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Quake / Re: [Q2RA2] h0s3r is back!
Redundant Redundant
on November 10, 2013, 04:53:16 AM to VaeVictis
i was going to make a comment about how ra2 players all suck and whats left is pathetic and there is no possibility of getting skills "up to par" playing ra2...

but I think I can sum it up quicker:

ricks a cripple, and 2dum is a retard... that is the corner stone of todays ra2 "community", enjoy
Community Events / Re: (Ra2) Rocket Arena Royal Rumble !! Every Tue night 8:30pm-2am pst (Ra2)
Redundant Redundant
on May 29, 2013, 11:45:39 AM to Reptile
holy shit. this troll "bluemeanies" commented yet again, coincidentally after my post. that is so suprising . yet again, i can't see what he's typing.

in case you missed the meaning of ignore.(He just doesn't get it)



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