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General Ownage / Re: Diable
« on: May 13, 2016, 05:31:06 PM »
Are you saying that you don't alias as Trenbolone, or that you refuse to use Anticheat for a legitimate reason?

Your response lacks clarity.

My response is crystal clear...... lmao... Take a look at my 2 messages.....

General Ownage / Re: Diable
« on: May 13, 2016, 03:27:44 PM »
I love how Alpha made up a story by bringing up my name to prove a point, then ignores me when I call him out. You're a total butt munch dude.

And it's obvious Diable got you all riled up in the past, so here you are trying to hassle him. Eat a turd pal.

I am assuming you are trenbolone? You have stated  on a few occasions that AC is useless. If you don't think that, then you will have no hassle in using it? Lets see all the typical excuses roll out as to why you won't  :lol:

No, Alpha, I have not stated that.... lmao.....   You were better off ignoring me, now you just look like an idiot. 

General Ownage / Re: Diable
« on: May 12, 2016, 09:16:36 PM »
I love how Alpha made up a story by bringing up my name to prove a point, then ignores me when I call him out. You're a total butt munch dude.

And it's obvious Diable got you all riled up in the past, so here you are trying to hassle him. Eat a turd pal. 

General Ownage / Re: Diable
« on: May 11, 2016, 07:39:41 PM »
There are a few people who have been parroting that anticheat has been hacked since day 1. Funnily enough the ones who do this have never used it and refuse to. At least spl1nt3r uses it on some occasions. People like claire, the nothing, diable, trenbalone, juice etc. They claim it doesn't work yet don't use it. I challenge anyone who says that it's hacked to show some solid evidence that it is. And of course it's never gonna work if it's not used. Doesn't take a genious to figure it out

I NEVER claimed anti cheat was hacked nor did it not work...... lmao

dm / Re: Racist DM spammer "Krogulce" needs a mute
« on: April 07, 2015, 08:04:57 PM »

I was bored and watched the video though today and if anyone, the person spamming in the video was the person complaining in this thread. :evilgrin:

Doesn't look quite like spam to me, looks a little more like some mild shit talking to be honest.

/dev/random / Re: The Strange and Interesting Thread
« on: April 02, 2015, 10:29:12 AM »
Also a side note, if the big bang theory is true, why does venus spin backwards?

Scientist can't explain it

I don't usually just but into conversations like this but,

Scientists basically explained why Venus spins opposite in that article you posted...

What the hell does that have to do with the big bang theory? Makes zero sense my friend.

Outdoor Activities / Re: Do Any Of Enjoy Fishing?
« on: March 23, 2015, 12:41:30 PM »
I Plan to Go Fishing just Smoking Green Buds But I can No Friends Really that would be Interested that I Trust to Bring there Own Beer And Shit And What Not As Not to Rip Me Off.

Buy me a 12 pack of lakeport and a half OZ and maybe I'll come.

Quake / Re: Admin gone wild
« on: March 22, 2015, 01:36:35 PM »
That poll seems a little incomplete to me to be honest.

I haven't voted yet because, "a pretentious sodomite queer (noob) who fist fucks his rectum", wasn't an option.

dm / Re: Racist DM spammer "Krogulce" needs a mute
« on: March 07, 2015, 09:05:26 AM »
  I  cant see how players wrap so much self worth into a game. You win some and you lose some. At the end of the day hes beating you enough to make you come on here defending yourselves to an audience of 12 because it means that much.

You still haven't figured out that nobody cares who wins or not. That's not the purpose of the posts here my friend. LOL. If you have something to add into the topic of this spamming moron, go for it. 

I suspect subjectivity plays a role in which types of spam is more annoying to each of us as individuals:

I did, the other day, enter a temporary chatban on a specific phrase splinter was repeatedly spamming, to see how he might react. He just adapted by adding some randomness to his wtf+gibberish.

In any case, if splinter's spam is annoying to enough folks, I don't imagine there's much downside to adding a half-mute.

