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i got you guys all perked up ... good and bad opinions any opinions are good... because people are noticing...

people will play the mod if they like the mod...  if they have fun while playing the mod theyll keep playing the mod

if you support fun please post something positive... if you got something to say cause you think your smart n think itll destroy the mod...  you are ruining my fun and being a bully on a post i started.... and ill pass on playing with you anyway too... oh wait i never played with you before and probally never will because you dont care about this mod as much as i do ;)

make sense?

i just wanna have fun.

if you wanna have fun too support this thread

if you dont then  post something unsupportive be a hater.

lol if you woulda thought about it for two seconds, you woulda pm'd quadz instead of making a thread...

and if you would understand what i initially told you, and what several others have said since, you would understand you don't need a new server as it will have a negative effect on the mod

So why is there an "acme railz" and "tasty spleen railz"

acme railz is hurting the "railz mod"

is that what you are telling me?

i need your great wisdom here mr

should we start a thread "Take down ACME RAILZ! its killing the mod" thats retarded

now do we see my logic...

lol if you woulda thought about it for two seconds, you woulda pm'd quadz instead of making a thread...

and if you would understand what i initially told you, and what several others have said since, you would understand you don't need a new server as it will have a negative effect on the mod

So why is there an "acme railz" and "tasty spleen railz"

acme railz is hurting the "railz mod"

is that what you are telling me?

i need your great wisdom here mr

should we start a thread "Take down ACME RAILZ! its killing the mod" thats retarded

wow.. yeah im not reading that.... anyone that does, needs to find a better use of their time

exactly you shouldnt have been on this thread in first place... you dont care about it.  i do. thanks for bashing and bring your negative energy.

sorry for being a passionate player...

sorry for responding freely and whenever i want and feel on a topic i started...

sorry for not waiting for worm to respond before me

sorry for being persisitant

sorry for caring and wanting to be happy.

thanks for trying to shatter a dream.

i play railwarz more than any of you posting so unless you care about the mod as much as i do im not sure why your posting your opinion on this thread because you dont care or have the open mind and optimizism about my topic.... the first person to reply to this threead was....

was vaivectus i dunno who you are i never seen you play railwarz on acmectf tmg railwarz server i been playing 10 years+ and i never seen you on any other railwarz server... but your quick to put an opinion that doesnt support my wish

as this is a area for wish list i made a wish

you are the bad demon in this short story attempting to bring negative light to my wish...

i read in another forum... some ones wish for aq2 team play....

you were the first there to attempt to destroy their wish

okay coming from a die hard railzwarz fan here... i could care less about xbox or ps3 besides zombies on call of duty.... i could care less about any other computer game in the world... i could care less about any other quake mod in the world.

i could play railwarz forever and never care for another new game... just a new map every once in a while...

if you dont feel that strongly about this paticular mod please dont post on this thread...

its counter reproductive..

so if i could restart this post... itd go like this...

can we please get a TS railwarz server.... i play on acme tmg railwarz all the time... almost 5 days a week for a few hours a day.

i know its not all about me but this is my wish seen from my point of view... as i started it because no one else did before me. other wise id be there supporting that persons wish any any positive way possible..

I love everything acme has done and provided.... i wish for them to always have a server i love the server in washington dc... i thnk its a great location i play aweome games there any one who hasnt been there and hasnt railed with Beaver Godspeed Kid Yowsa Sm0k3d roamerkill illusion mr.187 lazy sic sh0ck falcon latinking5 bea scorp jiggynutz scy avalanche dualshock carvey soju underlord old guy basik sherm  dregs fubu5 random newbie jewbie skillz sexgm jeb4zi4 rage xenon Legacy zag Prez raz chillbill doodad5 destructo bigga kookachoo petford night surebang spawn tontser tor spaz BGR dawg weasel sm4k s0ulj4 rican frost demon ronin  skst88r wifiman fafalon devious  just to name a few i remember

if i was negative id say why is there an "acme railz" server lets take that server down because theres already a tasty spleen railz rahh bah bad opinion yada sound smart tear mod up split server smart remark not enough in mod already.... bad choice bro... yada bad opinion... garbage... negative....

thats what i would say... but im positive... i think its awesome i can go to acme railz or tastyspleen railz its like mcdonalds or burger king bad analagy but you get the point...

now if there is acme railz and tasty spleen railz why not acme tmg ctf railwarz and tastyspleen tmg ctf railwarz..... its not gonna hurt the mod its gonna make it "appear" to be a more popular mod....

everything is an allusion there is no such thing as truth there is only limited perspective from personal point of view and shared opinions and thoughts.... so lets only have positive ones please...

