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General Ownage / Nerd call-out (the sequel)
« on: January 27, 2021, 12:30:45 PM »
I suppose it's time to call the bluff(again). Someone pinged me in discord because apparently vae sits in chat all day talking shit about me after all these years.

LiOntRkToday at 3:05 AM
@kyuSs what is this lol
bak2basiksToday at 6:46 AM
@LiOntRk  thats called haunted, who only talks shit from the forum and hates me, blood, kyuss, and lots of other players better than him, was admin. IE he used official competition to just talk shit because hes a baby and cant let his gameplay speak for itself.
kyuss can correct me if i'm forgetting anything
PunkeeToday at 10:07 AM
Man, I suck at quake.. I was much better in the 90s at multiplayer. I think all the console play fucked up the bit of skill I had. :joy: So I'm still in here and haven't played in a few weeks. :woman_shrugging:
exToday at 10:19 AM
Hmm... that's not how I remember the haunted-Vae/kyuss thing
I remember watching demos of Vae hiding and refusing to advance on haunted in quite a few games.. one in mega room on q2dm1 in particular where Vae stood on a light post and refused to move until haunted came in and attacked
It was literally like 2 minutes + of not moving in a 1v1 just to slow the loss down.   Tons of other demos are out there too with this tactic displayed, and not just vs. haunted either
@bak2basiks if you're gonna lie, at least make the lies believable and not something others who know better can call you on
and not even gonna get into kyuss other than that pic is funny as shit and spot-on to his personality
bak2basiksToday at 11:53 AM
@ex  why yes, haunted did play me in my first year to the game. I also was destroying him on dm1 consistently upwards of 20 frags by the time he gave up playing :smile:
which was probably 5 years before I had a huge skill bump for some other reasons
!uPlayQuake2?q2servers.comBeavuhToday at 11:54 AM
all about 2021 yo
bak2basiksToday at 11:55 AM
Yeah, and in 2021 haunted does nothing but talk shit about games played 10 years ago completely forgetting all the losses he incurred with no intention of backing anything he says up and zero understanding that time does actually move forward and people get better as they continue playing.
 just showed up!
Today at 11:56 AM
senz_Quake2Today at 11:57 AM
guys, talking about 10+ years shenanigans, really ? just get your ass on servers on saturdays and let the frags talk.
fucking chatters :slight_smile:
bak2basiksToday at 11:57 AM
Couldn't agree more
hauntedToday at 11:58 AM
Raped idiot
senz_Quake2Today at 11:58 AM
haunted are you looking for a life, joinin in and trashvtalking already ? cmon where the “hello” guys
bad manners killed tha game, partially
bak2basiksToday at 12:01 PM
Some people have no intention of playing and would rather remember the "goold old days" :frowning: it makes me feel really bad for their mental state that they cling to being of average skill at one point in time many years ago in a game they no longer play to be happy... Such a sad thing to see, like some ones happiness in life is gasping for air well below the surface of water.
hauntedToday at 12:02 PM
What's up buddy @senz_Quake2 . Vae over here typing novels about me I'm just fucking with him
senz_Quake2Today at 12:04 PM
im good, reinstalled in october 2020 on my laptop. lifes good.
hauntedToday at 12:04 PM
Plus I read what he said about me, why even lie vae? Jesus christ, it's a video game. :rofl::rofl:
I got ya.
I'm reading farther up
Jesus christ this nerd
bak2basiksToday at 12:06 PM
:smile: lie, yes, of course! Something I said is something you disagree with because you lack any basic understanding of the game as it has been played in the last 10 years, so i must be lying. Man you are a sharp one!
hauntedToday at 12:07 PM
You post demos, I post my demos. I have tons of you getting wrecked, you have a handful of beating me by 1 pt 3am drunk. You seriously rehashing this? Anyone can lie
Lying to yourself ain't healthy. Erica ain't taking you back homey
bak2basiksToday at 12:08 PM
I'll play you right now
hauntedToday at 12:08 PM
Post your demos. You lied. Calling you out.
bak2basiksToday at 12:09 PM
I think you've managed to wander onto the servers once, maybe twice in the past 4 years or so. Made you ragequit both times, on my worst map and the only one you'll play.
Score line somewhere north of 20 frags in my favor
But hey, even back in like 2013ish or a little before that when you last were playing for a few months and not rusty, you were losing on my worst map by a lot and just stopped playing me
Biggest reason kyuss > haunted, kyuss has the balls to hop on and play and does so because the game is fun and not because he wants to relive some memories of being somewhat average many years ago unlike haunted.
Please keep your forum shit talking and lack of playing the game or knowing anything about it somewhere else. This channel is for active players to talk about playing the game and get games organized and started.
hauntedToday at 12:18 PM
Just quit vae. You're pretending that I connected and aliased against you? Pretend victories, no wonder. Jesus christ have you thought about me 24/7 after I left? Apparently so
You didn't beat me idiot
bak2basiksToday at 12:19 PM
Nah, I beat you plenty playing as your normal names that everyone recognizes. Your memory is going to? :frowning: I feel even worse for you now.
I hope your situation improves so you can be happy and your memory problems can be medically solved. Must be a tough life.

