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Discussion / Need new jump maps
« on: January 24, 2009, 08:41:01 PM »
Make more maps Levi !!.  :humm:

/dev/random / Left4Dead
« on: December 25, 2008, 09:01:52 PM »
Just got this game the other day,and all I can say is,It pwns,really loving it!!!
First game I have bought in years that I can honestly say that I'm really enjoying. 

Anyone else playing it,and what do you think?

Was also recommended to try out Manhunt aswell,any good?


Discussion / :dohdohdohdoh:
« on: December 15, 2008, 12:34:08 AM »
Quadz,what's the difference between disruptive behaviour inside the game and on these forums?
Can you please explain that to me,reading on this forum we have trolls,and all they do is randomly attack people.
So can you tell me that,people in the game are getting muted,yet these trolls (That have hatred for people,probably bullied at school,or from a broken home) can run about abusing people?

Yet nothing happens to them.  :lolsign:

Please explain.   :dohdohdoh:

Discussion / Unmute Super_Mario
« on: July 24, 2008, 07:35:55 PM »
Hi Quadz,Is there any chance that Super_Mario can be unmuted? I know wetarded and him share the same computer,but it's unfair on mario to be muted because of his younger bro.I was talking to super_mario on another server and he's still as nice as when the last time I was able to chat with him.

Sometimes the server can get a bit mad with chat or spam or whatever else happens,sometimes fun,sometimes annoying,but we are all to blame for that,can you please consider unmuting them 2,even for a trial run,afterall we have 3 active admins on here now,including myself with my gay lvl 2 admin lol. :yuck:

So if all fails,then you can go back to the mute,Will you please consider giving them a chance?

Thanks.  :evilking:

THE NOCLIP 1 BOARD / PC Roached....
« on: March 31, 2008, 07:40:31 PM »
Idk,My pc is roached,someone help ! lol.I'm on windows 98 and I can't download anything.Surfing is fast,but when I go to download anything it sits at 500bs/sec then times out.Is it because I'm on win98,or my new ethernet card? Had to get a new card as I don't have a driver disc for the old 1.If I could download at a good speed I would have xp installed.

Don't bother hitting me with buying xp,as it's not sold anymore.I paid about 200 quid buying windows vista home premium,but it wont install for some reason.

Someone burn me a copy of win2k or xp,don't need a key.I can't install windows live mess either hehe.Or someone email with some help please.

Btw Quadz,I'd like it alot if you could block this whois from admins,as I don't see why people need to see my ip address,not saying I'm blaming this on anyone,but still if you could consider it.

KK,Enough typing,weird without any graphics...

thanks l8s.Don't respond if you're a doosh.

THE NOCLIP 1 BOARD / Jump sub forum <<<?
« on: January 30, 2008, 02:42:10 PM »
Hey Quadz,would it be a good idea to add a sub forum in here as General chat or /dev/random kind of thing? As from what I know of most jumpers don't really participate in the rest of the forum.Just a thought,be also good so that non related jump topics and that don't get moved about.


Discussion / wetardeds mouth
« on: November 24, 2007, 05:51:39 PM »
Want to silence wetarded for about a month? All he talks about is drugs and sex and whatever else.Yeah he's 13,so he shouldn't even know what sex is and all that.Either that,or.1 shall silence without warning.Getting quite annoying seeing someone that age speak that way.


Discussion / Kingsize as admin?
« on: October 11, 2007, 10:34:46 PM »
Hello I have been playing on jump server from it began on TS.I have seen lately that the admins are never on.So I would like to be able to fix maps and add guns where needed.I am a person that talks shite most of the time,its called BANTER.I am fair and I know the rules,should I be lvl 6 or above?


9 / Chaos Mod
« on: September 24, 2007, 07:42:53 PM »
Hey Quadz,why not host this Infamous mod called *Chaos*
I've never played it,but seems good,if people are wanting to play it.I'm sure it beats xatrix mod,wow 2 new guns and a trap  :eek:

The Moankeys have taken over. :fatty:

Discussion / Server files...
« on: May 12, 2007, 07:36:54 AM »
Is the server bust?

