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new ctf map and 2 new coop maps -- macanah
« on: January 24, 2019, 02:48:09 AM »
I have attached the maps

Here is a CTF ma[p converted from one of my deathmatch maps
Quake2 -- capture the flag map
mapname -- mnhctfburnhole.bsp
author -- macanah
Level editor used -- Quark --
map file included -
conversion of quake2 deathmatch map i made
no custom textures used
tested with kmquake2 --
my site --
enjoy :)

Here is 2 new coop maps
mapnames -- mnhq2spcoop6a mnhq2spcoop6b

To load map type -- map mnhq2spcoop6a in console

Editor used -- Quark
Time to make -- on and off for a while

single player -- Yes
coop -- Yes
deathnmatch -- no
CTF -- no

Tested with kmquake2 --
and q2pro --

custom textures used
map files included
author -- macanah
website --
enjoy :)
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