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Quake / Turn up the blood in Q2?
« on: July 20, 2010, 04:23:42 PM »
Hi everyone,

Leaving performance aside, does anyone know what is the best client and settings to use to maximize (I mean all the way up), the 'gore' factor of Quake 2, especially blood effects?

As much detail is appreciated (i.e, specific settings in config).


Quake / has launched!!
« on: July 16, 2010, 07:38:24 AM »
It's with great pleasure that I announce the launch of !!!

So what is you may ask? -- A fansite and community dedicated to all things Lithium! It's a great place to reconnect with folks that love the game as much as you do.  Our focus is totally on Lithium, here you'll find all the latest news, downloads, tutorials, servers to play on from all over the world, and more!

How you can get involved:

  • Visit the site, register, post on the forums, chat with us live!
  • Contribute - Have Lithium specific demos, pak files, and other files that should be on our site?  Send them over, we'll gladly host!
  • Play the game!! - Now you'll be able to find folks that want to play too!
  • Spread the word - There's many that would love to play Lithium again, but, they need to know that we exist.  Help spread the word in ANY way you can.  We're on twitter and facebook. 

It will take time, but day by day, let's spread the word =)

A great way to link to us, is to use the image in the sig below  ;D

Quake / Lithium II Mod v1.30 Official Release!
« on: February 01, 2010, 07:02:20 AM »
After 10+ years, Matt "WhiteFang" Ayres returns to the Quake 2 scene with v1.30 of his signature Lithium II Mod focusing on stability and bug fixes!!

Grab it now!!:

What is Lithium II?  - Lithium II is a very configurable server-side modification for Quake II which includes deathmatch and CTF modes.  Lithium II is well know for it's red-laser style off-hand grappling hook and runes.  Have a closer look at the feature list here.

What's New
->Lithium II is now open source under GPL!!  The code base will be maintained by WhiteFang, so feel free to submit your additions for inclusion into future releases. For source and SVN repository (coming soon) see above.
->Updates from R1CH's v1.25-R1 release have been incorporated, which includes various security related fixes as well as the "invisible" player bug fix.
-> Voting now ignores observers.  You must be playing in order to initiate or cast your map vote.
-> Command line voting (works in previous versions as well). vote map <mapname> (for example: vote map q2dm1) in console.
-> Default map queue behavior on vote now changed.  Map votes no longer resets map queue order after voted map finishes.  However, if you prefer the old way, use mapqueue_resetonvote option to reset map queue after vote.
-> intermission_maxtime option now added.  By default, this will force map change after 30 seconds post intermission.  This means, your server map-rotation will now work regardless if someone idles for hours.
-> High Scores bug now fixed, will no longer crash server.
-> CTF bug now fixed. Clients will no longer crash in CTF mode after hitting flag capture limit.
-> Observer bug fixed.  When in chasecam mode, 'observe' will now work accordingly.

For the complete changelog, see here.

Thanks to WhiteFang for the new release!  :D

PS - Tastyspleen Community: If you're looking to try out Lithium, "goto lithium2" (or connect on the independent zone -- we have quite a few folks that play often!!

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