Looks like my work here is done.  :yessign:

dm / Re: Racist DM spammer "Krogulce" needs a mute
« on: March 06, 2015, 06:34:28 PM »
So... meaningless chat spam is only spam when it's done over a length of "years"? I disagree. Spam is spam, and when spam is spam, spam is comparable to spam, and it doesn't matter how long it's been going on. Once, twice, five hundred times, it's all the same. And the point I was making (which you must've missed) is that if no ones playing dictator and cracking down on it in TDM where it's prevalent amongst a higher percentage of the population, then chances are really really slim that anyone's gonna do anything about it in FFA where a far smaller percentage of players do it.

When it's done for years, that's when it becomes an obvious problem, and temp mutes are then suggested. I guess we should just temporarily mute every single TDM player who sends a smiley face after they get killed, ten times, in a 10 minute 1 on 1 duel, against a guy they know, and have been playing for years, in a small community of players.........

you think that D, who joins the server to sit there dead or in spec mode (effectively wasting space - being human spam in and of himself) and blabber at length whilst frequently trolling select folks, is not even worth noting. Really? You find absolutely NOTHING objectionable at all about that? Well, that IS your opinion, and this IS America.

D actually has conversations though, trolling or not, it's not pure spam (which you haven't figured out yet).


just lol @ you overall

dm / Re: Racist DM spammer "Krogulce" needs a mute
« on: March 06, 2015, 06:38:04 AM »
My opinion, not that anyone cares, not that anyone should, but it's probably the same opinion Quadz would have:

Smoke a doob, enjoy life, and don't give a shit so much.

It's probably a little annoying, but it's minor in my opinion. In fact, I watched a video Haunted posted this morning where him and Adren were spamming smirky smilies in the middle of a 2v2 game after several kills and deaths. And I don't think anyone's gonna mute them anytime soon for it (since 90% of the TDM/duel crowd do the same shit), so might as well just learn to ignore it. In fact, if you use R1Q2, you can just add "/ignore Spl1nt3r" to your config and you'll never have to hear a peep from him ever again.

If you wanna have a "real" complaint, complain about the fact that you COULD use this option to ignore assholes like D on Vanilla and DM (which I would LOVE to do), but you can't because adding "/ignore D" to your config forces you to ignore ALL incoming messages, including WallFly ones. And is anybody gonna tell him to use something you can properly command your client to ignore? No. Is he gonna take advantage of that by continuing to prod at you knowing there's nothing you can do about it to ignore him? Yes.

But hey, that's totally fair. Right?

PS, Not that even telling him to use more than a 1 character name would solve anything. If he was in one of his particularly disagreeable moods, he'd figure out that you were using the ignore command and just change his name 47 different times to continue pestering you. So fuck it. Just gotta tune him out. I just pretend he's a woman telling me about her trip to the mall. <sarcasm>"Ooooooo, that's sooooo interesting, tell me more about what the cunt at the makeup counter said!"</sarcasm> ::)

Whenever I post, you claim I'm making a big deal and that I shouldn't care, yet you seem to do the opposite of what you preach each time I come across you. LOL

You saw haunted (who is an admin), spamming smiley faces on one occasion, at a tdm server? Big deal buddy, rofl, were talking about a guy who's been spamming DM (the most popular server) for years, without any sense whatsoever. Not comparable at all.

And that "D" guy you're referring to really isn't that bad, he actually has conversations on there with people, instead of nonsensical spam. Again, not comparable at all. Learn the difference please. And stop trying to contradict me every time I post from now on. Okay? Thanks buddy.

dm / Re: Racist DM spammer "Krogulce" needs a mute
« on: March 05, 2015, 10:20:52 PM »
Oh yeah, and someone needs to mute that splinter douche bag. He sits on DM aimlessly spamming "wtf" every time he dies (which is a lot). He also told me that only two other players in all of q2 can beat him in ffa, Dip and Optica. So not only is he a spamming clown, but he's also mentally retarded.