!uPlayQuake2?q2servers.comBeavuhToday at 12:19 PM
how about this coming weekend?
who cares what happened yesterday :slight_smile:

bak2basiksToday at 12:23 PM
I kind of forget haunted exists until some one brings him up or he injects himself into a conversation on the forums where he always has nothing of value to add. Very forgettable foot note in quake2 history. Do have to say though, I get some entertainment out of chatting with all the people who are better than him that he seems to be fixated on in a game he doesn't play lol
Maybe medication would help... I don't really know anyone else in any situation that will try and inject themselves into conversations and groups for a game they don't play just so they can constantly lie through their teeth and try to justify their self worth via being somewhat average (not even good) at a video game they quit playing many years ago. Definitely a personality disorder in there somewhere and it makes me feel bad for him :frowning: Must be a depressing life being lived to require going to such great lengths and manipulating reality in their mind with revisionist history just to have something they can feel good about.
Normal people just play the game they like, and the shit talk comes from playing the game better or worse than some one. Whether that be trolling to goad people into playing, or more banter to set up importance in being competitive in the hobby they enjoy.
I quit playing MMO games over a decade ago, and I can't say at any point since then have I felt the need to hop on those forums and talk shit to the players I used to compete against.
@haunted  I hope you get better man. I am legitimately worried about you. Can I help by getting you AA meeting locations in your area or anything like that? And of course if you want to duel some quake2 for old times sake I'm always up for it, though just be aware I won't go easy on you to give you a chance just because your mental health is teetering on the edge of a cliff.
@kyuSs I have seen the errors of my ways, and we should really be nicer to haunted. I didn't realize until just now how much he was impacted by not being liked in a game he quit playing a long time ago. If hes constantly reminded about how some people who he didn't get along with were better than him at a video game he doesn't play anymore, some bad things may happen and I really don't want to push anyone to that point.
OH! Just had a great idea, wonder if we can scrounge together enough active duel players to have a little charity duel cup to help raise money and awareness for haunted's mental illness struggle. Need at least 8 I'd say which should be doable, but scheduling might be a nightmare. Might be able to get Jehar to cast it because its for a good cause.
bak2basiksToday at 12:46 PM
A bracket of like kyuss, blood, nitro, me, senz, chk, slugs, and naymlis would be pretty awesome. Thats 8 just like that, but we also have lion, dirk, nate and a handful of others. Think we could do it :slight_smile: I don't think anyone has enough time to properly focus on running something like that though, with everyone working too much or having kids to take care of these days it does make things difficult... Idea is there at least, all I can do in the mean time is wish him well with his struggles


Vae, post your wins against me. All of them. You already did this back in 2013 and you only had 4 or something compared to my 12(which wasn't all of them mind you), but post these 20+ point wins you have on me. Also, I challenge you to post ANY time you have beaten me by more than 1 pt. ALSO, I challenge you to post any time of you beating me from 2012 to 2014.

I'm nearly certain that every time you have beaten me was when I was on DSL island ping that was constantly changing from 80ms-200ms like when I went all nades against you, seen here:

And, on top of the unplayable connection I was drunk AF and I recall you NEVER beating me by more than 1pt. Go ahead. Prove me wrong. Still doesn't change me having 5x more demos than you, but I'M NOT WRONG. Find ones where I'm not named "EmmaWatson'sBF" with a 180 ping, and post all of the times you have played aliases thinking it's me. You have not beat me an any legitimate fashion ever. Post your proof.

/dev/random / Haunted
« on: December 30, 2020, 08:57:02 PM »
As y'all know I travel for work. My oldest son developed what appears to be tourettes out of nowhere.

You'll have to trust my diagnosis a bit. My 5 year old is already a stressed out boy. He has chronic nightmares. Tic disorders can be induced by anxiety. During covid he hasn't socialized with any of his friends almost. I'm his best friend, and it appears separation anxiety has pushed his condition to reach where it's at.

It's absolutely heart breaking for me to witness. We're considering CBD oil among other options.

More than anything though is that I feel guilty. I'm sure most of you know that the forum poster "metal" is my older brother. Him and I romped around and raised hell as kids, and our mom would literally ring a bell when it was supper time for us to come back. I feel like my kid ain't getting the same childhood I had in a nutshell. Damn it, times have changed....

