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Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: February 17, 2020, 11:36:49 AM »
What does "we're not commies" even mean? Is there this assumption that some/most of the Democrat candidates have this clandestine plan to convert the U.S. to a communist country if they happen to win the nomination and the presidency?

No assumption at all. I didn't pull that idea out of thin air. It was what people involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign were caught on video discussing just a few pages back in this thread, talking about seizure and redistribution of wealth and property, which are fundamental Marxist ideas. will only hurt the super rich...

And there's further evidence of that philosophy becoming more mainstream. "It'll hurt the really rich, but... fuck what they think." Hatred for the bourgeoisie. Rich people get their way a lot, and they're douchebags sometimes, but they are people too. We are a free country, though. And what that means is that if you start unfairly targeting the rich with taxes that take no consideration of their legal protestations to it, they can simply LEAVE. They already have the money to uproot and move to someplace else. And that's what they'll do. To prevent economic collapse, you'll be forced to regulate who can leave, and before you know it, you're throwing up another Berlin wall.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: February 17, 2020, 08:44:51 AM »
I would love to see this same interview in the US.

A lot of people talk the talk but feel differently when they are asked to take someone in.
(*video edited out of quote)

That's basically the comment and approach I was GOING take in my last reply to punk_fas but it would've sounded pretty confrontational and nasty so... I tried to stay nice and friendly. But yeah. What are the alternatives to warehouses with fences and sleeping bags and portajohns? Are we supposed to build them some kinda dormitory where they have carpet and beds and a personal bathroom and a fridge and a microwave and a kitchen and a tv and a recliner and full heat and ac and a window with a nice view? That shit would cost SOOOO fucking much money. And they'd tear the shit out of the place. The carpet would be covered in stains and completely RUINED in less than 6 months. No, we need an economical solution. And so... we made one. Kids in cages. They weren't in cages back in Mexico, were they? Sounds to me like they walked into that situation. Sounds to me like we got handed a situation and we dealt with it the best way we could afford to.

...I was surprised as well concerning Iran...

DITTO! Big ole fuckin' huge ditto, there. I was glad to hear Trump saying (AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, DOING!) things about pulling us out of Iraq and Afghanistan as much as humanly possible, which is something I kinda figured the Democrats would've tried harder to do than they did given that they were so critical of our involvement over there during W. Bush's 2nd term. And I still didn't really know what to make of it. I've been convinced that much of what went on in Iraq and Afghanistan was... subcontracted corruption and a tax money disappearing act. So I kinda half expected with the Republicans back in the White House, they'd find an excuse to re-ramp up our presence in that region again. When the Soleimani shit happened, I thought, "Here we go again." But then nothing else came of it... and even now I'm still sitting here half-expecting the other shoe to drop. It hasn't yet, and doesn't look like it will, so... I can't be anything but happy.


...The crowd who hates Trump and that innate hatred for him clouds everything they see to the point that it completely blocks certain things from view.

You see "stories" - a lengthy sidebar here - (its not REAL news stories, it is sponsored content basically, the propagandizing that media always involves itself in nowadays where they are a corporation selling the idea of a political party and they are actively engaged in marketing strategies to control and sway public opinion) Anyway... you see "stories" about "White House admits there was no imminent threat before Soleimani assassination"... which COMPLETELY overlooks the fact that he's a well-known regional bad actor, and it's in our best interests to remove him from the equation. And when we whack his ass, people who hate Trump wanna act like he was just a regular guy out running errands and we murdered him in cold blood. He was buddy-buddy with Syrian President al-Assad and Hezbollah. That kinda stuff is what put him on Uncle Sams shit list. I have no tears for that asshole, and neither should any other loyal US citizen. Him showing up at the Iraqi airport was a late Christmas gift falling into our laps. When someone who needs to be pushed off a fucking cliff goes to the edge of a cliff and stands there... you do what needs to be done.