PRos! acme tmg sever in DC awesome i love it!
 tastyspleen server for railwarz in dallas i love it!

awesome idea thanks from the west coast players! thank you from the great plains states players thank you from all the players that enjoy a better playing experience due to geographical locations thank you beaver for speaking up because.. we didnt feel like making the effort... we didnt care at the moment... we thought it was too hard or to time consuming to register on some forum..... most of this country... does not think for them selves they go with the flow... they get used to things goiing away and thats how they disapear thats how a mod dies!

im asking to bring something here im in full support of this mod just as much as anyone else.

"two railwarz server will not hurt the communit" it will only help

the goverment took monopolies away because they are bad

im not accudsing acme of having a monopoly over railwarz.... i love the acme server ill still play there after tasty spleen server goes up..

you can call a railwarz server anny name you want fdkjsdklfjsdflk railwarz server for all i care....

i do care how well i connect to the server i care if i have at least one person to play against.... i played a 1v1 with fafalon and kid today was really fun... only 2 1v1s  i had a 120 ping but i had fun....

i would have had more fun with a lower ping and a few more people.... that can be a possibility... someday.... but the odds are increased if tasty spleen server is here...

i see the point in acme having a railz server... it helps keep the railz mod alive!

if you see the point in that you see the point in having a tastyspleen railwarz server up...

if you dont see the point in the last two lines of this post... please dont post here!

i love railwarz!

railwarz for life..

thats passion thats logic... not up for debate. unless you feel as passionately as someone lets say??? maintaining the server? someone who plays as often as i do? someone paying for the server?

well quadz and worm... greider the railwarz community is only people who really need apply any opinion

if its about a group and individuals matter.

i am an individual from the railwarz commmunity... and i care very passionately about a more centralized server.... to play on while maintaining the current east coast power house server acme railwarz... im beaver heaven there would be a west coast server too!

i live in atlanta....! but im in favor of a los angelas based server if money and support was not an issue? is that selfish???i dont think so...

thats support for a mod.... thats love for the game...

id play on that west coast server with my 70 ping and be happy knowing that i normally ping 40 on acme washington dc and tastyspleen dallas tx

it takes some people 3-5 years to even sit down on the computer and look for a game of quake.... so it may take a while to attract people but theylll turn quickly away if there are no options!

if there were 3 locations that would be supreme east coast west coast and central...

but im only asking for whats easy and do able i dont even know where to start by asking for a west coast server...

im in the tastyspleen forum because it seeemed realistic.... and feasable

ive been teaching my wife to play this game..

my newborn is 6 weeks old i go afk a lot to help her a lot and be with her.

i plan on teaching her to play railwarz when she is old enough...

sorry for wanting a nice experience

for my long time railwarz friends some of 10+years

and to for my family.

and my self...

and for all the people who havent tryed this mod yet

please dont bash my dream

thank you

beaver TMG Railwarz Fan for Life!

PS i just read what quadz and worm both wrote.... 

got a little emotional because of all the bad ju ju on here about could make the mod die  yada yada

thank you quadz for offereing to let acme run a server on the TS box and worm... please see where im coming from my reasoning... on putting up a second sever... i would be in beaver heaven....

if you dont think its a good idea. then thats fine..

im prob not gonna be around much longer due to unhappy playing experiences yes dramatic... but all due to something that in my opinion will help the mod grow... and the other sugestion is no itll break up the people at servers... well go with that option... and beaver is gone... gone from railwarz... so thats how a mod dies... with unhappy players...

if you guys dont miss me owell..... goodbye q2 memories and dreams...

