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Politics / Re: The Zimmerman Trial... Possible Race Riots?
« on: July 13, 2013, 01:48:31 AM »
  He didn't follow him, he got out of his car to look at the closest apt door to see the address. This was to let the police know where he last saw TM. While in the dark he gets confronted by this pot smoking, white hating thug who hits him and the fight is on. On his back and losing the fight, fearing for his life he pulls his gun and rightfully defends himself. The police originally let him go and didn't charge him with anything for 44 days. The arrest came after the black community demanded something be done. GZ has told the same story from the beginning. His back was wet and had grass on it from the struggle, his nose broke and the back of his head bloody. An eye witness said GZ was on the bottom and they proved the shot was close but TM's  shirt was 2 to 4 inches from his chest when the bullet entered proving he was on top of GZ. This is a clear case of black people taking advantage of white peoples guilt over slavery.  The fact that they already brought in extra police and are begging people to not be violent no matter the outcome only proves people in law enforcement think black people are out of control, and for good reason IMO. Fkn liberals.

How can 2dum even speak on ra2? He's been around for 2 years at best?

I've played ra2 since my highschool years (98 - 01) and used to use the name 2dum2run. Ive been in many clans and reached #2 on ogl with my own team as well as ringing. When hals server died i left the scene only to return a couple years ago.

Ra2 is alive because of us (2dum, random creep and cb) gtfo

Knocked the fuck out rk

I don't remember you but that's no surprise, but you admit to taking what? a ten year break? LOL and when you returned after your 10 year break I was still there. LOL You got knocked the fuck out but all your rotten teeth flew all over the place and your dick sucking jaw was fractured. Aw wont your boyfriend be mad.

you were number 2 in OGL with your own team? playing what? Candy land? lets the the proof. and all before or in 02 huh? uh huh.

How can 2dum even speak on ra2? He's been around for 2 years at best? I started playing ra2 in 99 and have continued to do so on and off since then. The people 2dum are arguing with (adren, haunted, etc) have been around for years and years playing q2/ra2, they have competed, started or joined clans and seen the OGL come and go. 2dum saying he's done anything for ra2 is like a Mexican jumping the border yesterday and screaming, " If it wasn't for me, America wouldn't be here!!!!"

why are you guys still here talking shit? lets go play.  :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

lets go play right now, less talk more frag!

01[18:15] <haunted> you should make a thread in your community events section
01[18:15] <haunted> asking everyone for the best night for ra2 for them, while people are actually playing it at night time a bit actually

You are a sack of shit man, the only reason ra2 is ever brought up is because I BRING IT UP


The reason weekly ra2 started is because Von Slander asked me in POGO games whether or not there was a set schedule. I told him I would be making one and went into irc to run it by you,
fucking shady son of a bitch trying to take credit


You didn't do shit, me and straz have been the only 2 consistently  playing ra2 for years. Youre just getting here shitty fingers.

I cant believe anyone would give 2dum credit for shit. He's a shit talking pussy who dodges players better than him. This retard invites people to ra2 and everyone forgets the year and a half of trolling AND how he likes to get his ass fingered. He should learn some respect and bow down to those who have been here long before his retarded ass showed up.  At best 2dum is the TS clown that no one takes seriously and is here to be another angry little target for the rest of us. It must make 2dum feel good to talk shit to players like adren and haunted knowing he could never beat them in q2 so he tries to rival them in shit talking. LOL classic fail douche bag


Late night, but still fun


 :arrow: Got the game up to 5v5, but held a 4v4 on average
 :arrow: played dakyne, map14, faks
 :arrow: rk and straz got owned on dakyne and rk got caught lieing again
[02:50] <uvula> (ra2) W:LeroyJenkins(rk/ani): i beat u at daks last
F! = 2dum

 :arrow: A reminder: to spec, hit tab-->create new team-->scroll down to mapname-->do not press enter -->press backspace
     *note, this only works if competition mode is voted off
 :arrow: for new players: rocket arena spawns you with every weapon and ammo, places you on one of 2 teams, red or blue, and lets you rocket jump.

