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Q2 Training Camp / Need Help Please
« on: February 24, 2010, 04:15:46 PM »
Until the day before yesterday all was well. Quake 2 was lagged but it worked. All of the sudden my anti cheat and R1gl  stopped working under Vista Ultimate 32 bit. At first I could only play in a window in software mode. I figured it was time to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate since I couldn't play Quake 2 anymore but after playing with it a while I was able to get it all to work except when I try to join the vanilla server I get kicked because of the R1gl auto config. doesn't load. could someone Please tell me how to create an auto config file and does it go in the main Quake 2 Folder or the baseq2 folder.  Also does the anti cheat go in the same directory? I'd appreciate a link to a guide or a tutorial .  I'm using the retail disk and I've never encountered this problem in all my years of playing Quake 2. 

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