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Quake / Re: I'm a bad man
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on August 01, 2014, 04:09:09 PM by YEASTY
I was looking for the cartoon where the guy has one muscular arm and one skinny arm, but I could not find it  :raincloud:

family guy, its quagmire
1v1 and TDM Demos / Re: kyuss vs vae on rage (5-19-2014)
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on July 25, 2014, 05:57:37 PM by YEASTY
Well... That is probably the worst low skill demo I have ever seen with the name "panda" attached to it...

but hey, kyuss got a win! Good for you buddy! Even players way out of your skill level aren't unbeatable if they play like shit and you believe in yourself (and hide)!

All things said though, I have a hard time hating kyuss... I mean yeah I really hate the fucker cause stupid people annoy me, but I feel pretty bad for him :( he really is that delusional... shows when he starts PMing his shit talk, it isn't just a show for the masses

its like 2dum... only... not trolling
Quake / Re: 2d/Lord got robbed
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on July 25, 2014, 04:53:29 PM by YEASTY
lol thats dumb... completely agree with adren. maps like bloodrun, rdm7, rdm3... those are fine. tltf is just an extreme map that straight up isnt for duel.

I've lost track of who is referring to what at this point, but to clarify... I like how KotH currently employs a blacklist rather than a whitelist for maps.

Crossing off maps as "unfit for purpose" makes sense. (I seem to recall early on, someone tried to call a map that's a single small square room cluttered with all possible weapons and armor and powerups, having a wall button that brings down a spiked ceiling to squish everyone.)  :dohdohdoh:

But when a challenger calls a reasonable map (assuming BFG and powershield disabled) then I don't think the defender should be able to reject it out of hand just due to unfamiliarity. (The limit case of course being, "I only play q2dm1 so I reject all other choices." ;) )

And speaking merely as a spectator, it's fun to see gameplay on obscure maps at least once or twice in the evening amidst all the q2dm1, q2rdm2, ztn2dm3 picks.


The issue is that it's 2dum we're dealing with.  He doesn't know how to be a normal person about wins; every one he gets, no matter how marginal, he won't ever stfu about.  Same with his losses too.  Every time he gets beat, he never stops hammering those who beat him with hackusations.  Just sayin'.

If the dude would simply act honorable and humble in wins or losses, this wouldn't even be an issue.  Of course, if he was a good guy, he wouldn't have made this thread in the first place.  This whole thread is nothing but him claiming how great he thinks he is, and how he thinks that's the reason people are "wronging" him (to spite him).

I seriously doubt anyone would dare venture anywhere near close to how 2dum acts when he plays.  There's plenty of players who could do what 2dum does, but choose not to, because it's fucking lame and unsportsmanlike behavior.  Just honestly think for a minute what it would be like if EVERYONE acted like 2dum in-game.  I'm pretty sure after not too long, quadz would probably pull the plug on the whole damn show; 2dum's bullshit makes me nauseous, and I'm seriously glad most people don't act like him, because q2 would be without a central community if quadz is anything like me in tolerance for bullshit, i.e. I can take a lot, but I need to know that the good games that happen outweigh the bad, irritating bullshit that spawns up.

I know I'm kinda ranting, but this shit is seriously starting to irritate/disgust me.  I won't pull a Elysium and farewell over it (<3 u Ely), but I really do wonder why people like 2dum think it's okay to act like they do in a community that's just trying to enjoy what's left of a great game.  Whatever I guess...

2dum cries less than you do in 1v1
General Ownage / Re: Quick Cup - Any interest?
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on July 25, 2014, 04:48:16 PM by YEASTY
We were talking about it on IRC that it would be better to have an invite tourney for div1. That way the matches will be more exciting to watch, and the competition will be more fierce for the players. I still plan on running the novice cup, but I won't put in the players that I left out of the div1 cup. I might keep them as subs for it though and probably run some open cup in the future so that they don't get left out in the action. Anyway, here's the list so far:

invite cup: adrenal!ne, Faderj0k, Haunted, slugs, PyR3X, VaeVictis
novice cup: [BTF]Deadbeat, ex, Golgo13, Kyper, Misery

I should have a full bracket for the invite tourney if the last two players I'm looking to play in it, are down to play. However, I'm still looking for players for the novice cup. I'm working on that.