Politics / Impacts of the "S"word
« on: August 08, 2020, 10:31:16 AM »

I am 32 years away from collecting social security, at most of the frequent contributors to this thread one may be 15-17 years away. Sgt Dick 10-12 perhaps(sorry to call you out, old fart). Of this 15 year span, how comfortable are you that SS will be the same when you're of age? I think that specifically this span of people, "old" millennials and "young" gen x, are the last of a dying breed that don't want everything for free and actually pursue employment actively, which in turn keeps money flowing into SS.

If you combine that with our leaders in recent history "borrowing" from SS it doesn't look good. In trump's case I heard 54% of his spending came from the federal reserve(since yall were bringing up fucked up things trump has done that no one mentions, instead they just call him a racist), and the inflation that results from that will be worse than any tax. Gold/ silver have already skyrocketed so it's mostly too late to take that path. Jeez, early 2020 was the time for that......

Back to the topic: im lucky enough to have a pension. It's about 1/3 as good as a federal government one, but nothing compares to those. Ive put nearly 9 years into it, and it'll take 20 to be able to collect close to 1,000 a month at retirement age. That's the milestone I aim to achieve before changing employment to something where I don't travel as much. So, if I add SS on top of that that would be a  steady basis for a liveable income. There are a couple other things in the picture, but in a nutshell if I don't get SS then I'm not going to retire as comfortable as I planned.

Are any of you thinking about Roth IRAs? Who is thinking about self sufficiency and self preservation, and what are you doing?

/dev/random / Isaias
« on: August 04, 2020, 08:59:21 AM »
Made landfall 50 minutes from my house. Power is out for 2-3 days. Neighbor is running my generator on my chest freezer for a couple hours each day, because I'm working in NJ and wife and kids are at my parents house(that's a first, evacuating to the hurricane Capitol of the world 🤣). Here in NJ it's hitting us. Power out, tornadoes, and fires. Sirens blaring every 5 minutes but all is good.

Here's where it made landfall:

/dev/random / Honda Ridgeline
« on: April 22, 2020, 03:31:38 PM »
Has anyone owned one of these trucks or know someone who has? If so can you share any experience?

I am fairly informed about these vehicles. I know the downsides.... 1 crucial one is that they're not powerful. Literally poorly engineered which is why they get bad gas mileage (far worse than a Tacoma). It's a little bigger than a Tacoma with a smaller engine. People have bought them and use them for towing. If you hit the TINIEST hill then your tranny has to downshift 2 gears. The transmissions go out on them. If you don't tow then you're fine with that.

So I've been researching these things and shopping for 2 months straight, lol. I'll go into my thought process with how I kind of settled on this vehicle.

I'll start with saying that I own a 2004 Chevy Silverado, extended cab, 8ft long bed with the 5.3L v8, 4 wheel drive. That engine is wonderful and has an excellent reputation, I have 232,000 miles on it. I've kinda been a "Chevy guy" my whole life, although later I began to really like and respect Toyotas. My 97 Toyota Tacoma 17 years ago was a great truck. Toyotas and Hondas both have the big reputation for lasting forever overall, unless you have an exceptional engine like Chevy's 5.3.

That being said, this is my absolute dream truck:

To me that tundra is badass. Lasts forever everything I'm looking for. The problem is Toyota's reliability has caught on and the prices have inflated big time. That one is an ok deal though.

I travel a LOT. So I need something I can put miles on, but at the same time these are MUSTS for me:

1. Quad cab pick up
2. 4 wheel drive

I then stumbled upon the Honda Ridgeline. To me this is a similar concept to a Toyota truck, only they're not popular. A lot of people don't like how they look. In fact they didn't even make them in 2013-2015. So, the affordability is there, and the reliability is there IF they didn't use them for hauling loads. Like I said they're just not made for it, although advertised to do so. A local dealership was selling a 2007 Honda Ridgeline that had 183k miles for 6k, plus 500 in dealer costs. More miles than I wanted, 3 owners, but I test drove it and listened to the engine and was pleased. The dealer guy was a dick head to me and it ruined it for me. He was drunk and just had a divorce over Easter weekend, so I didn't have a good gut feeling. Had leather and navigation, read great but I said fuck you. KBB for one of those is 9.5k from a dealer with those miles. Anyway...

Another thing I noticed about these is space. Interior passenger volume is 112.5 cu ft, compared to 116 cu ft in an f150 super cab. So for a medium sized truck that's great. It also has this nifty space under the bed of the truck:

First thing I think of when I see that space is a nice spot to put one of my shotguns.

Also, this is what they look like:

A lot of people think they're ugly, but I think they're alright. So to overview: I'm a dad with 2 kids and a wife. Space is crucial, racking up miles is crucial, 4wd is crucial, and affordability is crucial. After an insanely tedious 2 months of shopping and research, I found a 2007 Ridgeline with 90,000 miles, 4 wheel drive, 1 owner, zero rust, and documented servicing on carfax every 3-4 thousand miles on the dot. No leather, no navigation, no moon roof. I'll buy leather seat covers so that's fine. It's 8,900 dollars. If you've been shopping around as much as I have this is a great deal with an already affordable truck. I've seen 285,000+ miles 20 times just today, but here's the norm for pricing on one of these things:

And here's one with similar miles to the one I found:

I figure I'd share my thought process and see if anyone around here has any experience with them. Lesser informed opinions are welcome.

