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Quake / realistics new website!
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on April 14, 2020, 04:15:14 PM by Pan
drop by check it out peeps still being worked on but new fresh style


thanks for the space quadz  :rockon:
1v1 and TDM Demos / better strategy?
Redundant Redundant
on October 31, 2013, 01:18:04 PM by b 0 n Z a 1
so anyone who reads this and knows who i am you already know im a shitty dueler but i like to play so heres two demos of 260-280 ping where i feel i play better and more strategic than i normally do with 30 to 60 ping on ts servers, so heres another demo also of me playing with 60 ping so i just want some people to watch em and reply how do u think i play on hi ping should i try to play that style on low ping whats your thoughts  :frag:

btw where is ah!  :please:
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