In case anyone had not seen this daily cycle of lameness from splinter, here's an example from today:

Code: [Select]
[04:11] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: nextmap
[04:11] <uvula> 7(dm) console: nextmap => q2dm1-unmodified(-pu) q2dm2(-pu) q2dm3(-pu) q2dm4(-pu) q2dm5(-pu) q2dm6(-pu) q2dm7(-pu)

[04:11] <uvula> 15(dm) Fraglimit hit.
[04:11] <uvula> 14(dm) -------------name---fph---minutes---frags---
[04:11] <uvula> 14(dm)           Seagull   252      7.16      30
[04:11] <uvula> 14(dm)            dayzed   233      7.21      28
[04:11] <uvula> 14(dm)          Pile0g00   216      2.78      10
[04:11] <uvula> 14(dm)           whoever   192      7.19      23
[04:12] <uvula> 14(dm)          Spl1nt3r   189      2.22       7

[04:12] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtf

[04:12] <uvula> 3(dm) Peter Steele: splinter checking if quad is on
[04:12] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: youre bad thats waht

[04:12] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: yup

*[04:12] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: once he realizes he cant win he'll leave*
*[04:12] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: since i mostly win NON quad maps*

[04:12] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: quad lets the HPB noobs in

[04:13] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wtf

[04:14] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtwttwf
[04:14] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtwtwtwf

[04:14] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: ????

[04:14] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: ww4tef

[04:14] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtwwttwgf

[04:15] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: leave me alone

[04:15] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: stfu
[04:15] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: cunt
[04:15] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: gayzed

[04:16] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwwttwf
[04:16] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: you should cry more
[04:16] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: u should win more

[04:16] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: oh wait
[04:16] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: nvm

[04:16] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: tell me about it from the non winner spot
[04:16] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: newbie

*[04:16] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: have you beaten me....ever?*

[04:16] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: yes

[04:17] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: multiple times every day we play
[04:17] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: and then you cry and make excuses

[04:17] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: suuuiuure
[04:17] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: and leave

[04:18] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtwtwtwf

[04:18] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: lol sure

[04:18] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: there you go crying again

[04:18] <uvula> 14(dm) -------------name---fph---minutes---frags---
[04:18] <uvula> 14(dm)           Seagull   268      6.72      30
[04:18] <uvula> 14(dm)          Pile0g00   257      6.78      29
[04:19] <uvula> 14(dm)            sizmik   231      6.77      26
[04:19] <uvula> 14(dm)          Spl1nt3r   222      6.76      25
[04:19] <uvula> 14(dm)           JibberZ   197      5.79      19

[04:19] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wtf

[04:19] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wtwtwwttf

[04:20] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwwt

[04:22] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtf

[04:22] <uvula> 3(dm) F o e m p: stfu

[04:24] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: HPBNOOB again????

[04:25] <uvula> 15(dm) Fraglimit hit.
[04:25] <uvula> 14(dm) -------------name---fph---minutes---frags---
[04:25] <uvula> 14(dm)           Seagull   297      6.06      30
[04:25] <uvula> 14(dm)          Pile0g00   265      6.11      27
[04:25] <uvula> 14(dm)    I love campers   244      5.40      22
[04:25] <uvula> 14(dm)            dayzed   236      6.11      24
[04:25] <uvula> 14(dm)          Spl1nt3r   226      6.10      23
[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) zee plane: gayed
[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: omg?
[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: really?
[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) Lilitha: bad
[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: splinter below me on the scoreboard and crying?

[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: what a surprise

[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wut?
[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: yeah

[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: you lost to me
[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: no way
[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: right after claiming you dont
[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: that's a first
[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: so cry

[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtf
[04:25] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: it happens 5 times a day and you continue to deny it

[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: squared up yoru spawncamping?
[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: bc you are a retarded child
[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: didnt spawncamp once. make more excuses

[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtw4tesf

[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: lag
[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: rekt again
[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: tell us why

[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: through no skill of yours
[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: oh yeah.. excuses
[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: again
[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtwgf

[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: raped
[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: spawnraped
[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) I love campers: .)
[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: yes

[04:26] <uvula> 3(dm) F o e m p: LoL

[04:27] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4wtwerf

[04:27] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtwttef

[04:27] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wtwtef

[04:27] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: 4wtwt4esfd

[04:27] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtwt4etsf

[04:27] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: www4etsfdc

[04:28] <uvula> 3(dm) Lilitha: lol
[04:28] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: ww46tetdf

[04:28] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4wewstrf

[04:28] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: again

[04:28] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: you die to me and cry

[04:28] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwetf
[04:28] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: 4westdfs
[04:28] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4w4tef