I've been feeling pretty bad for my 4 year old not being able to do much so I built him this slide out of scrap wood and pallets. I added a balance beam the next day to it.

Outdoor Activities / Alternatives to grocery stores
« on: March 25, 2020, 06:16:04 AM »
With covid-19 spreading around we decided to go with online food delivery services. I've ordered Omaha steaks before but was disappointed. It's pricey, meat from grocery store tastes better most of the time, and worst of all the meat is SMALL. They say it's 6 or 8 oz when really it's half that and the size of a hockey puck. SO, this time I did my homework a little better. We ordered from these places:



Produce box is specific to North Carolina, but there's probably something similar in your area as well. Packages start at 29$ bi-weekly so it's pretty darn good of you ask me.

My expectations are pretty high for butcher box. Beef, chicken, and pork that is grass fed, vegetarian fed, free range, never indoors, no hormones/antibiotics, most humane conditions possible, etc. Things like wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon are available as well. Butcher box is a subscription, but it's very easy to alter your subscription with your online account once you join. You can delay future deliveries indefinitely or just cancel for free anytime you want.

Here is thorough review that compares prices to popular grocery stores, taste, etc:

And this is an "unboxing" video, where you see what the meat looks like upon delivery on dry ice:

Mine should be arriving in a couple of days. I can tell y'all my own review when it does, BUT, keep in mind that these meat delivery services are getting SLAMMED right now and orders are starting to take longer than normal.

I didn't have any discounts or coupons when I bought mine, but now that I'm a member if I refer someone we both get $30 off. Boxes range from 135 to $270, so that 30 off isn't bad.

/dev/random / The Official 2019-2020 Season Football Thread
« on: August 24, 2019, 07:30:17 AM »
It's that time, and I actually get to watch some games today. Downtime at work for the first time on this rotation so I'll leave here at about lunch time.

Florida is better, but Miami has great athleticism as usual. Combine that with it being a semi-rivalry game, everyone's fresh, and first game jitters it'll probably be a close one. Rooting for Miami to help the ACC's strength of schedule.

Only other game today is Arizona Hawaii.

Oh damn. I just saw the game is at 7pm. Now I'll be pretty bored this afternoon.

A big thanks to Rivera for taking the preseason game against the pats seriously playing every starter and Cam Newton walking out of the stadium in a boot. :raincloud:

/dev/random / 2019 NCAA basketball tournament thread
« on: March 27, 2019, 08:27:24 PM »
The sweet 16 starts tomorrow. Tar Heels are taking it all. I'll post my bracket tomorrow morning need some sleep.

/dev/random / Omaha Steaks
« on: February 12, 2019, 07:35:03 PM »
There's a shit ton of omaha-steak-like companies now. After browsing around it appears this one is the best:

But damn are they expensive. APPARENTLY Omaha has improved over the years also. They also don't break the bank. The last time I thought about them it was just "omaha" everything. Now there's grass fed, prime, private select, wagyu, whatever. Do any of y'all have any experience with the quality of the newer stuff from them? I already know about the stupid prices. 50% off is actually the normal price, so really you need it to be close to 80% off + free shipping to get any kind of deal from them. But does it taste any good? February is when you can get the biggest discount.

/dev/random / Is SNL getting worse?
« on: October 22, 2018, 07:40:55 AM »
The Chris Farley and Adam Sandler era was silly and hilarious. I recall the skits showing George W and Gore debate, and Biden and Palin. I remember those being funny as heck. The bill Clinton impersonations were funny. But their Trump skits just suck. Is it just me? I actually laugh at him all the time. How and the hell is it funnier to watch HIM than a comedic skit of him!?  :lolsign:

Maybe it is just me. I just feel that if the script was a tad more clever and funny they could roast Trump big time. Instead it's like they're trying to goad him into tweeting something stupid. Maybe it's because alec Baldwin sucks too.

Politics / Kavanaugh
« on: September 28, 2018, 07:22:42 PM »

 I am so sick of this being in our news headlines. Damn it.

The right portrays him as a saint that has done no wrong ever, and the left portrays him as a no good rapist.

Since you think this guy is such a scum bag do you feel all of his decisions as an appeals court judge should be revoked? If he's not fit to be on the supreme court he's not fit for the appeals court.. Right?

/dev/random / Hurricane Florence
« on: September 10, 2018, 06:42:19 PM »
Doesn't look good. Eye is still set to go over my house at cat 4. Literally dead center on the track.  :raincloud:

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