Back in October, Trump announced that we had finally whacked worldwide shithead #1 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which should have been celebrated almost as much as when we fragged bin Laden. This is a guy who seemingly wrote a list of the worst possible things a human could do to others, and he went out and did each and every one of them. Trump wastes him. Nobody blinks. ::)

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: February 16, 2020, 03:51:53 PM »
...SNL operated solely from a "the left is great, the right sucks" angle. That's simply not true.

They do though. Because Lorne Michaels is a Democrat. It's owned by NBC, and the people who run NBC are Democrats. That's not my opinion, it's fact. If it's not fact,... Obama was President for 8 years. Surely in 8 years, SNL would've had plenty of opportunities to rip into Obama the same way they did with Bush. And yet... they didn't. But that's because Bush is... obviously stupid and evil. And that's why this fucking argument is pointless. We might as well be Catholics and Protestants in North Ireland. ::)

And until that happens, those trying to come here should just stay instead and die, right? I read an article the other day that said [a significant number of] people that have been sent back in the past number of years have died (I believe murdered/killed) since being sent back to whichever country they were returned to.

If your neighbor doesn't pay his bills and skips town, is it reasonable to expect you to cover it?

It sucks but... YES. People die every day. Not my problem.


Sort of. In truth, most of us check certain boxes for antisocial personality disorder and sociopathy. I certainly do. When it comes to certain things and people I have disdain for, I have a lack of empathy that can sometimes morph into total sadism. But then when it comes to family and friends, I'm sometimes quite selfless. I'm not padded room crazy, but I'm not far off, lol. It might be true that I'm only one exceptionally bad day away from going criminally insane. We'll see. There's always tomorrow. :D

I'm not saying it's preferable to have sociopaths and psychopaths as leaders, but that's often how it works out. Turns out sociopaths and psychopaths with narcissistic tendencies think very highly of themselves, and that confidence leads them to have the courage to pursue leadership positions in business, government and organized crime.

And Richard Branson is one. He's fucked over more than a handful of people to get where he's at.

If you don't want a sociopath in power, you're gonna have to elect Jesus Christ or Ghandi.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: February 16, 2020, 09:59:41 AM »
He got pissed and disagreed entirely stating that CNN and msnbc were both "very hard" on Obama.

Well that's the point. They were "very hard" on Obama. They "hate, despise, and loathe" Trump. There's a subtle but NOT-AT-FUCKING-ALL-SUBTLE difference there, lol.

SNL is part of the media collective that identifies as "left". When Clinton was in office, SNL made fun of him. How did they do it though? He was the dopey but loveable somewhat flawed character. And how did they make fun of Bush comparitively? He was the dumber-than-dogshit bumbling evil mastermind type. That kinda shit screws its way into the psyches of the sheeple, and it's designed to do so. While some laugh at it as tv comedy, other recognize it as corporate sponsored propaganda.

There's a definite dividing line between left and right media. And if you think about it for a minute... isn't Fox the only right-leaning media on the entire TV dial? I mean obviously the religious networks are gonna be "conservative", but who the hell takes TBN and those people seriously? And overwhelmingly, EVERYTHING ELSE is in favor of left politics. Is that what you could call "fair and balanced"? Nope.

(Gonna attempt to express something here and hopefully sounds coherent when I type it, lol)

And the phrase keeps being repeated, "We're more divided than ever." Sure we are, and the more we repeat that mantra, the more we believe it, and the more true it becomes. And one of the ways we ACTUALLY ARE divided is in how we view this concept of the political narrative and who is the villain of it.

From my perspective:

The left: says the Right is the villain and it must be defeated. The right is racist, backwards in almost every way, and wants to hinder progress at every turn. They are a small group of super-rich elites that have duped their redneck bible thumping subjects into thinking they care about them.

The right: says the Democratic party is incompetent. I'll just leave it at that. Some of them are indeed the redneck bible thumping morons that the left think they are. Others, not so much.

