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Recent new updates to WOD-X on Whale!
« on: June 07, 2019, 05:27:53 PM »
There have been some recent quality of life updates to WOD-X on the whale server, more will be coming in the near future to address long standing issues and player wishes so stay tuned here for further updates! Here are the main major changes at this time (Probably not all of the minor changes listed, but this should be about all of it until further updates)! The gameplay documentation will be updated accordingly soon as well.

1: Sentinel airstrike (paint 6) is now revamped and replaced with plasma strike! This brings forth a massive energy orb that will explode into a huge number of ball lightning grenades! Take good cover when this one goes off, or watch the light show, at your own great peril!

2: Ball Lightning Grenade (bind key/button "use ball lightning grenade") Vampire grenade is now replaced with this new grenade type (due to nasty bugs vampire had to go unfortunately)

3: Rocket Blaster (bind key "use rocket blaster"), which everyone has in the inventory, now homes in on players in flight! This gives everyone the means the protect themselves against aerial campers who may otherwise have a great deal of impunity. Make sure to lead your rocket shots far enough ahead of a high flying player as the rockets must get close enough to lock on automatically. A player is only counted as flying and tracked by rocket blaster rounds if they are actively using jetpack or hover. This is best for low and medium altitude players, you may still want to find that stinger launcher for those who are exceedingly high.

4: Push and pull commands also work on flying players once again so you can try to bring them back down to earth, maybe even smashing some bones in the process!

5: paralyzer cost is slightly cheaper. Other ammo values may also change/are changed, but not much

6: giant pulsing black shadow removed from black holes and alien/zombie spawners due to overly distracting nature, those of you who were bugged by this, please turn your dynamic lights back on, it's safe now : P!

7: Various behind the scenes code alterations that should hopefully reduce the probability of certain frequent server crashes, this however is not a catch all yet and will likely be worked further in due time, please report KNOWN or highly likely crash causes to me in private message please so I can verify with private testing and passing the relevant info on so it gets fixed. If a crash can be reproduced almost every time then it's highly likely we can fix it!

8: Banishing players to a custom destination via portals is now more reliable (such as into crushers and lava pits), occasionally players used to automatically teleport to safety due to a flaw in anti-stuck detection (preventing players from being banished into solid objects so they can't move other than die or teleport manually). You still need to make sure you don't banish players into walls or solid objects for successful results.

9: A major exploit was fixed.

Also a PSA due to incidents in the past, if you find an exploit (Such as one allowing unrestricted use of exceedingly powerful weapons without usual limits or ammo requirements to severe gameplay breaking degree) DO NOT share it with others (And don't underestimate our means of finding out about it, you are warned), you may only briefly test an exploit with care and discretion solely for the purpose of understanding its nature (preferably during lower traffic hours) in order to notify me via PM so I can look into it (You may and should notify r1 as well, but I am the one with more availability at this time to manage such matters and provide r1 the coder of the mod meaningful details, so always inform me too please). Do not tell another soul of it! It's imperative that game breaking exploits be contained as much as possible until a fix can be made! Failure to comply is a quick path to a ban sentence. This naturally applies to crash causing bugs as well.

Also, if you are questioned by either myself or r1 (We can verify ourselves via admin commands like speaking as console) on server about any activity that is abnormal or suspicious you must respond to our inquiries, do not attempt to hide/lie or deflect from an issue, it will not work. We understand if you may not even realize something you were doing was an exploit, there has been case of this as well, and usually one will just be warned verbally at first depending on the severity of the matter. If you're honestly unaware something was a problem and that's the case you have nothing to worry about provided we have full cooperation! Assistance with solving problems is always greatly appreciated!

 :rocketright:  :rocketleft: Quake on and stay tuned, WOD-X has much more in store for everyone in the future!
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