HTTP(maps/easymap.bsp): 404 File Not Found [2 remaining files]
HTTP(jump.filelist): 404 File Not Found [1 remaining files]
HTTP(jump/maps/easymap.filelist): 404 File Not Found [0 remaining files]
ERROR: Couldn't load maps/easymap.bsp

Cannot join.

Discussion / Count Down to Halos Retirement
« on: March 19, 2007, 05:54:29 PM »
How will we see halo king off as he's moving on? I can't say anymore.I'm to upset  :ohlord: Actually,even though he is moving on with his life/family/new job/new home,I have decided to knock q2 in the head aswell.Been far to long playing this.If anyone wants to contact me u can always email me.And no,I won't be back! Good luck to friends I made and the arseholes aswell  :lolsign:

Trouble Shooting / Quake 2 full download
« on: February 23, 2007, 02:52:03 PM »
Looking for the website that has the full q2 zip game for a friend to download it.Anyone know it,Firefox dosent seem to keep history  :ohreally:

thanks  :beer:

Quake / Pak 7
« on: February 10, 2007, 11:49:58 AM »
Ya Yo,Someone or a clan had a link to Pak 7 posted on these forums,searched for hours for it and can't find.Been using it or a similar pak 7 for years now,so I need it !! to play  :dohdohdoh: Anyone know where I can get it please? It is one of the pak 7 v2,either the one were is says section 8 in console or the other.Should be about 7 megs. I have tried a couple of pak 7s but not what I'm after.Ohh and yeah,had to reformat cause of winxp expired  :lolsign: so currently looking for what I had.Spose I should start using my tastyspleen site for future backups.  :help:

Discussion / Update Jump mod
« on: February 09, 2007, 02:14:12 PM »
Can we upgrade to the final release of Jump Mod please? There is a whole lot more to it than the release that is currently installed. Lots more commands for users and also for the server side of things.I'd also like to update my jump help topic but can't yet.

 :zboing:  Thanks in advance.

Discussion / Ban b0at
« on: January 26, 2007, 02:24:05 PM »