Newly right-leaning me: says the left is becoming the villain, but recognizes that it's not necessarily the Democratic "party" that is the main culprit, it's the left media and corporations that have become the de-facto leadership and voice of the party without even being elected to the position.

And at some point I think people from BOTH SIDES to come to this conclusion. That it's not necessarily the other side of the aisle that is our enemy. It's the corporations and the media who are attempting to subvert the process that is the fucking enemy. The people are supposed to run this place, not these THINGS we call corporations. Their opinions don't fucking matter. They aren't people, and we need to NEVER consider them equal to individuals. US Steel, AT&T, or ExxonMobil can't be trusted to govern responsibly. They answer to us.

A great many people who cross the border do so because at this point the cartels have more control over life in Mexico than the government does. These people need help, not caging.

We are a sovereign country, not a humanitarian outreach. Mexico and Mexicans should get pissed off about it, start locking and loading, and handle their own problems. When the Crips set fire to the liquor store in Watts, we don't wonder why Canada doesn't come to the rescue. Mexicans need to be big boys and girls and handle their shit. Because if we're gonna be expected to handle their widespread problems, then I feel like we should go ahead and annex Mexico so we can use their tax revenue to pay for the efforts.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: February 16, 2020, 04:14:57 AM »
Also (related to concerns for personal safety)

Everyone in that picture is white. Let's make that a thing. ...Sorry, Just felt like being "left" for a minute. Felt kinda fuckin' stupid, so I'm gonna stop now.

I honestly believe Trump would be diagnosed as having narcissistic personalty disorder if a qualified psychologist ever got to sit down with him and go through all the criteria, line by line, with him. I feel that alone should disqualify someone from holding such a position of power.

Nope. As it turns out, that qualifies someone more than anything else to holding a position of power. Turns out that the most wealthy entrepreneurs in the world tend to be high functioning sociopaths and psychopaths. If you wanna win, sometimes you have to be willing to kill everything that isn't you. And part of being a successful wealthy entrepreneur is knowing when to smile and when to kill, and realizing that you're gonna be doing WAY more smiling than killing, so be a good persuasive actor. (Basically reiterating Quadz' point here.)

Why Trump?

It's not complicated at all. It's very simple.

Why I voted for him (in order of importance):
  • His last name isn't Clinton. And far more importantly, his first name isn't Hillary. :thumbsup: *I realize that kinda makes me like the left side of the aisle in relation to Trump. They despise his person. Well... I don't love the guy either. He's a dick, he's someone I'd probably punch or ditch in a bad part of town at some point if I hung out with him for one night. But he's the only other option. I wish there were a better one. But there isn't. So fuck it.
  • His theme is "AMERICANS FOR AMERICA". I want to improve America. Despite the fact that he's a pompous douche, his rhetoric about policy resonates with blue collar middle America. We want to see car plants and manufacturing jobs come back. We want to see "Made in the USA" on the shit we buy again. Many left-o's want that too. That's part of the whole liberal douchebag "locally sourced" thing that's all the craze now. And unfortunately, too many douchebags have agreed to pay needlessly jacked up premium prices for such things.  ::) But this is closely related to my next point...
  • His willingness to confront the difficult issue of China/Asian trade practices which has killed off the majority of the US manufacturing. For proof of this, go to any general merchandise retail store in America. Over 90% of the products you'll find were made in China and other Asian countries. Anyone whining about his trade policies is someone drinking the koolaid offered by the Chinese corporations saying, "You get cheap products, we're your friends, don't go changing, baby!" They serve their own interests and only their own, and it's time we thought about OUR place in this relationship... and it's already too late to undo most of the damage done. WE ARE in an abusive relationship with China. "But we get cheap electronics and doo-dads." Kinda like the abused wife saying, "He hits me, but not always and he's rich."
  • Securing the border for ME is NOT about keeping those dirty fucking mexicans outta my country, yeehaw *spits tobacco*. It's about keeping immigration LEGAL and REGULATED, thereby helping to regulate and improve our native economy (the ECONOMY being my biggest concern), having a better means of inhibiting the flow of illegal drugs into this country, and thereby decreasing crime that surrounds and relates to those drugs. I don't know if anyone realizes it, but it's probably the illegal Mexican immigrant community in this country that is keeping Western Union afloat and flourishing. They make wages here and ship the money to people back in Mexico. Money and "value" is flying out the window. Can we do something?