and please take down tasty spleen railz or acme railz we only need one for such a small mod.  <-----im being sarcastic i hope someone sees that.

quadz with that being said can you please put up 1 extra railwarz server???? i ping 120 at acme its not fun to play there.... unless its 3am and im the only person there.... if the server causes problems after 1 month take it down... but if people are happy its there leave it up???

i love railwarz more than any other computer game or q2 mod....

i love the acme people i love the acme server... but not when i ping 120 during good hours when people like to play and 40 when no one is there... i ping 40 at TS servers all time reguardless

if there is no tastyspleen server put up.... i might try to play at acme time to time... but honestly here is one avid railwarz q2 fan who says lets throw in the towl... (thats why the mod is dying)

if there is a tastyspleen server for railwarz... (here is one player who will go out of his way to keep the mod alive!!!)

i just played a game on acme... was not very fun....

id be at TS RWZ right now idling waiting for a game ... if it was possible i think

if you guys are so bent on it "splitting" the mod which i dont see that happening.... i just see having two location options for servers..... as a good thing... but if you guys wanna see it in your negative opinion and not be optimistic like me.... just take down the acme server...a nd only run tastyspleen server .... and if its about an ego... or anything... just "name" the sever " ACME TMG Railwarz. and put it on your box in dallas....

so i have no connection problems to tasty spleen railz server... every night at primetime hours i ping higher and higher at acme server....

there are 90% of tasty spleen servers dont get used.

i wish someday a tastyspleen server was dedicated to railwarz....  it would be used and would not kill the mod... it would make people like me <-----

say oh my ping is crappy at acme...

i could play a flawless game at tastyspleen

other would want to play there too...

it would get more action than 90% of tastyspleen servers... Tracing route to [] with TTL of 32:

 1  0ms    0ms    0ms []
 2  29ms   22ms   23ms []
 3   *      *      *     Request timed out.
 4   *      *      *     Request timed out.
 5   *      *      *     Request timed out.
 6  35ms   21ms   23ms
 7  35ms   35ms   33ms []
 8  39ms   37ms   31ms []
 9  67ms   117ms  71ms []
10  30ms   26ms   27ms []
11  124ms  91ms   92ms []
12  41ms   44ms   43ms []
13  55ms   44ms   47ms []
14  97ms   97ms   98ms []

Traceroute complete.

TS Railz Tracing route to [] with TTL of 32:

 1  0ms    0ms    0ms []
 2  33ms   23ms   27ms []
 3   *      *      *     Request timed out.
 4   *      *      *     Request timed out.
 5   *      *      *     Request timed out.
 6  22ms   25ms   21ms
 7  23ms   25ms   23ms []
 8  23ms   23ms   24ms
 9  126ms  135ms  136ms []
10  23ms   23ms   24ms []
11   *     45ms   55ms []
12  43ms   43ms   40ms []
13  42ms   53ms   48ms []
14  41ms   43ms   48ms []

Traceroute complete.

there used to be about 5 different railwarz servers up.... and more than one was getting used at the same time...

sometimes you need more space to grow...

you leave a pet in a tiny cage and it will grow restless upset and maybe die

you give it room to run and play... and it will be happy maybe even make some new friends and use the extra space...

cant make new friends with no space...

you could remove 10 TS servers i dont think anyone would notice or miss them.... you could put one TS Railwarz server up it would probably be used everyday.

i realize what your saying.... and i thought about all that..


what is there like 40? 60 tasty spleen servers???

how many of those servers are DM death match???

how many tourney servers are there???

of 60 servers... (i took a guess at 60)   only 3 or 4 are ever populated....

i enjoy playing on tasty spleen railz... i enjoy playing on ra2....i would enjoy playing ra2 railz.... but no body plays it.... so i never go to that server....

if there is 60 servers up would it hurt to have 61 one servers up??? or perhaps taking down one server that never gets used... and making it into a TMG railwarz server...

the acme TMG railwarz server is great i love it..... the wallfly is broken?? we cant "goto" any other servers... but i can go to tasty spleen railz.... and goto acmerwz... that works fine...