[04:28] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4w4tesfc

[04:28] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4tesf

[04:29] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtwesf

[04:30] <uvula> 14(dm) -------------name---fph---minutes---frags---
[04:30] <uvula> 14(dm)            dayzed   310      5.80      30
[04:30] <uvula> 14(dm)         zee plane   290      5.79      28
[04:30] <uvula> 14(dm)            sizmik   279      5.80      27
[04:30] <uvula> 14(dm)         Whickie I   238      5.80      23
[04:30] <uvula> 14(dm)          Pile0g00   227      5.81      22
[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) I love campers: gg

[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: holy campfucked
[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: you lose again fagg*t

[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wow that's TWO MAPS this week, NICE JOB

[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: gonna deny you lost that time too?
[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: god bless spawncamping eh?
[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: twice since you claimed on it

[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: so you think i just wasn't firing ?
[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: you claim you beat me. I beat you two maps in a row
[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: just runnin around?
[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: explain

[04:31] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: congrats dude, even a blind squirrel finds a nut

[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) F o e m p: LoL
[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: explanation = you're having the day of your life
[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: i'm cool with that
[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: except in this case, you were trying and getting raped

[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: keep spawnkillin
[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: like every single day

[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: I killed you like 10 times to you killing me 2 in the last map

[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: i love it, pump yourself up, keep believing that

[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: keep trying to lie newbie

[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: I didnt kill you once off a spawn either

[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: it was all in the open, you armed, you getting raped
[04:32] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: so keep trying to lie

[04:33] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: true, you killed me like 11 times off spaWn

[04:33] <uvula> 3(dm) F o e m p: nice ca,p u cuntfagsplinter

[04:33] <uvula> 3(dm) Peter Steele: once again this proves that splint sucks without his quad runs

[04:33] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtf

[04:33] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: twfs

[04:33] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: stfu

[04:33] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: you crybaby cunt
[04:34] <uvula> 3(dm) Whickie I: oh my
[04:34] <uvula> 3(dm) Whickie I: that was down right unfriendly

[04:34] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4wtef

[04:34] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4tesfw4tesrfc
[04:34] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: everyone so mad

[04:34] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: nope

[04:34] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: just cuz i win for like....8 years
[04:34] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: youre just a fucking crybaby

[04:34] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: and you spam your stupid bullshit after every death
[04:34] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4wtsfcv

[04:35] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: like that
[04:35] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: omfg wtf

[04:35] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: youre a fucking twink and you arent any good at quake

[04:35] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: and a dumb spammer on top of it
[04:35] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtesfxc

[04:35] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtfsc

[04:35] <uvula> 3(dm) F o e m p: LoL

[04:35] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtesfc

[04:36] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wtf
[04:36] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtsfc

[04:36] <uvula> 3(dm) F o e m p: dang!!!foemped!!!

[04:36] <uvula> 3(dm) Peter Steele: he dies too much

[04:36] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wtfsv
[04:36] <uvula> 3(dm) I love campers: .)
[04:36] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: u = raped

[04:37] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wtesfcv

[04:37] <uvula> 3(dm) F o e m p: fucking bfg pussies

[04:38] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtef

[04:38] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtesfd

[04:38] <uvula> 15(dm) Fraglimit hit.
[04:38] <uvula> 14(dm) -------------name---fph---minutes---frags---
[04:38] <uvula> 14(dm)            dayzed   245      7.34      30
[04:38] <uvula> 14(dm)              RoTT   194      4.32      14
[04:38] <uvula> 14(dm)          Spl1nt3r   180      7.33      22
[04:38] <uvula> 14(dm)       rH:[chacal]   172      7.33      21
[04:38] <uvula> 14(dm)       Whickie Woo   163      7.34      20

[04:38] <uvula> 3(dm) I love campers: gg
[04:38] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: you lose

[04:38] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: lol spawncocked
[04:38] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: 3 in a row

[04:38] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: yueah

[04:38] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r:  even an HPB won today
[04:38] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: fucked connec
[04:38] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: how is it now?