/dev/random / Re: The Strange and Interesting Thread
« on: February 16, 2020, 02:58:49 AM »

Those loose power lines flopping around and he's standing by a metal rail. Perhaps the power went out and those lines weren't hot.

I've only ever been though one earthquake. You might say Georgia never has earthquakes, and that's almost true. We have mountains, so there are plate edges here, they just aren't very active. I can't remember exactly when it was, but from what I see on Google, I think it was 2003. It was about 2 or 3am, I thought there was a loud truck coming into my cul-de-sac. Sounded like someone banging their fist on the wall as hard as they could and steadily. They said there was another one felt somewhere around here back in early Jan. Thing is, in Georgia nobody carries flood or earthquake insurance because it isn't mandated, and it's so rare that some companies just don't even offer it at all. Houses and buildings in Atlanta aren't built with earthquake-resistant structural standards like in California or Japan. If a big one ever hit here... this whole state would be screwed. Downtown Atlanta would be out of commission for probably years. The infrastructure underneath the city would be EASILY totalled, (it's crumbling shitty and in total disarray NOW) and any buildings that didn't come down would HAVE to be taken down to completely redo the sewage, power, and subway systems to be earthquake resistant.

Jokes / Re: Funny Pictures
« on: February 14, 2020, 10:43:32 AM »

Jokes / Re: Funny Pictures
« on: February 14, 2020, 02:44:39 AM »
:yessign: Very  :lolsign:

Mentioned in another thread today about a marketing survey site I'm on. A few weeks ago in the daily poll comments there, somehow the discussion turned to native americans or something. This bitch started blasting someone else with her righteous anger about "you people took our land and forced us to the crappy land no one wanted, you hunted our buffalo to extinction, blah blah blah". Her little avatar pic was obviously a pic of her. It was a fucking cheap looking moderately overweight trailer trash bitch in a walmart-bought skirt sitting on a motorcycle in what looked to be a repair shop or motorcycle dealership. She was fucking whiter than ME. I replied with something to the effect of "Just because your grandmother was 1/32nd navajo and you went to a local indian festival and bought a dreamcatcher that now hangs beside your lighted budweiser mirror in your double wide trailer, it doesn't make you Native American."

Back to the funny...

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: February 14, 2020, 02:34:28 AM »
I keep thinking more and more that trump will win 2020 in a historic landslide,...

How do you arrive at that impression? Is it from what you've seen on Facebook? Because I hear the same thing from my mother when we get to talking about politics, and she volunteered the info that it's "...from what people have been saying on Facebook..." I'd caution someone not to use that as a true measurement. The things you see on Facebook are marketed and tailored to you based on data they've collected from you and your friends. It makes sense that the things your friends believe, you probably do too. But that quality is further enhanced by marketing data and algorithms and blah blah blah - the shit going on behind the screen. Kinda like how netflix makes recommendations based on the shit you've watched.

It depends on what corner of the internet you look at. On facebook things might seem heavily in favor of Trump. But on the marketing survey site I hit up everyday to earn free gift cards... which is populated by a lot of shut-ins, disabled, elderly, cheapo something-for-nothing motherfuckers (like me), which is maybe a demographic a little more predisposed to vote democrat, the daily poll comments are inundated with daily anti-Trump whinging. I'm in the severe minority of pro-Trump voices there... and it doesn't help that the other pro-Trump voices happen to be seemingly very stupid people with highly feeble arguing skills. ::)

/dev/random / Re: The Strange and Interesting Thread
« on: February 13, 2020, 04:33:51 AM »
Meet Allah was all the way at #7, behind meeting his family and friends.

