump 2/3rds through the run, but my RoadRunner connection shit out on me, so oh well.

 :nana: :nana:

/dev/random / Heat is do you stay cool?
« on: April 15, 2006, 04:05:30 PM »
I needed a new fan for my bedroom since I stepped on my old one last night and broke it in half.  Luckily in Wally World today I stumbled on this piece of magnificence:

$40, and it will blow the dick off of a grizzly bear, plus I can plug extra shit into it.  I also dumped a travel size bottle of Curve Crush inside it and let it spew everywhere all over my room, so it smells extra manly.

What do you guys use to keep cool during the hot months?  Sarcasm welcome too  :WTF: :bananaw00t: :nana:

Jump & Trick Demos / Bored...jump demo
« on: March 31, 2006, 10:49:45 PM »
Yeah, so I'm bored and figured I'd post a demo.  What do you guys think?

/dev/random / OMG I LOVE LAMP!
« on: March 09, 2006, 01:55:07 AM »
Just had to create some stupid random post as my first one...hehe.

I <3 Plastik


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