[04:38] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: 3 in a row you lose
[04:39] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: so enjoy
[04:39] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: excuse of the day incoming
[04:39] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: you're now 3 and 107

[04:39] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: ww4tegsfdxvc

[04:40] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4wtescv

[04:40] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: 4wt4esf

[04:41] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: 4wtfsc

[04:41] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: 4wtsfc

[04:41] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: ww4tfs

[04:41] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wtf

[04:41] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4wte

[04:42] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: 4wtsfcv

[04:42] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtesf

[04:43] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtfscv

[04:43] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtef

[04:43] <uvula> 3(dm) Peter Steele: I foresee a 4rd consecutive loss in splinter's future

[04:43] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: wwtf
[04:43] <uvula> 15(dm) Fraglimit hit.
[04:43] <uvula> 14(dm) -------------name---fph---minutes---frags---
[04:43] <uvula> 14(dm)              RoTT   328      5.49      30
[04:43] <uvula> 14(dm)            dayzed   272      5.51      25
[04:44] <uvula> 14(dm)    I love campers   250      5.51      23
[04:44] <uvula> 14(dm)          Spl1nt3r   239      5.51      22
[04:44] <uvula> 14(dm)            sizmik   174      5.51      16
[04:44] <uvula> 3(dm) RoTT: nubs
[04:44] <uvula> 3(dm) I love campers: gg
[04:44] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: ofmg wttgfc
[04:44] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: 4 losses in a row for splinter

[04:44] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4esfx
[04:44] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4w4tesfzxc

[04:44] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4wtesf

[04:44] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: see how you keep getting raped splinter?
[04:44] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: I do

[04:44] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: yes, it's the lag, dumbas

[04:45] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: see how i keep NOT firing at you?

[04:45] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: that's not intentional, dipshit

[04:45] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: w4wtfsc

[04:45] <uvula> 3(dm) Spl1nt3r: tf

[04:45] <uvula> 15(dm) Spl1nt3r disconnected

[04:46] <uvula> 3(dm) dayzed: apparently splinter didnt have 5 consecutive losses in him

I'm not going to count the number of "wtfwtyfwtwft" per minute as it would be an even greater waste of time than skimming this out of ts-live was in the first place, but I will highlight a couple things:

1: Non-quad rotation and splinter loses every map he's there for after claiming "he mostly wins nonquad maps" all the while spamming the chat with his crybaby crap after every single time he dies other than suicides.

2: He claims I have never beaten him, when I do so every day I play him. I then put up better numbers for every map in a row that I'm playing against him and he makes excuses about why (lag, spawnkilling, camping, etc) instead of realizing that he was wrong.

3: True to form, once he realizes he cannot win after 4 consecutive map losses, and the quad rotation is nowhere in sight, he leaves without a word.

This is splinter in a nutshell.

Anyone else spamming that much meaningless shit per minute would probably get a chats per minute muzzle.
For example: Dafremen.

I don't think anyone could of summed it up better here. I have to deal with this same nonsense nearly every time I see him online, so do various other people.  :spam:

He comes off a little delusional with the whole "I'm winning", Charlie Sheen, attitude. You would think after a while he'd tone it down, but every time he's online he's right back at it, with that shitty and weird attitude.

Quake / Re: To MRE (mystery? not really)
« on: February 21, 2015, 11:27:52 AM »
I guess you're right and it's not him, but you don't have fly off the handle trying to explain why you think it isn't him. Perhaps going outside and getting some fresh air would get rid of some of that intensity, sir.

Quake / Re: To MRE (mystery? not really)
« on: February 20, 2015, 05:58:57 PM »

You are not iR-joe. No, you are not. You never were, and you never will be. You really really truly are? No. The only answer is no. No today, no tomorrow, no next fucking week, no next fucking year, and no for all of the rest of forever. You aren't fooling anyone. They have these things called ip numbers, and it allows people to trace your history as well as your geographical location. So cut the shit. No one is fooled. If you keep insisting on attempting to impersonate other members of the community, don't be surprised if the owner of the forums/servers decides to restrict your access until you come clean.

Why so tense? What if it actually is him, and you just look like an asshole for nothing? I mean, what if the guy did move locations? Is that really unbelievable to you?

Just sayin'

dm / Re: Racist DM spammer "Krogulce" needs a mute
« on: February 16, 2015, 10:55:35 AM »
See,  now we're talking. Might as well just make me a "temp" admin so I can do what I will to this little rodent.  :fight:

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