What kind of western liberal Muhartiq puts anything before God? For shame! The nerve of some of these millennial jihadis. :ohlord:

/dev/random / Re: The Strange and Interesting Thread
« on: February 12, 2020, 08:16:17 AM »
To whoever reads this,

Dunno if you're familiar with the Church of the SubGenius. But to summarize, it's an old for-fun but very much for-profit kooky parody religion that worships a deity called Bob. And... Yada yada yada. It's hard to explain, so read google for a better synopsis.

Anyway. If you ARE familiar with them like I am (I was a heavily participating "member" of it in my teens back in the late 90's), then you're probably also familiar with their nationally syndicated 1hr weekly radio show, the Hour of Slack, which is a mish-mash of audio craziness usually with some type of weekly theme. Dunno if they still do the show or if it's still getting national distribution anymore, haven't paid attention to them in 15 or 20 years.

Anyway again.... THIS FILM IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH the Church of the SubGenius. But... it COULD be. It's along the same lines. It's called "The Great Satan". It's just a mish-mash of a thousand or more old video clips of various things to do with the devil, "Satanic panic", Christianity, horror movies, etc. It's absolutely insane. And it's masterfully pieced together in a coherent and almost logically symphonic way. Kinda funny at times. And while it's just a mindless video barrage of religio-centric insanity, it's also quite a unique statement about just how nuts the religious right was back in the age of VHS.

And while I'm at it... I gotta say, I'm loving this Tubi shit, man. I've been watching the vast amounts of 100% FREE shit on there way more than than the Netflix that I'm paying 12 or 13 bucks a month for. If you're into crazy 70's 80's and 90's b-movies, Troma films, and cheese cinema like me, this streaming service is right up your alley.

Politics / Re: Current Politics & History Only Thread
« on: February 12, 2020, 12:27:11 AM »
Yeah, well I'll humbly admit that my criticism of W Bush in the past wasn't completely so well informed. Most of it centered on the fact that we were getting heavily involved in things in Iraq and Afghanistan for no immediately clear beneficial reason. And even to this day, it appears as though the most likely reason we did get involved over there was because we wanted to slowly change the political climate of the region to modernize it for the future. Or... some shit.

Jane Goodall is qualified to talk to me about economics. Sure. And I'm just as qualified to disagree with what she says. Now when we start talking about monkeys and jungles, I'll shut the fuck up and trust that her comments are coming from a place of learned experience. At no point did they ever explicitly show that Jane Goodall said anything about wealth inequality. She mentioned population growth and how THAT is the common denominator with all the other problems of the world. If I were her, I would be fucking pissed that they used my identity to falsely sponsor their leftist philosophy. In fact one commenter said the same thing.

Dean Frenkel
Feb 08, 2020

This article totally misrepresents Jane Goodall who is actually saying the opposite.

I mean... I don't think anyone would disagree that Jane Goodall is the perfect definition of a hippy treehugging liberal. But she's also well educated and very intelligent. Too intelligent to even hint that she'd entertain an idea so stupid.

/dev/random / Re: The Strange and Interesting Thread
« on: February 11, 2020, 11:52:22 PM »

When you see those ridiculous warning labels on things like jugs of chlorine bleach that say, "DO NOT DRINK."... THESE PEOPLE are why they do that.

Jokes / Re: Funny Pictures
« on: February 11, 2020, 11:49:05 PM »

/dev/random / Re: Whatcha listening to?
« on: February 11, 2020, 06:38:17 AM »
That last video the drumming kinda reminded me of Buddy Rich.

WOW. That's all you can say watching/hearing Buddy Rich. Neil Peart, John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, blah blah blah. They're almost amateurs compared to him.

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