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Quake / Re: QueToo/Quake2 2017 Steam Green Light!
« on: February 09, 2017, 10:23:25 PM »
i believe they have added rocket arena mod to quetoo of course the map selection is still small.. for quetoo maps..

but if you make your own server you can play all the classic Ra2 maps :)

Quake / Re: QueToo/Quake2 2017 Steam Green Light!
« on: February 05, 2017, 11:11:55 PM »
played a few rounds of DM with some guys this weekend was a lot of fun! the game play felt just like quake2 ton of potential here!

hope theres a new era of modding like we had in the early 00s

Quake / QueToo/Quake2 2017 Steam Green Light!
« on: January 29, 2017, 02:07:35 PM »
please vote on steam for this to be green light

Published on Jan 28, 2017
Vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

Quetoo ("Q2") is a Free first person shooter for Mac, PC and Linux. Our goal is to bring the fun of oldschool deathmatch to a new generation of gamers.

Quetoo is an arena shooter with its roots planted firmly in Quake2, both in its technical legacy, and in its aesthetic. Quetoo is not e-sports, nor it doesn't have a gimmick. Quetoo is piles of giblets and loads of laughs.


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TMG Mod source for Railwarz

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Home of the Godspeed TMG Railwarz Bot Master

ACME LFire CTF and Railwarz CTF community and forums

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Quake / Re: Open letter to Quake 2 fam (servers dying fast)
« on: December 20, 2016, 09:53:18 AM »
true. but could work both ways... quake champions could get them back into the quake spirit then when they play it a bit they will remember how much better quake2 was than all the rest  and find themselves here :)

Quake / Re: Open letter to Quake 2 fam (servers dying fast)
« on: December 19, 2016, 11:46:12 AM »
all things are relative.. we all have our own opinions.. and there may be some truth to each of them..

money and prizes... might be a small incentive to come back and not really for or against that idea but you dont need ether one to make oldschool quake2 players return to quake2.

if there was some sort of monetary value to be gained for winning tho.. i think it would be cool to have some type of penny betting system.. lets say there was a pay to play server for whatever mod.. lets say TDM    you go to the quake2bucks online bank, cash in your real money for quake2bucks lets say $1.00 US dollar is worth 100 q2 bucks.. each player can have stats of q2bucks that they paid for... and q2 bucks they earned from winning.

the more bucks you pay for the lower your ranking ... and the more you win from other players the higher your rank becomes..

overtime the best players will accumulate lots of quake bucks and the players who dont win so much well hopefully they havent lost a ton of money since its a penny type betting system

it would be cool if it was poker style where the house always wins and gets a small percentage.. that way donations are always being made every match and the players have the option to tip extra to the ref or admin overseeing the match just like in poker.

just one of my small fantasies..

as far as L-Fire CTF and Rocket arena 2 go .. if north american community collaborated with the global quake2 communities a tournament would be that much easier to put together doubling maybe tripling the playerbase for those mods.

but the first step is sucking it up and learning to play with the lag.. ive been inspired by an australian player who plays railwarz with us pretty often... so that led me to play on the latvia lfire ctf server and chile ra2 server more often enough to actually enjoy my 170 and 140 pings its really not that bad once you get used to it.

Community Events / Re: Expert CTF
« on: December 18, 2016, 02:17:40 AM »
we have finally woke the sleeping giant! expert CTF revival has been kick started!

Games every Saturday 10PM Eastern  - midnight or later
Goner's Expert CTF 4.0.3

had several 2v2 and 3v3 matches tonight with many oldschool expert ctf guys that havent played quake2 in some years! and even more that said they wanted to play but couldnt make it tonight. they were all excited to get back at it so hopefully it keeps up every saturday n possibly grows a bit so even more people have the opportunity to try this mod out!

screen shots from tonights games we played for about 3 or 4 hours hopefully even more people there next week n we get some 4v4 5v5+ matches

if anyone out there wants to get in touch with the expert CTF community they have a facebook group

here is what it looks like +hook but much slower pull speed than railwarz  everyone has auto regen but its slower than auto doc/health regen in LFire/LMCTF CTF and the scoring is pretty different the quad had a vampire effect and theres power shield too. i dont think there is any other tech type stuff. rail gun is a 3 round burst instead of the rail. i guess kind of like the lightning gun? all the other weapons are there too minus bfg and chaingun

see for yourself here or even better come play next sat

the server we are currently playing on is not dedicated and its on the west coast in cali i think so a lot of people pinged kinda high and it was a little big laggy but still tons of fun!

maybe we could get a tastyspleen hosted Expert CTF server? that would be a pretty awesome christmas present for the quake 2 universe! :)

everything one would need to start an expert CTF server is here

Quake / Re: Open letter to Quake 2 fam (servers dying fast)
« on: December 02, 2016, 07:53:50 AM »
is it possible to add maps to rocket arena 2 server?