 Summary: Entertaining game for tuesday nite

Til Saturday! ggz  :rocketright: :rocketleft:

I was there a third of your time. so triple my score. boom, head shot! now go finger your ass you FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
BTW still waiting on that 1 on 1 you constantly run from. 8(  :raincloud: :raincloud: :raincloud:

Quake / RA2 map vote changes
« on: May 21, 2013, 10:05:16 PM »
So someone changed it so you cannot vote a new map for 10 minutes after your first vote has been denied. So if you are playing 1 on 1 and vote to change map and the other guy votes no, youre stuck on that map. Why this change? I don't think I've ever seen anyone abuse the vote map function and even if they tried, all you have to do is vote no. Change it back please.

Ex Rick 2d myself and creepz talk shit to each other in and out of game all the time yet we have never threatened each other about anything. You need therapy if you ever reach to that point in any online community. BTW, that's also called RAGE. :>


Also, ani, get a job.  You, gump and vae are all so fucking pathetic.  What are you going to do when mommy dies and she isn't there to wipe your ass for you every day?

I'll just own her house and mine. What are you gonna do? oh yeah, keep stealing internet.  :yessign:


shit talk? i recall you being one saying we were owned? even when i was using mg, shotgun, and hyper most of the time. we had 3, so i didn't want to make it unfair. when 2dum comes along you just unload on him even when he's not saying anything. so that statement isn't jiving.

I said owned one time at the end of the game and I was talking to random. As for 2dum, I don't think he was there. What are you even talking about? But no matter, why doesn't everyone just stop talking shit?

I don't show up and talk shit animosity you always provoke it and then try to flip the switch to pretend innocent. All I said to you the ENTIRE map was ":(("

You take this game too seriously. Ex Rick 2d myself and creepz talk shit to each other in and out of game all the time yet we have never threatened each other about anything. You need therapy if you ever reach to that point in any online community. BTW, that's also called RAGE. :>

Well I'm not surprised youre forgetting all the violent things 2dum says about death and torture but it's cool. That's your friend and you have his back, I get it. I personally think its funny. His threats I mean. He can threaten me all he wants. I really don't take it seriously. It just seems that when 2 people start talking shit they're both trying to get the other one mad and I really don't have any limits because its just online!! In a game!! so when I say "I hope your family dies in a car wreck", everyone gets all but hurt and makes me out to be the bad guy but how can these same people who talk so much shit now turn into the moral police and say I've gone to far?
 I guess we just look at it differently. Imagine you're in a street fight vs some stranger and at your feet is a led pipe. Do you use it? And if so have you gone to far? I say if you want fair, get a referee. Take that pipe and split his fucking head open.
 But that being said, the shit talking gets old, were never gonna meet and it gets us no where. A little shit talking is ok if you know you're cool with the guy. To say he sucks or he's fkn retarded is funny sometimes.  I'm the first one to say we should all tone it down and just get back to playing the game. If you or 2dum or anyone else just pop in and have fun, I'll never say a word.
 BTW Rick is retarded.  :lolsign:

/dev/random / Re: Favorite Snack
« on: May 20, 2013, 11:21:20 PM »
Most anything splashed liberally with...

ps. 90 to 45.
+1 so good.


BTW, random just looks like a normal dude.  Not sure where the shit talk would come from on that.  If he looked like Golgo...well, that's a different issue.  :<

Randoms not a bad dude, he just talks a little too much shit. Guess we all do but I seem to be the only player that hopes for a "shit talk free" game. Seems like the game would be a lot better if everyone got along or at least didn't fill the servers and forums up with all the bullshit.

^rk got shitted on roflmao  :gr2:

I showed your friend some mercy. randoms obviously not the tough guy he acts like online so I took it all down. I'm showing the young man some compassion.

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