im not sure if the server download works correctly on acme rwz or not...

i invted a few people from tasty spleen railz... and they said they were having texture issues and this and that....problem

i go to tastyspleen servers and server download function works great!

there are 6 EAST tasty spleen servers.... (location does not matter?)
why have servers labeled east??? two are labled tournament4
4 tournament....

do all these tournament east servers get used??

there is tasty spleen dm and dm2.... why have two? do they both get used at the same time???

there is jump and jump tourney makes sense but do they both get used simultaneously???

opentdm los angelas??? chicago??? does location matter??? nethlands germany united kingdom??? (is ping an issue?)

tasty spleen tourney. tastyspleen tourney 2   (why is there two of these??? not to mention the 4 earlier???)

there is ra2 ra2match and ra2 railz....(three different ra2 servers for three different reasons....

location and ping seemed to be important when dedicating some of these servers....

now would it hurt to have 1 server.... be TMG RAilwarz.... chicago based???? that would be great for our candian friends... it would be okay for our west coast friends... im not sure where all tasty spleen servers are located.... ive not done my research....

but if there was a tasty spleen server.... dedicated to TMG railwarz... located in the same place as tasty spleen railz... i ping 40 there from atlanta... and my friend from cali pings 40 there also.....

wherever tasty spleen railz is located seems like a good central location....

i would play on tasty spleen TMG Railwarz server...... it would be a simple process to go play some railz... and then goto tasty spleen railwarz... with a few new aquaintences... i meet people on TS railz server who have never even heard of railwarz before.... but the TS name is big and they found their way to railz server...

ping is an issue to some people.... i just love this mod and i think it would help it if we had a second server besides acme... one from tasty spleen...

i only asked because there was a section on the forum for it...

i also only asked because.... there are about 60 TS servers and only 4 of them are ever populated....

im not asking too much am i???

does any one see my reasoning???

im an avid railwarz fan been playing for 10+ years...

i would play on both servers... wherever there was more people.... and im sure only one server would be populated at a time.... kinda like there are only 4 of 60 populated at a time on the rest...

but i guarantee tasty spleen railwarz will get more action than at least 56 tasty spleen servers.... and it will be used daily.... that saying a lot compared to most TS servers... get used 0 times a day...

think about it...


if there was a tastyspleen server up for TMG railwarz ....i think it would help

324 / Tasty Spleen TMG Railwarz server please!?
« on: September 20, 2012, 11:26:48 AM »
Hi i just started playing quake2 again this year and my fave mod for 10 years has been railwarz... there is only 1 server left ACME TMG railwarz server and it gets busy almost every night of the week.
I noticed there is a tasty spleen server out there for almost everything! i like to play on tastyspleen railz, tastyspleen ra2, .id play ra2 railz server but i never seen anyone on there. ive visited a few others but most all the servers seem to generally be empty except vanilla and death match servers..

So with all the servers you have currently up and majority of them being empty most of the time... would it hurt to put up another Tastyspleen TMG Railwarz server to help keep the mod alive?

ACME server is located in washington DC i believe... and i think west coast and midwest players would benifit playing on a server like tasty spleen not sure where they are located but i was at tastyspleen railz and my westcoast friend had a nice low 40 ping just like me currently in atlanta

thank you

beaver avid railwarz fan!

Trouble Shooting / Re: Kicked from game on connect?
« on: September 05, 2012, 01:48:57 PM »
Hi i play as "beaver" when i play Q2 i love to play TMG RAILWARZ i havent played much in the past 7 years some of the guys emailed me the other day trying to get some games going i joined the ACME TMG SERVER and was kicked the second i connected something about SUBnet ban?

i was told to talk to QUADZ and maybe he could help me?

all i want to do is play railwarz n frag a few old friends

i dont know how to cheat even if i wanted to do so.

i have the r1q2 anticheat in my quake folder sometimes it says could not exec r1q2.cfg maybe my antivirus is blocking it from working correctly???

i turned off my antivirus even unistalled it....

still says couldnt exec r1q2.cfg

but it says im running r1q2 in the corner of the screen???

i still cant connect to server....

please help.

my email is

thank you

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