Quake / Re: server move
« on: December 02, 2016, 07:51:34 AM »
nice new look! will the player names pop up return? and is there anyway the background color can be something a bit easier on the eyes? like this dark shade of gray :)

Community Events / Re: Railwarz CTF Holiday Event Dec 23rd
« on: November 30, 2016, 03:23:04 PM »
anyone out there who has not tried the railwarz CTF mod this holiday season is a great time to try as the servers are a bit more busy than normal in the evening times.

last year we had a nice turnout for our holiday event.  hope we can do it again! everyones invited the more the merrier :)

Happy Holidays!

Quake / Re: Open letter to Quake 2 fam (servers dying fast)
« on: November 29, 2016, 02:06:38 PM »
quake2 was released in 1998?? population has been declining since early 2000s?  i just started playing quake2 again a few years ago or so.. and all the servers seem pretty dead most of the time besides.. DM that seems normal to me.

most players (in north america) probably cannot play until evening/night time  so thats the best time to check

not sure what all mods you are into.. but the Rocket Arena2, Railwarz CTF, LMCTF facebook groups have all been very helpful in getting games going in those mods.. theres also facebook groups for lfire CTF and expert CTF if anyone was looking to get some games going in those mods

if you dont use facebook or dont want everyone on your personal facebook... make one just for quake2.. make a facebook group for you fave mod.. and build it up over time.

whatever mod you want to play.. idle on that server.. wait for people to connect.. send invites via wallfly.  make some small talk with the players who connect try to befriend them.. get an email or phone number, maybe their steam user id to communicate outside of the game.. after some time and effort you will have a list of the players who are interested in each mod.. invite them to play every once in a while. or try to organize some event.

tastytv has a discord channel.. it could be useful for getting some stuff going

what mods do you wish you could play more often?

even though the servers all seem pretty dead 90% of the time... there is always new/old players re installing quake2 and hopping on to play... they probably give up and quit quickly because they think quake2 is dead...  but if someone is enthusiastic enough to meet/greet them when they arrive... they might just come back again... and that old mod you used to love can be revived slowly over time.

Railwarz CTF

Expert CTF

L Fire CTF


Rocket Arena 2

L-Fire Euro CTF

TastyTV discord

Quakeworld discord

Quake Universe discord

Quetoo discord

overfrag discord

ACME CTF discord

if you dont know what discord is yet.. its kinda like mIRC back in the day but with built in voice chat and you can also send multimedia messages. install it on your phone or desktop... or use it in the web browser.

Registration / Re: Ra2 Tier Poll
« on: October 20, 2016, 10:02:56 PM »
come play quake2 again
Players on

Name   Score   Ping   Time Online
bib   3   69   35 mins
ChopZiller   0   255   19 mins
crackbrb   0   65   30 mins
donde   1   37   35 mins
Erica   4   100   32 mins
greenz   4   36   34 mins
jiggynutzz   0   63   30 mins
mallard   2   45   6 mins
Servine   0   49   5 mins
WallFly[BZZZ]   0   2   97 hours, 43 mins

Quake / Re: Any pre made server packages out there?
« on: October 20, 2016, 04:16:36 PM »

set ctf 0 will make it Free for all or DM mode.
set ctf 1 will make it capture the flag mode.
set railserver 1 will make it rail only
set railserver 0 will make it all weapons.
so you have 4 combinations there. FFA all weapons. FFA rail only. CTF rail only. CTF all weapons.

you can change frag limit time limit etc here
put 10 for timelimit or whatever you want to make it there and 20 for the frag limit

the railwarz .cfg  located in ctf folder can be edited with notepad
you can rename railwarz.cfg to whatever you like just make sure the .cfg name matches in the rwz.bat file

Map rotation/map vote list

theres  only two map rotation files.. one for CTF and one for Free for all or non CTF.
they are both located in /ctf/cfg/

so if set ctf = 1 then your maps_ctf.txt will be used.
if set ctf = 0 then maps_dm.txt will be used.

you could make more than 2 rotation files just need to edit the name when you are ready to use it.  or like you said just have two copies of the server one for just railz and the other for all weapons youd have 2 rotation files for each server. one CTF one dm

in the rotation file the mape filename comes first

mapfilename   "in quotes you can write anything here or the name of the map"

to make the weapons stay i think you have to edit the dm flags number. this tool can be helpful.

ive never really messed with them much so i dont know offhand from experience how it works but i can test it out n get back to you with the right number.

you want limited ammo. health. items and armor. but you want the weapons to stay so anyone can pick them up right?

or by weapons stay did you mean you wanted everyone to spawn with alll weapons and unlimited ammo?

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