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Tech Junkie Lounge / Server issues.. help if you can~
« on: August 28, 2009, 05:40:47 PM »
ok, let me just start by saying this, i've never setup a server before, however, im good with both command line and terminal, sorta.. im new to terminal, but i understand most of it, anyways, the system im using is an old pc i was going to junk, but couldnt bring myself to do, so instead i chose to make a personal server from it, currently it has a fresh install of linux ubuntu 9.4 server edition, apache2 has been installed on it as well, but thats it, i know how to edit the configuration file, but the problem is, whenever i log into the server locally, i type edit /etc/apache2/apache2.conf     (the exact command specified by the instructions) then it tells me i cant edit the file, i dont have permission O.o" ok so my next option was login as root, the classic sudo su, ok so even as root i still have no permission to edit the file O.o" weird? anyways, if anyone can help me out here i'd really love to get my server online and start working on my website X.X;; 

ps. if it helps, i also have a laptop running linux ubuntu 9.4 home edition, just thought that might help somehow ._. like for remote login or something later on... anyways, help if you can please~

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