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Quake 2 Vortex mod full server setup download
« on: January 10, 2021, 01:38:55 PM »
Heyo  :welcome:

This is essentially my last dying gift to Quake 2 at large; I've uploaded a full server setup package on my webspace for Vortex mod. It's a full download of Chilean Vortex, complete with a fully setup maplist and server.cfg with explanations. I've also included some other cool things like a list of admin commands possible with this version of vortex to make things like testing even easier. Also included is the full source code for the particular version of Vortex that comes with it, so you're more than free to do whatever you want with it. This has been something I've been sitting on for the better part of this decade, and I've finally decided to bring it all together for an easy to understand server setup package.

For a little backstory, I started playing Vortex after I got banned some time in 2012 and it's just been an uphill battle to try and get things squared since. Vortex is an incredibly hostile and user-unfriendly mod. It's hard enough to actually play it let alone start your own server, since most of the resources out there on the internet are either incredibly dated or just plain wrong.

I have pestered so many people trying to get something like this together, and it's still incomplete. There are still many things I wanted to do for this mod, such as help get a server on goto among others. The thing I wanted to do more than anything was to create a new trading map that's covered with textures basically explaining how to play the game, since the game doesn't explain things at all in depth when you connect. Here's an example of what I wanted to do;

In theory, this hypothetical map would be filled with textures like this explaining the basics of the game so that newer players didn't have to go downloading pdf's off moddb just to play the game (I actually included one of these pdf's explaining the mod's many abilities as well). However, it just never came to fruition.

Easily the biggest problem with Vortex is it's user-unfriendliness, so at the very, very least, I hope this might help fix that on the server side. With this, everybody should be able to host their own Vortex server with (hopefully) little difficulties. My biggest goal was getting a vortex server of my own hosted on goto, but I've failed every step of the way. Now that I've accepted that's probably not going to happen, I've just decided to put it all out there for everyone to experiment with. Maybe there's someone who can do something better with it than me.

Thanks to Razor for helping me compile the .dll, thanks to Darkzard for throwing together the server package this thing is built on, and thanks to quadz for compiling the .so.



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