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I did pop on for a few games. Was fun watching ksoul whine. Especially when I was outscoring him for awhile.

Also, I thought people were calling me a smurfer, but apparently they were talking about my teammate  :sorry:


I should be around tonight. I might pop on for a few games.

Community Events / Re: Hey
« on: November 18, 2014, 02:23:11 PM »
I've been playing RA2 off and on for years, and I have never seen DeHang play. I have seen him on the tourney server a few times, but never in RA2.

Mind you, I don't quite follow the RA2 scene all that close either.

/dev/random / Re: AMC's The Walking Dead - Official Thread
« on: October 20, 2014, 03:10:18 PM »
This season's opener was fucking bad ass. Hope the rest of the season can live up to it.

I concur. Episode 2 ends pretty interestingly. Adds more questions than answers, which is sometimes good.

Also, to add to what Folc posted above, the 2nd half of S5 of Breaking Bad was the best television I have ever seen. I liked most of BB, but I couldn't understand all the hype. I mean, it was good, but it wasn't that good. But that 2nd half of S5 was mind blowing. So damn good that it more than makes up for any slow parts in the first 4.5 seasons.

/dev/random / Re: Whatcha Look Like?
« on: August 03, 2014, 09:57:16 AM »

Kyper --> When did you want to play? I am free most nights at most times with some notice. My 3rd is MIA so if you have 3 I might need a sub.

Reefer, a CTF player, said he could sub. Both Greenz & Cleaner are CTF players, so they will both know him and can comment as to his skill level (and whether they believe it's a fair sub). Otherwise, I can look for another. I would prefer to play 3v3 if you have 3 players (as it wouldn't be fair to make one of your players sit).

I idle all the time on IRC but don't read up much, so just send me a PM and I will read it when I get home.


Target, I've been I think pretty nice to you considering how well we get along and have answered your questions without trying to be a dick or anything of the sort like I normally have done in the past.    I want to move past our old crap and just have fun. 

Noticed an appreciated. I agree with what Fadar said in my regards above --> I am not trying to attack anyone, I am just trying to get answers to some questions. I feel as the first pick that makes me a captain (of sorts) and I should have some right to ask questions about my team with harassment. I feel that I too have been civl in this regards.

I am a bit frustrated as I see myself as one of the worst captains and I am given a new player as a 3rd. I mean, with the randomized teams, sure, I had shitty luck of the draw. But I figured since we were replacing a player, why not give me a decent one.

Either way, I don't know which maps are which number so I will just have to rely heavily on random to sort the matches out for us. I will try to get on ETG and speak to Legacy.

lmao @ u thinking im a 3rd tier

Maybe I completely understood how teams were setup, but it seems to me that you were put as the 3rd pick on your team. I personally don't think you are 3rd tier as you have out pointed me on many maps. I assumed the first person on each team was 1st pick, second 2nd, third 3rd. Correct me if I am wrong.

You all should be able to say what's on your mind without being misunderstood (or come off like you're trying to insult someone).

Nail --> Head. Thanks! I will try your/Erica's IRC suggestions tonight when I get home.

IRC where people can get ahold of almost all players. ETG #ra2draft

I tried to connect to ETG through two different IRC clients the other night before giving up in frustration. I didn't realize others were having the same issues and I have not had time to try the suggestions in the chat box. I will try tonight after work. Has Legacy been idling there?

Legacy hasn't played but a couple maps, so they'd equate out better

I have never captained a RA2 team, and other than a handful of maps that I played with [s0] a few years back, I haven't played RA2 competitively. So why was it put up to me to train a new player, when I am not even familiar myself? There are other captains that are more skilled and more qualified.

I thought I was looking for a 3rd pick player, which I think Reefer would be (falling in line with The Cleaner, Civilian and 2D). I thought the only reason I had Alexx on my team was bad luck of the draw with the "randomizer". This seems inconsistent.

However, blah blah dumb passive aggressive bullshit question?

angry text @ admins because they didn't exclude some random player  :raincloud:

It's these kinds of comments that make me wish I hadn't signed up for this draft.

considering Reefer has played ra2 before(alex hasn't played in over 10 years, or so he said).

To be fair, a lot of 3rd round picks have played ra2 before, and Alex was a hoax. But whatever, idc. Do you have any means so that I can get ahold of Legacy? I have never seen him on these forums.


We will try to find a suitable replacement for you, but if you know of someone who wants to play, let me know so I can discuss it with the other admins. 

Reefer said he would play on my team. 

And one last post before I hit the hay, everyone check  , it's been updated slightly since random isn't going to be available this week for a match, his team was switch with hops/bluemeanies/focolars team so that they get a bye for this week. 

Should I look for a 3rd for my team, or would that be unfair? If unfair, can one be sought out on my behalf?


I think the biggest problem is that there are so many "middle of the road" players. I mean the difference in skill between me (first round pick?) and 2d (third round pick?) isn't that far. There are 4-5 super good players, 4-5 super not good players (imo) and then a bunch of middle ground players.

Either way I am not complaining, I just wish I knew who my 3rd was. Other than 3 posts on the forum I have never seen him before/since.

Suggestion(s) for future tourneys


A --> Have a draft. 10 best players draft their teams starting from the worst captain until every captain picks their teams.

B --> Attempt to rank every player 1-30 (1 best, 30 worst) and then make teams with that scale. It would either be 1/11/30, 2/12/29, 3/13/28 etc.. or 1/20/21, 2/19/22, 3/18/23 etc..

Over @ Acme we use a draft and it works well (don't like your team? Blame the captain!) but it would be hard to co-ordinate with 10 captains.

My 2C anyways.


At first glance some teams stick out (4, 5, 7) and I think Milenko has his hands full. I don't really feel qualified to comment though as I only know about 60% of the players.

:yessign: I'm in. as  AlexxKrycek.

Who are you?

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