Kingsize entered the game
usage: connect <server>
Lohmatiy: eh?
HeadHunter!! entered the game
anticheat HeadHunter!! is not using anticheat.
b0at: eh
Lohmatiy: u already have 1st
Rose entered the game
anticheat Rose is not using anticheat.
Lohmatiy: what's the point to vote it
bones: vote wat
b0at finished in 10.4 seconds (30 completions)
b0at: point is 9.9
Lohmatiy: :D
Rose: Q9L12KI9Q2T82NSVVA04 1
Lohmatiy: lol
b0at: 2007 time
Lohmatiy: 2006
Lohmatiy: Goblin made it :P
b0at finished in 10.1 seconds (31 completions)
Wreck entered the game
anticheat Wreck is not using anticheat.
b0at changed name to Straight
Lohmatiy: :)
Lohmatiy: i kinda like this nick fucking
Lohmatiy: admins dont care
bones: do u guys watch whos line
Lohmatiy: they dont even set this server up in a normal way
Straight finished in 10.2 seconds (1st completion)
Straight changed name to Dangerous
Lohmatiy: :D
Dangerous finished in 10.4 seconds (1st completion)
Dangerous changed name to GG
Lohmatiy: :DD
bones: stop boat
Lohmatiy: nope
Lohmatiy: do it
Lohmatiy: FFS :D
bones: thats y ppl kick u and ban u
Lohmatiy: who cares?
Lohmatiy: noob server
GG: i actually hope they erase my times cuz i like the challenge of getting first
Lohmatiy: :D
Lohmatiy: ill do 34 on khaine4
HeadHunter!! disconnected
Lohmatiy: if they will erase it
bones: kool
Lohmatiy: :P
GG finished in 10.2 seconds (1st completion)
bones: LOL
Lohmatiy: :>
bones: :>
GG changed name to KingFries
bones: :0
bones: :)
Lohmatiy: LOL!
KingFries changed name to Kingfries
bones: LOL
Kingfries finished in 10.1 seconds (1st completion)
Lohmatiy: :)
Kingfries changed name to Burgerfucker
bones: king
Lohmatiy: :D
bones: fries
Burgerfucker changed name to KingBlunt
bones: try this
Lohmatiy changed name to KingLies
KingLies: lol
KingLies changed name to Lohmatiy
KingBlunt finished in 10.2 seconds (1st completion)
bones: dam
KingBlunt changed name to KingKong
Lohmatiy: KingLies
Lohmatiy: :>
Lohmatiy: lol
bones: ive got 8 ppl on a list
Lohmatiy: KingPong
KingKong finished in 10.3 seconds (1st completion)
KingKong changed name to King...
bones: get kinger out
Lohmatiy: :>
bones: now he be pissed off lol
King... finished in 10.2 seconds (1st completion)
King... changed name to KingIforget
Lohmatiy: get mesnik out
Lohmatiy: :P
bones: yeah she will hate that
Lohmatiy: LOL!
KingIforget finished in 10.2 seconds (1st completion)
KingIforget changed name to b0at
Lohmatiy: :.
Lohmatiy: :>
b0at: lol when i got first place for this nookie came in saw the score said gg and left
THUGGEE finished in 10.8 seconds (20 completions)
Lohmatiy: :D
b0at finished in 10.3 seconds (32 completions)
b0at changed name to KingSki
THUGGEE finished in 10.5 seconds (21 completions)
Lohmatiy: KingPee
KingSki finished in 10.1 seconds (1st completion)
KingSki changed name to King<3Rose
bones: try UFC
THUGGEE finished in 10.5 seconds (22 completions)
Lohmatiy: :DDDDDD
bones: u watch UFC
King<3Rose changed name to KingGivesHead
Lohmatiy: King<3Mesnik
bones: anybody
THUGGEE finished in 10.4 seconds (23 completions)
KingGivesHead finished in 10.1 seconds (1st completion)
bones: eatshit
bones: try that'
KingGivesHead changed name to KingEatsShit
THUGGEE finished in 10.4 seconds (24 completions)
Lohmatiy: :>>>
bones: lol
bones: suckD,S
bones: D,s nuts
KingEatsShit changed name to h4l0_giveshead
Lohmatiy: :)
Lohmatiy: :)
Lohmatiy: :)
Lohmatiy: n1
THUGGEE finished in 10.3 seconds (25 completions)
THUGGEE finished in 10.4 seconds (26 completions)
h4l0_giveshead finished in 10.3 seconds (1st completion)
h4l0_giveshead changed name to h4l0_sBITCH
FitNeSs entered the game
anticheat FitNeSs is not using anticheat.
h4l0_sBITCH finished in 10.4 seconds (1st completion)
h4l0_sBITCH changed name to h4l0_sabitch
Kingsize: wtf
Lohmatiy: :)
Lohmatiy: :)
Lohmatiy: :)
bones: lol
THUGGEE finished in 10.3 seconds (27 completions)
bones: :)
bones: :)
bones: :)
Lohmatiy: :)
Lohmatiy: :)
h4l0_sabitch finished in 10.2 seconds (1st completion)
bones: :)
bones: :)
h4l0_sabitch changed name to b0at
Lohmatiy: :DDD
b0at: i swear it was lohmatiy
bones: kingisabitch
THUGGEE finished in 10.4 seconds (28 completions)
b0at: lmao all beaten 01
b0at: 26/01/07
Lohmatiy: :>
bones: its was not it was u boat
Rose: wtf
b0at: no it wasentu snitch
Lohmatiy: lol
b0at: dun know bro flow
bones: it was u boat u finished all those names
b0at has requested changing level to jiggajump2b.
Type YES or NO to vote on this request.
Votes: 0  Needed: 3  Time left: 30s
Lohmatiy: :D
b0at: no i didnt
b0at has requested changing level to jiggajump2b.
Votes: 1  Needed: 3  Time left: 25s
b0at has requested changing level to jiggajump2b.
Votes: 2  Needed: 3  Time left: 25s
b0at: it was loh
Lohmatiy: :DDDD
Taking PNG screenshot...
bones: no gxjump5
Finished, wrote ./jump/scrnshot/quake000.png
b0at: it was rose
Lohmatiy: <--- This is me not caring.
Lohmatiy: :DDD
Rose: omg
b0at's vote has passed. Level changing to jiggajump2b.
Fastest Time this map : b0at in 10.1 seconds using 15 jumps.
bones: :DDDDDD
b0at: wheres bitch boy wallfly

Changing map...
reconnecting (soft)...

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