Yeah, this thread is not very clear and is starting to get bloated. I'll wait to make threads for each cup once I get a full roster. : )

gah... everyone in the invite cup list is a fucking homo except me slugs and pyr3x... and eh, i guess fader isn't too bad if he isn't doing his annoying little kid thing he usually does... and i guess adren can't help it so he is forgiven

for the "novice" bracket, i could see it being quite large... plenty of people around that like 1v1 but don't like getting stomped on

pyrex is a type of glass, some of the highest quality. quartz is SiO2, pyrex is SiBO2, I think. It used to be written on every beaker/flask in every science class middle school and up. He probably got it from that.

It's also used extensively in glass pipes for smoking/vaporizing certain illicit substances, with the higher end of the spectrum being pyrex pipes as they are sturdy and resist being heated better than cheap glass.

The more you know... :rainbow:

okay! so pyr3x is a crack pipe, gotcha
1v1 and TDM Demos / Re: Vaepoop owned
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on July 25, 2014, 04:45:48 PM by YEASTY
congratz :)

one game where i just did nothing but rush you because i had twice your ping... 40 to 80, not 50 to 60... and on dm1! the one map you probably like more than me (cause i hate that shit) :)

and then one game each on two other maps...

i can go back into probably the last time we were both active in like... july last year i think? thats where i was seeing most my demos dueling you :) but hey, turns out you did better than i thought... you probably won a third of them on rage and dm1... but damn did i hand your ass to you a lot

since that time, i have beat you on dm1 just about every time we have played... bout keeping with that third ratio where you win the occasional one

really though slugs, i'm so touched you are scared to play me on the more even pings of tourney... and that you won't even play me with half my ping on rage :)

i beat you just the other day on dm1... how are you so thick skulled to pretend like I am not better than you?
Quake / Re: Cant we all just get along?
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on July 25, 2014, 04:43:21 PM by YEASTY
once you can admit ra2 is just dumbed down quake we will be right as rain :)

have fun playing it all you want... doesn't change that it is dumbed down quake lol
1v1 and TDM Demos / Re: Who is better at Quake2? Including (TDM,1v1,RA2,JUMP,CTF)
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on July 25, 2014, 04:40:59 PM by YEASTY
wow slugs... wow...

you make such a big deal out of some shit talk :)

also, did i ever say i was better than you at teams, ra2, jump, or ctf... for one, i don't even play jump or ctf, and two, i have always freely admitted i suck at teams :)

just stfu slugs, you bitch like a little girl any time some one says something negative towards you
1v1 and TDM Demos / Re: Vaepoop owned
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on July 25, 2014, 04:38:47 PM by YEASTY
I think slugs has a better chance of getting struck by lightning tonight than he does striking up a bo5 with vae. We're about to see vae's excuses any moment now. :sorry:

unlike you, slugs is actually fun to play :)

bo5 sounds cool

i'll keep an eye out for you when i am quakin' slugs, but don't be a bitch and play me on tourney :P i am like the worst player at lag compensation
1v1 and TDM Demos / Re: Vaepoop owned
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on July 25, 2014, 04:35:45 PM by YEASTY
Vae look dude im sorry but u started this whole thing, i dont rly care about a random non tournament 1on1, nor does anyone just let it go  stop taking everything so seriously it rly does not matter. Just practice and you will get better. Dont go hurting ur self over this its not that serious! I will be friends with you if u just stop being so weird.

lol you are the one taking shit seriously

i started giving you a hard time cause you don't 1v1 much now even when you have PLENTY of opportunity to

i have won 2/3 of our games in like the last 10 months, thats a fact :) you also drink the irish under the table, and avoid 1v1 games left and right...

would have been a fun game on tourney, but i could see you were just being a baby and so i rushed for 10 minutes... and for rushing for 10 minutes, the score wasn't even too bad haha

i literally beat you like two days before, same map, same server... and before that, and before that... and before that... :) albeit, our games are usually close and hilarious on dm1... stress the hilarious

doesn't change the fact you were scared to play me on closer pings, and pussied out of playing a map other than dm1 when you started talking shit... i know you are just a big baby most of the time slugs, but come on! wtf is wrong with you... get your mommy to change your diaper so you stop kicking and screaming, and accept reality
General Ownage / Re: How to Find Duel
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on February 07, 2014, 06:58:28 AM by YEASTY
or just learn who duels and ask them on a server, not rocket science
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